1. thatone08

    No diggity, no doubt, it’s dinos!

    Hi, 2 month old tank, 20 gallon Red Sea Max nano. Started with dry Carib sea life rock, and fritz turbo start to cycle. About a month completely dark, to avoid a really bad ugly stage(or so I thought). Fast forward fish, a handful of corals, lights on. 2 weeks later, what looks to be diatoms...
  2. A

    Looks like a mite or something. Also it appears to be attacking dinos

    Pretty much what the title said. Looks similar to a mite and appears to be attacking dinos. I attached a video below. Please pardon the random movements because I lost the creature and was looking for it again. I can’t attach a video because the file I have is too large but I will attach a...
  3. A

    Not sure what to do next.

    Well, dinos. Specifically prorocentrum I’ve been dosing phosphate, H202, silicate, blackouts, manual removal through a filter sock, and feeding more. Also added phyto. I’m not seeing nearly the same numbers as I used to, and I’m getting some good GFA and diatom growth, along with a flowing...
  4. D

    Diatoms, Dinos, Cyano, and Hair algae?

    Hello to anyone who's here (and thank you for reading)! I think I've encountered my first issue with my reef tank, which is whether I've got dinos, diatoms, cyano, and hair algae - or maybe all four of them at the same time. I don't have a microscope on hand so I'm aware that the best ID I can...
  5. S

    Second Opinions Never Hurt - Dinos?

    Hi, all! First time posting but here’s another algae ID post. I don’t believe they’re diatoms. They sorta look like dinos but don’t have the characteristic trapped air bubbles. It’s brown, it covers the rocks, tank walls, and only the sand that is in the light. What do you guys think? Tank has...
  6. Reefer9871

    I.D. this algae that is taking over my reef tank! HELP PLEASE!

    What is this that is taking over my tank!? These are the best pictures I could get with my son’s microscope. But I figure someone out there might be able to I.D. what it is…. At first I thought dinos or diatoms because they came back worse when I cleaned them and did water changes. After...
  7. MarineDepot


    Keith from the 3 Glass Walls series shares with us his dinoflagellates outbreak along with his plan of attack for their removal. Join in and learn about how you can kick those pesky Dino's. Shop the Marine Depot website to get the resources you need to eradicate Dinoflagellates.
  8. D

    I want to start my first reef. What are the cheapest, essential options for my setup?

    So I got a 25-gallon tank with a complete setup for freshwater fish, but I want to build a reef instead. I'm looking for the most affordable options for sumps, return pumps, power heads, and what all is absolutely essential to maintain a reef. I know that sumps aren't essential, but do I still...
  9. M

    Dino action plan

    Hi guys I got my first 200 liter marine tank running for 3 months now. Parameters: Kh: 7.8 No3: < 1 Po4: 0.04 Mg: 1380 Cal: 460 Temp: 25.2 °C Lightning shedule (Red Sea Led 90): Blue: 9:30 - 22:00 80% (ramps up and down) White: 9:30 - 22:00 25% (ramps up and down) Equipment: Tunze macro...
  10. P

    My Easy approach to Amphidinium dinoflagellates

    I have a 50 gallon cube, sump, sand, ATS, radion LED, Protein skimmer, my aquascape is fairly easy to remove in sections. My troubles with Dinos coincided with overzealous Iron supplementation and low nutrients. I lost many corals and anemones to the infestation. I am not sure if my approach...
  11. MileHighSeaLevel

    ID This Snot Please?

    Have some snot on the back glass, that's growing in an interesting pattern. It's ONLY growing on the glass, and both the turbos and nerites are eating it, so I don't think (fingers crossed) it's dinos. Some of the strings are nearly a foot long, but no bubbles. Where it's growing best is on the...
  12. X

    I finally beat dinos!

    So my tank has had dinos for a few months, going from good to bad good to bad to worse, with recently being REALLLY bad. Here is a pic from a month or two ago. And here is what it looks like now. To be honest, im really not sure what I did. I manually removed it now and then. the biggest...
  13. sotsreef

    Microscope ID help (diatoms,dinos?)

