1. Mickeyfairlane

    Brown/Red hair algae, coral dying

    Hi all, I recently had an outbreak of brownish reddish stringy algae in a year old, 30 gallon tank. (which I think was dinos) I dosed Vibrant as per instructions and now my alveopora/zoas/ric are closed up and seem to be dying. Monti's seem to be fine however. I did a lot of manual removal of...
  2. Paul Kachirsky

    Is this Dino? Help

    Hello, I am looking to see if this is Dino? This is in my Coral quarantine tank and I was getting ready to add coral to my display tank and I want to know if this is Dino and what your recommendation is to beat it? Also I assume it’s a bad idea to add the coral to my display? Clean them and then...
  3. andrewey

    Iron, Silica, and Iodine and Dinoflagellates

    The role of iron in the growth of dinoflagellates is well characterized, so nothing written here is novel- I simply wanted to validate a pet theory of mine and provide documentation in case anyone finds this post of any interest later. I set up an experiment* and dosed experimental containers...
  4. Squeakster

    Are these dinoflagellates??

    I have been battling dinoflagellates for awhile now and feel like im starting to beat them but want to make sure. This is a sample from my tank on april 24th. I know these are dinos but when I took a sample today I didn't see these but seen what I thought looked like little copepods. I'm not...
  5. Stu_Tanks


    A little over a week ago I fixed what I thought was a Dino problem. I did a 3 day black out and went through the Dr. Tim’s treatment. Today I come back from a long weekend and my rocks have the same brown stuff growing on them and a little on the sand bed. I don’t think they are Dino’s because...
  6. BigOunce11

    Help with dinos in fluval evo

    Hi all, in January I set up my fluval evo, all going well, other than the dinos i am currently watching fester. From what Ive read, the solution seems to be to raise phosphate and nitrate, mine currently being 2ppm nitrate and 0.1ppm phosphate, however am unsure of the best way to do this with...
  7. trmiv

    Dinoflagellate identification

    I suspect these are Coolia but I want to be sure. Advice on these guys? They are bad right now just some spots on the sand. I want to get ahead of them though. I’ve been battling low nutrients so I’ve started po4 and nitrate dosing. Also stuck my green killing machine in the tank in an...
  8. vivekshankarpmk

    Are they Diatoms

    Hi All, Its been 40 days since starting my cucling. Used traditional Shrimp method for ammonia source and used Aquaforest BIO S for bacteria colonizing , As on continous monitoring there are brown algae formed on the rocks and the glass . I am confused is this diatoms that come when the nitrate...
  9. 0utworld

    Unsure if dinos

    I've had my 20 gallon tank (LS/DR/RODI) for around 2 weeks and I've recently started getting brown growth (with stringly bubbles) on the sand and eventually the rocks. When it just appeared, I suspected dinos so I started overfeeding a bit and removed my chemipure blue. My nitrates and...
  10. Andrew Schubert

    Trying blackout to rid Dinos in tank.

    Now that I've finally gotten rid of the turf algae in my tank, I'm now battling my first real outbreak of dinos in my 16 month old tank. I think it probably has to do with switching over to the Zeovit system 4 months ago, and having an ULN system not allowing the Dinos anything for competition...
  11. Idoc

    Recommended pump for an Aqua UV 57watt

    I recently picked up an Aqua UV 57w unit used...couldn't pass up the price, even though it is a bit big for my system (75g tank, approx. 100g total). I will eventually hook this up in my sump for regular use, but initially will be using it to clear out some dinos in my main tank. In order to...
  12. mario4933

    Dino’s Battle

    Alright Guys & Girls, like the title says I have encountered a new roadblock in the hobby. This thread will show you guys every step I take to battle this annoying pest and hopefully after I win this war you guys could look back to this thread to follow my steps and not make all the mistakes I...
  13. mario4933

    Dinos ID (with microscope pics)

    Hello everyone, as the title indicates I need help identifying what kind of dinoflagellates am I fighting here. Thanks for the help
  14. S

    Is this Dinoflagellates?

