1. S

    What crab is this?

    Reef safe or not? Thank you.
  2. G

    Hitchhiker crab reef safe?

    Having a hard time trying to ID this crab. He only comes out at night scavenging the sand bed. Anyone familiar with it? Reef safe?
  3. Zhugelaocunfu

    Gorilla crab?

    I found my six line wrasse and green chromis MIA a month ago, and yesterday night I found this thing in my living rock, its a kick in my balls to get it out (no fish so I used the brute way:freshwater bathed the living rock for around 3-4 mintues).looks kinda like gorilla crab,this crab is...
  4. K

    What crab and is it dangerous to my fish etc?

    Hi guys, i'm reasonably newer to the fish tank hobby! I have had this crab in my tank for about a year now. Bought as a little green emerald crab and then it shed and turned red a few times and has grown quite large. No idea what type of crab he is, and whether he will be harmful to the other...
  5. elm03

    Wall Climbing Crab?

    So this one of my hermit crabs likes to climb the edges of the tank and chill at the top. Is there a reason why he does this? He ends up falling down eventually and is fine but I’m just confused as to why he does this.
  6. Afkomjorgen

    Crab ID

    This crab came in on an alvepora I got at the lfs today. tossed it in the sump for now. Is anyone able to ID for me? Thanks!
  7. JosephNg

    Acro crab?

    Hi, can u tell me if this is an acro crab? Many thanks
  8. A

    Crab ID- Living in Coral/Zoa Colony

    Can anyone help me ID this crab and is it coral safe? I noticed my zoas have been looking poor and dissapearing and not sure if this guy is to blame. Video is attached along with some photos. cheers
  9. FishAreCool

    Spider Decorator Crab Compatibility

    I think spider decorator crabs (Camposcia retusa) are cool. I know they cant go with soft corals, but can they go with stony corals? And would they be able to go with five snails of varying sizes? And how long do they tend to live in captivity?
  10. Alexopora

    Crab ID

    Curious if anyone knows what kind of crab these two are.
  11. Willis_S

    Sally lightfoot crab Guide

    I just got a new Sally Lightfoot crab in my new aquarium. I just realized that it could be pretty aggressive, so I am wondering if there is any suggestion of additional crab food I can get to keep it nice and full so it won't eat my clownfish. Also, I am looking for suggestions on what other...
  12. CincyReefer07

    CUC Crew Recommendations for New 310gal

    Hey guys! Well my 310gal has been up and running now since the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. I’ve had lights on it now for a couple of weeks. Just put my permanent light setup(coral cares) on it last weekend and have them on a 10 hour light schedule at only 20% intensity right now. I used...
  13. WheatToast

    WheatToast Tank Concept: Krabby Land

    I am pretty fixed on maintaining my macroalgae tank for now, but keep thinking about tank concepts all the time and I thought it would be fun to post another one. Have any thoughts/feedback on this hypothetical crab tank? Thanks all! Tank and equipment: - Aqueon Standard 55-gallon Tank -...
  14. JennyH3

    Crab came on anemone rock what is it???

    My black widow anemone had a little friend come with him. It’s obviously a crab what kind? will it eat my sexy shrimp - snails - pistol shrimp? Reef safe?? I have him in acclimation bin still.
  15. M

    Crab & Snail shell question

    I currently have a couple of turbo snails and small blue leg hermit crabs in my tank. Im guessing that eventually they will outgrow their shells and need replacements. I found a set of cool looking shells on amazon but I’m not sure if theyre safe for aquariums. For example it doesnt specify if...
  16. WheatToast

    What are the completely "reef-safe" crabs? Are they even a thing?

    The crabs I will be considering include the true crabs (Brachyura) and some "crabs" from Anomura, including hermit crabs (Paguroidea) and porcelain crabs (Porcellanidae). Horseshoe crabs (Limulidae) will be excluded. Over the years, I have heard mixed reports on how "reef-safe" crabs are in the...
  17. dbati

    Possible Crab Spawn?

    I’m not sure how this works but it looks like I have baby somethings all over the place. This was filmed last night. This morning there is no trace of them but I’ll keep you posted if they’re back at night. The only thing they can be is baby crabs as I don’t have 2 of anything else in my...
  18. A

    Baby Emeralds crawling around.

    I can not be sure how old they are at this point. She spawned 3~ weeks ago and again the night before I noticed these guys in the tank. I can’t really find any information on the emerald crabs life cycle and only ever see people sharing pictures/video of them free swimming. If anyone can offer...
  19. H

    Crab ID

    Anyone ID this hitchhiker crab?
  20. cinnamon_lover

    Maroon Crab Hitchhikers?

    So uhm, I actually posted about this one the other day. But I now have clearer pictures of these tiny 'maroon / brown' crab hitchhikers. They are only ¾ to an inch in size and their 'shells' are full of bumps. I assume some of them are females because I can see them carrying black eggs...
  21. cinnamon_lover


    Can someone identify these hitchhikers? I got them from the live rock I purchased. Are these good or bad?
  22. B

    Do i need to feed my shrimp and hermit crabs?

    I picked up a bit of CUC to clean my tank of diatoms. Do hermits and shrimp eat that? I was told they do but I haven't seen them actually eat any of it. My Mexican grazing snails, conch, and urchin are doing almost all the work. When I feed Flakes I feed just for my fish but when I feed Flakes...
  23. dbati

    Mystery Crab Alert!!

    Over 3 months in and I’m still finding unknown critters at night. I need help identifying this crab. I’ve never seen a crab like this with such long antennae. It is really little and only comes out at night. P.S. I apologize for the shaky camera work. I had a flashlight in one hand and the...
  24. dbati

    Can you help me ID this crab?

    Hi everyone, can you help ID this crab. It’s very shy. I have never seen it come out completely of the rock work. This is the best picture. I have been able to get of it. thanks!
  25. Ghrommi

    Gorilla crab?

    Found this little guy while dipping my newly bought Trachyphyllia. Can anyone confirm if this is gorilla crab or any other species? He is very small, body is ~5mm in diameter.