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cycle aquarium

  1. SarfCharlee

    Dry Rock & Sand Cycle: What to expect?

    Hello Reefers, I'm new to the hobby and super invested. Just wanted to make sure I'm on the right path. Below are my tank details: Used Fluval Evo 13.5 G- Rinsed & Cleaned Dry Rock & Sand (Store didn't have live sand) Temp: Between 76-78 Degrees - Trying to get this leveled out So to start my...
  2. J

    Cycling with Dr. Tim's and Ammonia

    Hello, I am setting up a 24 gallon cube AIO tank. It is going to be used to temporarily house my 2 clownfish that are almost out of the hospital tank, while my other tank is fallow (ich). I am trying to cycle it so that I can move them in the next week or two, but would like to not put them...
  3. Swimjam

    Ammonia spike

    Hi everyone, It’s been awhile since I have started a new tank. I added Dr. Tim’s one and Only it’s been about two weeks. When can I see some sort of ammonia in the tank? I am doing the cycle with no lights keep in mind this is a small innovative marine tank 20gallon. The filter sock is starting...
  4. mariano

    Bottle bacteria FritzZyme Turbo Start 900

    This is going to be crazy and I probably will get a lot of people tell me im crazy, but I feel like it would be good to share this process, just in case someone goes thru the same thing, and I will try to update it as much as I can. So I been very picky about my aquascape, Tank has been set up...
  5. D

    New 20 gallon, cycle question.

    hello R2R world! New to the forum, and also my first salt water tank set up! So on Thursday I set up a 20 gallon tank with an aquaclear 50. Set temperature to 78°f. My salinity is at 1.020. I used 10 lbs of dry rock and 20 lbs bag of Fiji pink live sand. I also added 1 raw never frozen shrimp...
  6. Piscean_Introvert

    Cycling Help

    Hey Everyone, So it’s Day 9 of using MicroBacter cycling kit, and I’m a little confused about the results. I’ve attached the readings over the 9 days as well as the photos of days results. I don’t want to add any fish or clean up crew if I’m not ready. Any advice and suggestions are greatly...
  7. oneilwiz

    High Nitrite during Fishless Cycle for Days

    Reef Tank Started with the following currently at Day 24 of the fishless cycle, Should I do a water change if the Nitrite is measuring 5PPM and above for 8+ days while Ammonia drop to 0ppm. Temp: 80 Salinity: 20ppt Ammonia: Dr Tims Bacteria: Dr Tims one and Only Rocks: Carib sea Life rock...
  8. AustinR

    Cycling question all levels are high after change

    I have a question that I hope someone can answer. I have been cycling my tank fishless for 5 weeks. I have 75 gallon tank using dry rock 90 pounds and live sand 120 lbs. Using a fluval Fx6 canister filter. Also In the tank is 2 powerheads and a HOB skimmer that both seem to be working well...
  9. Grosea13

    How can Seachem Stability work in both salt and fresh?

    So i have always kept Cichlids and decided to setup a 20 gal reef tank beside my bed. I bought a 6 gallon setup from a guy which already had fish. Parameters were stable and there was alot of bio media in the mini sump. So I added that to the 20 gal setup. Saw some ammonia last night and my...
  10. oneilwiz

    Does cycling an aquarium with Brightwell Start XLM and Caribsea Life Rocks cause any Problems?

    Hello Fellow reefers, Has anyone used the Brightwell Start XLM bacteria to cycle their aquarium while having new Caribsea Life rocks in the aquarium? This aquarium is running with Caribsea dry sand and Caribsea Life rocks. I have been reading the label on the Brightwell Start XLM stating "Dry...
  11. J

    New to hobby, question about parameters during cycle

    Hello! This is my first post, and I am also brand new to the reef aquarium hobby. Here's my question. I'm trying to cycle my 55 gallon aquarium. Salt and temp are all good. I have 2 clowns in the tank after using Dr. Tims One And Only, and have been cycling for 4 days (tracking for 3). I also...
  12. T

    Dying anemone

    I purchased live rock and unknowingly it came with a baby bubble tip nem. My tank is about a week old and not established at all. The nem isn’t doing so well and only comes out when the lights are off sometimes. What do i do?
  13. ReeferMadne55

    QT Question

    I noticed that my angel has some Ich. I set up a QT yesterday. I filled the QT with tank water, threw in some biomedia and a filter pad, along with a splash of Fritz Turbostart 900 and a small amount of fish food for ammonia. I let that cycle overnight. I just tested water now and its reading 0...
  14. A

    Water Polluted - Help!