    20 gallon long Tank Parameters Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrates:0ppm Nitrites :0ppm pH:8 Alk: 11 Calcium:320(I'm new to reefing would appreciate advice onhow to get this up to 400 range too) Phosphate;0.1( added gfo and chemo pure, going down to 0.05) Tank inhabitants: Yellow tail damsel 8 hermit crabs...
  15. Alexreefer

    Ready to throw in the towel from Dinos

    I have a tank just over a year old and have been battling dinos ever since I bottomed out nutrients. I have been battling what seems to be Amphindium(is that how you even spell it?) dinos. The dinos never form bubbles but are consistent of glass and rocks. I have tried h202, UV, Vibrant...
  16. Alexreefer

    Help! - beating Dinos?

    Hey Randy, I know you must be busy but I came for your advice. I have been fighting diatoms for 5 months now. I have tried everything, I have 0 tds rodi water(fresh filters). Tried chemiclean if it was cyano. I don't think its dinos(no bubbles) Have a UV sterilizer in place. I added sera siporax...
  17. CherBear811

    POLL for those who have had DINOS

    Trying to gain some insight into conditions that might point to a trend. I personally have come to think lack of bio diversity and too low of phos and nitrate are the primary conditions that cause dino outbreaks to bloom, but since no one knows for sure, thought I would give this a try. Thanks...
  18. Joe Batt

    Looking for details on hydrogen peroxide test for Dinoflagelates

    I saw a thread for testing for dinoflagellates with hydrogen peroxide ages ago and I cant find it again. I have searched and searched..... It was something to do with if the algae floated or not after exposure to hydrogen peroxide. Anyone know what I mean or where the thread is? I don’t have a...
  19. Idoc

    Dinos on Corals

    Couldn't get a response last week, so gonna ask again... maybe I'll get lucky and find someone who knows, lol. Any advice on how to "clean" a coral from a dino-infested tank before moving to a dino-free tank? You think a peroxide dip would be enough?
  20. Idoc

    Moving corals from tank with Dinos

    Im going to break down and disinfect my coral QT that has been overtaken with dinos. I need to move my corals to my DT. Besides a good dip in some CoralRx to catch any bugs, are there any other precautions I should take to ensure the dinos dont transfer to my DT? Peroxide solution dip possibly?
  21. Idoc

    Running Coral QT full time or only part time?

    Interested in hearing what others are doing! Do others maintain a full time coral QT or do you just set one up for the 76day period when you receive new batches of coral? I have been maintaining a full time 29g coral/invert QT for the past year. It has been headaches to say the least... It...
  22. Idoc

    Need Help Identifying Type of Dinos

    The Bad News: Microscope finally arrived and confirmed my Coral QT junk is Dinos! But, I am having a hard time determining exactly what type of Dinos I have! Please see attached photo... This Coral QT has been a royal pain in the hind-end since starting it. I am really starting to wonder if...
  23. Danh Ngo

    Battling Dinos!!!

    I have a dinos outbreak about few weeks ago. I first notice some airbubble on the back glass, did not pay much attention to that. This is my plan. Any opinion would help :) Doing: - Raising my No3 and PO4 - Adding a filter sock, and clean it daily - Manually remove as much as possible Planning...
  24. T

    Amphidinium Dinoflagellate Treatment Methods

    This thread is a spin-off from the @mcarroll very successful Dino thread The purpose is to discuss methods for removal and fighting against a particular strain of dinoflagellate - Large Cell Amphidinium. It seems to make up about a third of the cases of dinos. The reason this strain gets its...
  25. Reefer18

    Dinoflagellates? Please help!

    Dinoflagellates or some other algae type? (Pics attached) Tank Info: 30 gallon softie reef 5 months old RO water Salinity 1.025 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 1 Calcium 440 Alkalinity 8 Phosphate 0 (according to API) I plan on getting a more accurate kit for phosphates