  14. sotsreef

    Dinos or Diatoms?

    Here is a picture, if needed I can post tank details but was gonna see if anyone could tell from just a photo. I’m talking about the brownish spots on the white dry rock.
  15. Alyssalaurente

    DINO ID???

    Hello reef friends and experts! I was wondering if anyone could help me identify this type of dinoflagellate. On the sand bed, it looks more like diatoms. No appearance of stringy/snotty bubbles, just brown patches that appear during the day and vanish at night. Under the microscope they are...
  16. D

    Best dip to remove cyanobacteria/dino from torch coral

    Hi Ive got a torch coral that is receding a bit from cyano and dinos and want to use the dip that will be easiest on the coral but still remove them. I have lugols solution, coralrx, and hydrogen peroxide just want to use the one easiest on it as the cyano isnt growing too fast. Most of my tank...
  17. 3

    Dino outbreak

    So I had a green hair algae outbreak, then an ammonia spike, I dosed kordon AmQuelPlus ammonia detoxifier, it kills ammonia nitrite and nitrate, and chlorine. Things started to bounce back. I lost 2 cyphastrea, and a birdsnest, during that ammonia spike, it went to 0.50ppm. my xenia has been...
  18. MnFish1

    Dinoflagellates - Cause of problems - or because of problems?

    I have read recently - that dinoflagellates 'kill corals and fish' - I noticed (after months with none) - and after a failed alkalinity doser that some parts of a couple corals died off - On those dead places - some dinoflagellates have started growing. They are not on any other rock, etc -...
  19. T

    Are Dinos more common in the hobby now than years ago? (some data)

    This question has come up a few times, and opinions vary. A lot of common techniques and habits have changed in the hobby from one decade to the next, and it is inarguable that dinos are more commonly discussed now than in the past. But are the two related? Has the hobby changed in a way that...
  20. Rodrigo Segnini

    Some help need it to correctly ID ! Dino or Diatoms or else?

    To start, my small 10 gallons Nano have been running for at least 1year, used to be a quarantine tank that evolved to just another tank! This tank have been running with live rock, and HOB filter for the first 6 months! Nothing fancy as mention before, was just a quarantine tank running filter...
  21. N

    How to get rid of Dinos (I think)?

    Hey everyone so I'm pretty sure I'm having a dino outbreak. Tank is 25 gal and been setup for a few months but with some existing live sand and rock from my previous tank. Tank is an AIO so I just have basic filtration in the back and was running chemi pure elite. I then switched to chemi pure...
  22. Kaiser

    What size UV to save me from Dinoflagellates?

    I've been battling Dinoflagellates for months now and I've had enough. I already tried a blackout and that kept them at bay for 2 weeks but they came back eventually, I've tried increasing nutrients and that hasn't changed a thing, so I've given in and decided to plumb in a UV Sterilizer. I'm...
  23. taylorn13

    My Documentary on Getting Rid of Dinoflagellates In my 2 Month old Tabk

    Hey guys! Just wanted to document my methods and thoughts on how I am getting rid of the dinos in my tank. I just identified them today and am taking immediate action into my hands (the faster you move the better for getting rid of these pesky things)! Dino started off on the sandbed for me and...
  24. taylorn13

    Thought this was diatoms, but possibly dino, please help ID

    Okay so I posted yesterday about being sure it was diatoms in my tank but my lights have a programmed 30 minute moonlight phase where the whites turn off and it’s just blue light. Under white lights, this brown stuff looks exactly like diatoms, but just now, with the blue light on, I see a bunch...
  25. Boss

    How to clean Dinos from filter sock

    Hi everyone, I'm currently using the 10 micron filter sock the filter out Dinos from the water column. This is my first time using a filter sock so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions how to properly clean the filter sock to get all the dinos out, or kill them, prior to reusing the...
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