emerald crab

  1. A

    What killed my wrasses?

    Hey guys so I recently purchased a wrasse as well as a new CUC I brought Scarlett hermit crabs, a cleaner shrimp, blue leg hermit crabs, and a couple snails. Now I have a emeral crab from my last clean up crew and the emerald, cleaner shrimp and blood fire shrimp all hang out on and in the...
  2. twhit030

    EMERGENCY Emerald crab imposter

    I haven my year old 40 breeder all sps reef tank an emerald crab (or so I thought). My corals have all been doing very well for the first 11 months. This past month I’ve noticed the slow death of 2 very nice corals, 1 being a bubble gum digi and the other being some no name acro. I came home...
  3. Y

    Red emerald crab?

    Hi all, I got this from the local fish shop they said it was an emerald crab but red and it happens some times. Just thought I would post some pictures for opinions? The shop have a very good reputation so hoping they are right.
  4. Eyezik

    Mixing Crabs

    I have been wanting a Decorator Crab for the longest time, but I had a hitchhiker emerald crab on a rock I bought. Would it be safe to mix the 2 or will they fight eachother?
  5. R

    CUC Help

    So question! After tank cycling. I’m looking to get 1 Emerald Crab 1 Cleaner Shirmp 1 turbo snail tank size 24 gallon No corals just Rock Sand substrate will do 10% weekly water changes. Would this be adequate for my tank?
  6. Jordan Wright

    Bubble Algae Issue

    hey so i have noticed i am getting a bubble algae outbreak. I was re-arranging my aquascape and figured i mine as well go on a hunt and pick all of it off with tweezers since i took my rocks out, and i heard if you pop it in the water it will cause it to spread even more. It was all gone for a...
  7. 1stborn4coral

    Emerald Crab missing

    Hey Everyone, So I got an Emerald Crab last weds 2/17. The first day I put him in he was out and about for about a hour, then gone. I haven't seen him since, is this ok or should I have seen him again by now? Not super worried but figured I would ask.
  8. Mr & Mrs Hartz

    Hole in emerald crab claw

    Was wondering if anybody had any idea why our new emerald crab has a whole with black/white coloration in one of its claws? We just bought her and came home and noticed it. She’s in quarantine. Thanks!
  9. Mr & Mrs Hartz

    Confirming Emerald Crab (also what’s this black/white hole in the claw?)

    We bought this “emerald crab” today and just want to confirm whether or not it is actually an emerald crab because it is not green like most of the pictures online. We were thinking that maybe perhaps because it is juvenile that it hasn’t turned green yet. Also when we got home we realized that...
  10. Z

    EMERGENCY Was my blenny attacked or is he sick?

    I have a 100gl tank- 1 red lip blenny, 3 emerald crabs, 3 clown fish, 1 CBS, 6 nassarius snails, and a dozen or so hermit crabs. Saturday- Got my blenny, he looked great. After a few hours of having him it looked like he was swimming up to and laying next to the CBS as if asking the shrimp to...
  11. taymarie

    Emerald crab bug?

    I have an emerald crab who always seems happy. He has already molted once like two months ago? I haven’t seen him for a few days and today I found him stuck to a rock. On further inspection it was either a molt or he’s dead. I’m not quite sure. I have a ten gallon with two clowns and some frag...
  12. Sleeping Giant

    My 75 gallon video

  13. mclaurin

    Evening Emerald Entertainment

    Guess he needed his temperature taken!
  14. Alyssa.Weber

    I think my Emerald crap took a chunk out of my toadstool leather

    I just picked up an emerald crab for my 10g nano and I have so far one toadstool in there. After checking up on him, i noticed he was crawling on my toadstool that was previously opened and now all shrunken up. I also noticed a tiny chunk of my toadstool missing. I am so mad!! I love my little...
  15. Sleeping Giant

    Emerald Crabs breeding last night

    Just saw my Emerald crabs mate and release, what looked like eggs into the water column. Don't mind the cheesy music
  16. Sleeping Giant

    Emerald crab breeding tonight

    Just saw my Emerald crabs mate and release, what looked like eggs into the water column. I have a video, I'll post soon
  17. C

    Do not buy emerald crabs...

    Day 3 and already tearing apart my indo bonzai. Banished to the sump
  18. Sleeping Giant

    Build Thread The Sleeping Giant 75 gallon build

    I joined R2R yesterday, here are pictures of my tank
  19. B

    Peppermint shrimp and fire shrimp almost dead

    29 gallon saltwater with hob Marineland 350 filter AI prime HD Leather coral Hammer coral Zoa coral And a couple other LPS Pair of maroon clowns Striped blenny Black cardinal Diamond goby Tank is at 35 ppt and ~77F Bought it used and tank was about 2 years old with the clowns. Kept the rock...
  20. L

    Frogspawn polyp migration?

    I did some tank maintenance yesterday and temporarily got rid of my frag rack, moving my coral frags on to the rocks in the mean time. This morning I woke up and noticed the frogspawn had not opened (not surprised or worried, it probably doesn't like its new spot), however I did notice what...
  21. B

    Aiptasia on my emerald crab?

    So I got home yesterday and noticed a little something extra growing on my emerald crab. Is it aiptasia? Is this normal? Have yall seen this? What should I do? Blake Hamilton
  22. imanewberry

    Added two small emerald crabs and one is already picking at my Blasto!!!! Suggestions?

    I love the way that Emerald crabs look and I think they are pretty fascinating to watch. I’ve also read they are great for keeping algae in check. I just added two small ones into my 20 gallon cube tank and one of them IMMEDIATELY went to my blasto frag and started cleaning the base. In a ten...
  23. A

    Micro Nano Tankcaption!

    *NEW* welcome to Malakai's Reef! i am the Father to this tank as it was sort of a gift to myself for a change of pace and a learning tool for my newborn child! starting this with him we have come to reef2reef many times for question tips and how too's and finally have one of our own! 12/22/2019...
  24. Roosterjack

    Zoa Eating Culprit?

    I am having an issue with some of my Zoa frags being flat out devoured by something in my tanI while others go unmolested. The dastardly deed happens over the course of a 24 hour period and the only critter I ever see near them is a typical small CUC hermit or snail. Could my PB tang or...
  25. AquaLocker

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