    I’ve recently started my own 100L nano reef & I’ve been cycling my tank (fishless) for about three weeks now and today I had my water tested by my local aquarium shop. He was testing all the nitrates and instantly the colour changed to detect it in my water instead of showing up after 5 minutes...
  15. gidelgadojr

    Just bought 65 gallon used tank

    Bought a 65 gallon tank that was running for a year, but the owner got a bigger one and gave me this with everything included, but lights and stand. I build my own stand replaced the piping because it needed a touch up. I filled it with freshwater everything runs smoothly. I’m putting in the...
  16. S

    Lighting on after Tank Cycling?

    Hi everyone. Hope everyone’s safe during these bad times. So I had setup a tank during Covid to help my self cope up with the lockdown. But unfortunately I was let go by my company. So I cannot add any live stock currently. My tank is fully cycled for about a month now without lights. Do you...
  17. WhiteOwlPowell

    Brown Diatom after finished cycling

    Hello, My tank has just finished its cycling period and has perfect parameters to start putting fish in but I just noticed this brown diatom forming. What do I do now? New to this hobby and am posting this so I can learn from you guys! Thanks in advance.
  18. Marco9926

    Algae scrubber only reef setup?

    Hy friends, I'm from Italy and I'm also new here.... I had a reef tank years ago with protein skimmer , but now I need your help for a new project. This is my question: May I start cycle my new reef tank (about 80 lt) with algae scrubber only? I mean, someone add the ATS later to their systems...
  19. R

    First Tank Cycle

    Hey everyone, I am new to the hobby and cycling my first tank. I have a 32.5g Fluval Flex. I started the cycle on 3/21. I used Dr Tims One & Only at the start. Inside the tank I've got the Caribsea Arag-Alive sand and Carib Sea Shapes rock. Currently, my readings are: Ammonia: 1 PPM Nitrite...
  20. Erick Armanii

    Copepods now or later?

    Good morning r2r! What’s everyone’s opinions on adding copepods? Before or after fish are added? Should I have the refugium up and running or the dry rock will provide enough hiding spaces? I’m about 6 weeks into my initial cycle of a new 125g long and triton 44 sump. My test kits are still...
  21. Darkshadow1500

    Fishless cycling

    So this time around I want to do a fishless cycle with dry rock, I’ve seen a few products to help with this, one kit that caught my attention was the MICROBACTER DRY ROCK BACTERIA STARTER KIT from Brightwell, it comes with: Microbacter QuickCycl which is the ammonia additive to feed the...
  22. Lysh87

    What comes first?

    Hi everyone! After my tank with the dead rock has been cycled ( I believe this takes a month?). What is the next thing to introduce? Coral? Fish? Bottom feeders?
  23. ReefReadyYouTube

    Cycling a tank: shrimp method VS damsel method.

    Is there a difference in the shrimp VS damsel methods when it comes to cycling a tank. Some people put a bit of shrimp in for 3 days to get the ammonia started and some put 1-2 damselfish to get the cycle started. What’s the best method? Is one faster than the other? What have you had a good...
  24. N

    New Tank Cycle

    Hi all, New member here. I just upgraded by 20 gallon nano to a 50 gallon cube. I just finished the plumbing for my sump recently and instead of slipxslip bulkheads I used 1" bulkhead abs slip×thread for the ability to replace in the future if needed. I used 1" schedule 80 male pipe adapters...
  25. D

    Did I mess up my cycling?

    Equipment: 13.5 gal Fluval Evo and all default accessories 10 lbs CaribSea Liferock (came dry) 5 lbs misc dry rock 20lbs CaribSea Arag Alive Fine Reef Sand Here's what happened: 1. I put the tank together on a bookshelf, mixing my water, pouring it over the sand, adding the rocks 2. Hours...
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