1. TheWetzelPretzel

    Pet crustaceans

    I'm new and inexperienced, and I want to get a pet crab or crustacean. I was wondering what would be a good starter, like shrimp or crabs. Thanks for any help!
  2. SaltyCabbage

    Porcelain Crab Zoea

    I look at my aquarium every night with a flashlight to see all the nocturnal critters out and about. I mainly see a bunch of crabs and snails but isopods and weird worms pop out every now and again. Earlier this week I saw a “cloud” of some invertebrate larvae, I was hoping they were porcelain...
  3. johnf3

    Hitchhiker crab ID?

    Just curious if anyone knows the proper identification of this crab? The guy at the store said it came in on some rock in an NPS coral shipment. He ate one of my tube anemones unfortunately so I put him in this breeding box for now Thanks!
  4. J

    Invert aquarium

    I have a new 25 gallon to wich im transferring two clownfish, tailspot blenny and blood shrimp. I don’t want to add any more fish and instead want to focus on inverts, I love them, crabs, sea stars, urchins, you name it. What is a good list of good inverts I can add that aren’t super tiny...
  5. hsushi

    Crab ID please?

    First time posting, I hope this is the correct sub forum. I found this little hitchhiker hiding in my GSP rock. Today it was snacking on my hammer so definitely not friendly. Can anyone ID it, please? It's not a gorilla crab, and someone on Reddit said it's a Calico crab. I'm in Southeast...
  6. Nutramar Foods

    The Red Round (Strawberry) Crab to NOT EAT!

    At first glance, the Red Round Crab has the appearance of being cooked to delicious perfection. Furthermore, it also goes by a similarly tasty sounding monikers “Strawberry Crab” and “Red Stone Crab.” The bright rosy red is a telltale sign your crustacean is ready to eat. However, in this...
  7. D

    Pom Pom Crab Propagation

    Anyone know why pom pom crabs are so notoriously difficult to rear? Google shows a couple of dedicated reefers who have tried with all kinds of complicated equipment. Apparently breeding them is about as easy as it is for any invert, but once the young hatch, it suddenly gets too difficult to...
  8. Rookie2reef

    New York Live Goods Clean up crew

    7 mexican turbo snails- $5 each 3 Conch snails- $10 each Over 10 Hermit crabs-$3 each $80 for everything might be more snails and hermits listed
  9. CoralsAnonymous

    October Spooktacular Sale - Up to 80% off select corals - Ends November 1st!

    Happy Halloween from your friends at Corals Anonymous - up to 80% off select corals with themed livestock on sale until November 1st. Click our banner above and collage below to head over to the sale today. We offer free overnight shipping on orders 299.99 and over to the continental US via...
  10. Z

    Coral Destroyer Crab

    I recently posted about a concerning decline in my reef tank corals with seemingly no cause. My parameters have always been good and stable for the most part. I was very confused because an entire colony of 12+ rasta zoanthids and a smaller frag with 3 polyps disappeared overnight, but that was...
  11. Afkomjorgen

    Is this a sump crab?

    Found hiding in a coral
  12. D

    California Live Goods Free to Good Home: a couple Red Mithrax Crabs, whatever few snails I can capture (turbo and assorted others). Pick-up only Pasadena, CA 91105

    Nearly Free to Good Home (1$): a couple Red Mithrax Crabs, whatever few snails I can capture (turbo and assorted others). One sea urchin, Pasadena, CA 91105. Pick up only. Text me: 310-560-3656 or DM via this forum. My tank no longer needs bulldozers in the clean up crew. Note, these crabs have...
  13. Daftendire

    Live Goods SOLD Gorilla Crab (Free)

    Gorilla crab up for grabs in Chadds Ford, PA 19317, near Longwood Gardens. It's about the size of a Ping-Pong ball. It's terrorizing my sump inhabitants and I would like it gone. PM if interested.
  14. R

    Unkown crab in tank

    Hi I found a snail size crab shell or dead crad in my tank. Its white and semi transparent so i think its the shell? I have no idea where it came from and if its an empty shell, should I be worried? A bit more details I have started my tank in march with new dry sand, and new marco rock. I...
  15. Tired

    Texas Live Goods Cool spiny crab needs new home- excellent 'fuge monster!

    Sorry for photo quality, the tank's on the ground at a weird angle. I can try for more pics if needed. This is Pilumnus sayi, the Spineback Hairy Crab. I found him at about half an inch across in March, on some live rock, and he's now a good 2-3" across. He'll hit about an inch across in the...
  16. nycfreshreef

    Emerald Crab Uses Rockflower Anemone as Hat / Shelter

    Just though this was cool, recently got some female emerald crabs from reef cleaners in hopes of tackling a moderate BA outbreak (even though nitro is undetectable) , they have completely ignored the Bubble Algae … One of the emerald crabs kept going to an area in the rocks and eating some sort...
  17. RichWise73

    Maryland Pennsylvania SOLD Gorilla Crab

    I was able to catch a gorilla crab that came along as a hitchhiker on the some live rock I added to the tank. If anyone would like it for their sump or any other reason, let me know. It’s free. I’m located in southern York County, PA and could meet in the York, PA or Baltimore, MD areas.
  18. seefour5

    Mystery crab

    At work today we had a crab come in that nobody can identify. We got it in a batch of emerald crabs, and it was labeled as a black emerald crab despite it not being one. Any ideas what it could be?
  19. ReeferHD

    What kind of crab is this?

    Hey I found this decorator crab at petco and I can’t seem to find what kind it is, it doesn’t look like the marcocoeloma trispinosum I have at home, any ideas?
  20. kLoRRn

    What would kill a large hermit crab?

    I came home for work today and I found my largest hermit crab presumably dead next to my pulsing Xenia. I have 5 total and that was the biggest with bigger shells for him to inhabit. The fish are happy, pulsing Xenia and GSP are happy looking. Multiple zoa frags are open. Other hermit crab seem...
  21. F

    what kind of crab is this?

    Wondering what kind of crab is this? I think he was found on Florida LR (not sure). He’s got black tipped claws and somewhat hairy legs (as you can see), which probably means bad news.
  22. Kuhn

    Crab molt ID?

    I just found this molt on the rockwork of my aquarium and I realized I have never knowingly put a crab like this in my tank. Does anyone know what kind of crab this is? It's barely the size of a dime. I tried to ID it using Google search by image and I kept getting either large Land crab...
  23. SquidySpecs

    Discussion for invertebrate only aquarium

    At some point in the future, I would like to set up an aquarium with only invertebrates like snails, crabs, shrimp, brittle stars, and so on. (no fish or corals!) These are in my opinion, some of the most fascinating members of the aquarium hobby and reef ecosystems in general! So naturally I...
  24. S

    What crab is this?

    Reef safe or not? Thank you.
  25. G

    Hitchhiker crab reef safe?

    Having a hard time trying to ID this crab. He only comes out at night scavenging the sand bed. Anyone familiar with it? Reef safe?