disease id

  1. P

    EMERGENCY Need Help Identifying Possible Disease

    So I recently bought these 2 clowns and one seems to have a lesion on its head. I was just about to dose Copper into the qt but noticed this and was wondering if y’all can help me identify it and tell me how to treat it. Thanks!
  2. M

    EMERGENCY ID Yellow spots on my blue tang

    Showed up this morning she was fine last night. I have never seen these spots before. Seems to be swimming around just fine.
  3. tailoftwogobies

    rock anemone oozing.

    hi y’all! looked in our tank about 2 hours after a reef roids dosing & feeding and noticed 3 of the 6 rock flower anemone’s are swollen up & oozing an almost spit looking substance from their mouths.. usually the mouth area swells after reef roids or AB+ dosing but we’ve never seen this spit...
  4. L

    EMERGENCY Black marks on Moorish Idol and Powder blue tang

    Hey everyone, just wanted to know whether anyone has experienced this before, and if its normal? I’m just concerned because my powder blue had similar black marks 2-3 weeks before dying of an unknown cause (which would eventually end up killing half my fish: tangs and angels). I ended up...
  5. L

    Black marks on my moorish idol and powder blue

    Hey everyone, just wanted to know whether anyone has experienced this before, and if its normal? I’m just concerned because my powder blue had similar marks 2-3 weeks before dying of an unknown cause. I’ve had the Moorish Idol for almost a week now, but his been eating well and has showed no...
  6. arbiter42

    Lost 4/6 fish in 3 days, at a loss for what happened

    Hi all, long time lurker here, hoping I can poll the crowd for what the heck happened to my fish. This happened a few weeks ago, sorry in advance for the long story. I had 6 fish in a 90g: - two clowns (both with me for 6+ years), laying eggs happily about every 3 weeks - a yellow tang - a...
  7. Rijodan

    Fish looks like a wrung out towel disease or results of a bully?

    My purple fire fish looks /bad/ and swims like he's just following the current. Last week he was burrowing and before that I thought he was dead cause I hadn't seen either one in a month or 2. Here's some pics and once up loaded to YouTube a video
  8. BaileyB

    Please help with puffer fish :(

    So I’ve had my porcupine puffer in QT for 25 days now being treated with copper safe. I have also treated prazipro and maracyn two over the last couple of weeks. Any one able to identify what this is on his skin? He’s been eating pretty well and responding to food good. He goes nuts for krill...
  9. katiestl

    EMERGENCY Disease identification and treatment help

    One week ago, I added a gem tang, a mandarin and a blenny. Everything was just fine before then. Sunday, the gem tang got stuck to the side of my powerhead and died Monday. Also died Monday, the mandarin. Tuesday, I lost my blue eyed kole tang. so right then I started treating for ich with...
  10. A

    EMERGENCY Clownfish Disease Help

    I've just noticed these white specs on my Clown (pictured below). She is acting perfectly normal from what I can tell--eating normally and swimming around fine. From some precursory research I think that this may be either Marine ICH, Brooklynella, or Velvet. Any help diagnosing as well as...
  11. Gonj

    EMERGENCY Clownfish is peeling?

    Got 2 clown in qt right now they’ve seemed fine, however today I noticed their skin seems to be peeling and there appears to be some growth in the filter as well. Any ideas as to what this can be or how I should treat this? Attached some photos below.
  12. T

    Help with diagnosing a clownfish

    So, I bought my first pair of clownfish from an LFS I've frequented for a while now. The first day I put them in I noticed some white spots on the male clownfish, about seven on one side and two on the other (one looks like a sore). Other than that he's been quite active and eating, but noticed...
  13. paddle41773

    Pink/irritated wall hammer flesh

    Received this wall hammer in the mail from Divers Den. Was alone in bag. Has this reddish pink area that looks like inflammation/irritation. Dipped in Bayer then Iodine then to QT. Anyone seem anything like this before?
  14. L

    Diagnosis Help

    Need some help figuring out what got my sailfin tang. Day before yesterday it was fine. Eating swimming, doing it’s normal thing. Expanding fin. Happy fish basically. Yesterday it spent its entire day on the sand bed. Barely swimming. No noticeable marks on skin anywhere. I pulled it and put it...
  15. G

    HELP me with my scopa tang

    Hi everyone, So I bought this fish a week ago and today I noticed that their eyes got some cloudiness with it. I have a new tank and everything in it started from scratch. I am not sure if my tang had a little battle with my clownfish because one of my clownfish's tail had a little scratch...
  16. O

    Unknown Disease

    Hey guys and gals I’m having a small problem. Currently I have something in my tanking killing a single fish at a time. Once it shows any signs usually within 12 hours it has died. At first I thought it was ich and I have treated my tanks for ich. Now I’m currently at a loss as to what it is...
  17. N

    EMERGENCY My clown fish’s tail looks like it is deteriorating

    Can anyone tell me what is going on and how I can fix it
  18. rlkilwil

    Identification of zoa infections

    Hey everyone! I work at an LFS and know my way around most things, but one thing I have always wondered about and wanted to learn about is identifying the symptoms of different zoa health issues- specifically bacterial and fungal infections! What are the symptoms of these??? How do I tell the...
  19. A

    Please!!! Help diagnosing this fish disease and cure

    Hi! Many days ago I detected a fish in my tank that had like a "broken" caudal fin. I didn't give it importance, I thought it was a small fight or something similar. Then I was away from my home for a month or so and when I returned I saw many caudal and pectoral fins broken also I have an...
  20. I

    Possible Uronema or ammonia burns

    Have had a lyretail anthias and two cardinal fish in quarantine for 2 weeks. Today I notice a 2 red spots on the lyretail, one on its belly and one on its side with a minor lesion. I’ve been treating with metro soaked food for around a week and a half. Ammonia has been low, but recently read...
  21. R

    Melanarus wrasse gill problem

    My 1.5 year old melanarus wrasse has developed some sort of problem on only his right gill, seen in the pictures below. There also seems to be some sort of inflammation inside that gill. Otherwise he seems healthy and is eating and behaving normally. No other fish have any problems, and there...
  22. A

    EMERGENCY White spot on purple tang

    My purple tang developed 1 white spot near the tail and some discolouration on the tail fin .anyone experienced that? Also youtube upload: Water param: Salinity :1023 Amonia 0 No2 0 No3 ~ 20 water change today + chemipure blue 2 days ago Fish is eating very well nori+ mysis with lipovit and...