1. Bento

    Hitchhiker crab ID help. Maybe Acro

    Hey everyone, I got a hitchhiker today. Not sure if he's reef safe or not? He's tiny at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. AndrewG99

    Can you keep porcelain crabs with emerald crabs?

    Hi, I have a Fluval Evo that is starting to get some bubble algae, I'm wanting to try and control it by a natural method like an emerald crab but I'm unsure whether it would get along with the porcelain crab that I have hosting my RBTA. has anyone got any experience keeping the two or are they...
  3. The_Barrs_Reef

    Clean Up Crew Cheat Sheet!

    Hi everyone I am in process of building my own clean up cre for my new 120 mixed, and curious if anyone has knowledge or has a cheat sheet of what each type of clean up crew invert is good at. Specifically the differences in hermits and how they can help for specific algae or what snails are...
  4. Emerald Crab with zoas

    Emerald Crab with zoas

    Emerald crab, hanging out (cleaning) the zoa bases
  5. VashonBigs

    Reef Photos Attempt Number 2... Progress

    Starting to make some progress on lighting and details I think. Advice and comments welcome!! Click to see full size photos.
  6. BloopFish

    Worried About Trapezia Crab

    I recently bought a Trapezia rufopunctata. From my research, their preferred coral seems to be Pocillopora - that's my assumption because all the photos of them in the wild are of them in Pocillopora. I currently only have a Pocillopora recovering from STN, but I do have a Stylophora mini colony...
  7. BloopFish

    A Crab With Schizophrenia? - Hilo Decorator Crab or Schizophroida hilensis

    The Name Schizoproida Why is this crab seemingly based on the mental disorder schizophrenia? I don't know much about schizophrenia, but it may have to do with the crab's habit of ripping off pieces of seaweed and sponges for decorations. They seem to have a compulsion to decorate themselves...
  8. ReefReadyYouTube

    Crab ID

    This carb has made a hole in the sand under all my rocks I would never be able to get him. Should I leave him in or get him out. Is he safe to leave in?
  9. BloopFish

    Urgent Packing Query!

    I am aware that some shipper ship certain hermit crabs with no water, just damp paper towels. I was wondering if the same would be okay for non-hermit crabs like decorator crabs, xanthid crabs, etc. I figured it would be okay since even blue crabs at fish markets live for a long time without any...
  10. TubsBlueZoanthids-Megability.jpeg


    TubsBlue and RadioactiveDragonEyes Zoanthids and a PomPom Crab lurking too ;)
  11. Orectolobidae

    White striped hermit...?

    I'm unsure whether this might actually be a white stripped hermit because unlike the pictures I came across the bands on its legs are actually a brown colour and the shell is not as dark. However despite that the crab now lives in a 3i conch shell it does not bother anything else apart from the...
  12. LittleRed

    Rearing Fiddler Crab Larvae

    I'm currently a graduate student at UNC Charlotte working on a PhD in biology, concentrating in coastal and marine ecology. My lab does a significant amount of research on fiddler crabs and right now we are focusing on a project using the Atlantic sand fiddler crab, Leptuca pugilator. UNC...
  13. LittleRed

    Rearing Fiddler Crab Larvae

    I'm currently a graduate student at UNC Charlotte working on a PhD in biology, concentrating in coastal and marine ecology. My lab does a significant amount of research on fiddler crabs and right now we are focusing on a project using the Atlantic sand fiddler crab, Leptuca pugilator. UNC...
  14. P

    Maxima Clam & Green Emerald Crab

    I just purchased a Maxima Clam today and I have a Green Emerald Crab that is checking it out. Are these two combatable with each other? Or will I need to dispose of the crab?
  15. Keith_0011

    Questions for Ricordea Florida experts

    OK. I'm looking to fine tune a Ricordea florida exhibit at work. Some of them look fine, but others are shrinking and I cannot put my finger on why. 60 gallon custom made glass tank made by TankMeUSA. 24"x24"x25" Kessil 360 W Tuna blue light about 8"over the top of the water. Light at about...
  16. nightmarepl

    Can someone tell me what this is growing in my hermit

    Hey guys so i noticed one of my hermits has something growing on his side inside his shell it usually hides but i got it to come this took some pictures i was thinking it’s some type of feather duster maybe? If so i kind want to keep it how to extract it lol or will it come out on its own
  17. sdcosta

    crab ID

    We have had this mystery crab in our tank for a while now and even with traps have not been able to get him out! Sneaky guy! He has molted so hopefully this will help. He is a little fuzzy but Im pretty sure its not a gorilla crab? One claw is very large compared to the other, he has red eyes...
  18. Moonfruit777

    Pompom crab male/female?

    Heyo, I got these awesome pompom/boxer crab. I wonder if it is a male or female crab - usually crabs have like a round or pointy shape on the belly but these seem kinda weird and I can't really tell. the shell pattern also seems to be different on them - idk if that is related to sex or just...
  19. Zach Sonker

    Mystery one pincher crab

    This crab was on a rock i purchased. What kind is he? Thanks! Sorry for bad pictures, my phone does not like the metal halide lighting.
  20. Moonfruit777

    Crab ID please :)

    Ahoy, I would like to know the ID for this crab. Classic question -> good or bad? If other pictures are needed to ID it, let me know which parts of the crab are importatnt. It is sitting in the sump right now just to be sure. Thanks in advance! PS: I named it Karatecrab LOL
  21. Kamden Uelton

    Emerald Crab Mimic?!

    I've had this weird Emerald Crab for the longest time and he's not acting like an Emerald Crab he's acting like a Coral Crab! I moved him from his Coral on some Bubble Algae I want him to eat but instead of eating the Bubble Algae he walked right back to his Birdsnest?! When I try to frag my...
  22. C

    Crab care

    Hi I was thinking about buying a calico crab. I was wondering if anyone here has experience with these beauties. I just need to know what to feed them, temps, decor and the such. I would be keeping it in a species tank with a single specimen.
  23. dcom

    Affordable clean up crews

    Hi, Just wanted to know which site/vendor gives the most for your money. Where is the best value on clean up crews out there? Thanks
  24. Joshua Huff

    Problem with Crabs?

    I am not sure if i have a problem yet or not but I was watching my emerald crab really go to town on my birds nest last night. I watched him pinch at the coral a lot then move one, and later he came back! I used a plastic arm to push him away the second time. I am sure he came back later in the...
  25. LEOreefer

    Clean up crew thread

    I saw a thread around here a few weeks ago that had pics of all different clean up crew critters and how they work in the aquarium. I tried searching for it but can’t find it. Anyone know where it might be hiding and can link it ?