1. O

    HELP! Female clownfish is killing male!

    in my 14 gallon bio cube that I have had for over 3 years, with the ocellaris clowns who have lived together for 3 years in peace. However lately they have been severely attacking eachother. The female has bitten off almost all of the males back take and a lot of his fins. It is really bad and...
  2. Nate_Krohn

    Zoanthids melting away

    Over two days my zoanthid frags just started acting like they were melting away. No idea what’s going on. Tank parameters seem near perfect. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I did a 20 minute iodine dip and it did nothing.
  3. CaptainHelen

    Overflow emergency! Hardwood floor at risk ;)

    This is a photo of my rig. The foam is down now because we turned it off for a few minutes, but the foam eventually bubbles up and overflows. We have a hardwood floor so we're in a real pinch and the member of the family who maintains the tank is out of town! Any ideas?
  4. J

    HELP cloudy tank and corals dying

    3 days ago i woke up to a cloudy tank and lethargic livestock and corals not opened up and mushroom splitting maybe from stress. Turns out my return pump in the back sump of my all in one tank had broke most prob the night before and i didn’t notice till 11am the next day so maybe 24h with no...
  5. ruegaroo

    Should I Be Concerned About My Frogspawn?

    I just cut off the powerhead to feed the corals and this is what I notice. It looks like it is ripped away from its base. Flow is pretty relaxed in the tank and it has been extended the most I've ever seen it the past few days along with the rest of my euphyllia. This is the first time I've...
  6. Perpetual Novice

    Reef tank getting hotter and I don't know why. Help?

    I have a 30-gallon biocube. The hood has been removed and replaced with a custom acrylic panel that sits on top and a China Box light that is hung above it. There are two nano skimmers in the back section in compartments 1 and 2. There is a 20-watt analog heater in the third chamber with the...
  7. Perpetual Novice

    I dropped a rock on my clam!

    I was adjusting the aquascape in my tank and a large coral skeleton fell on my 7 inch derasa clam. It has opened back up since then and I can see that there is a scratch in the mantle and also another spot where it appears a small piece of coral may have pierced the mantle and broke off. or at...
  8. JRP_Riley

    Evo 13.5g tank light defective

    Hello, I have a Evo nano tank and my light just went out this morning, I have 2 clowns and a some snails and crabs. I called to get it replaced and it will take 4-5 days for it to arrive. Right now I have some led strip lights on top of the tank to give my candy cane coral some light. Right now...
  9. Rogued_Reefer

    Dorian is approaching FL

    What are your hurricane preps for the tanks!? Mine at the moment is 2 battery bubblers and a battery pack to run a powerhead on and off for a few days.
  10. Perpetual Novice

    Help! Mantis shrimp molting

    I just added a bunch of new rock, inverts, and macroalgae to my tank with a peacock mantis shrimp. I was working and rearranging things for at least an hour. Then again the following day. A giant hermit crab I rather like fell into the mantis burrow but the mantis never attacked. So I spent 15...
  11. Peach02

    Red Bubble / orb on stromb snail?

    So I've had this snail (stromb snail / fighting conch) for about 2 weeks now and he is very active virtually always 'hopping' around the tank or burying himself or hiding in his shell from hermit crabs eating the alge on his shell. This evening I noticed a red lump on his mouth about 2x2x1mm and...
  12. pokegirl1332

    please help save my new clowns

    was away for the past weekend and my clowns in the DT died for some unknown reason but just 3 days ago I got this new pair and they're already sick probably with whatever killed of my old clowns not sure what it is and I don't have a QT setup right now but I have a spare 10 gallon if needed and...
  13. F


    I’ll try to make this quick and simple as time is obviously of the essence: One of my tanks: Fish: 2 clowns 1 blue green chromis 1 YWG 1 royal gramma Fed royal gramma one morning and appeared normal- all fish did Then went to tank later that evening and gramma was covered in spots (looked...
  14. D. Torres

    What is my clam doing?

    I've had this clam for about 4 months and I don't know if I just never noticed it doing this but today I noticed it was expelling some sort of milky/cloudy substance. I got a video of it doing it which is linked here in a YouTube video. Is this normal or something I should be concerned with...
  15. Cherry Bomb

    Shot in the eye with Paly juices :/

    The one time I didn’t wear my freakin glasses! Those things have amazing aim. Right in the eye with a good amount of juice. ;Blackeye Ripped of my gloves and ran for the sink where I flushed my eye out by hand with tap water. Was experiencing some mild stinging and eye lid twitching. Stinging...
  16. Seahorse man

    Tank crash, mini cycle, fish dying, oh the horror!

    I awoke this morning to find my clownfish floundering on the bottom, my firefish goby dead, and my scooter blenny on the edge. Ammonia level was 1 ppm, nitrite level was 0.5 ppm, and nitrate was 10 ppm. I did a 75% water change, and when thet didnt respond positively i removed them to my...
  17. D. Torres

    Clam and hermits ok?

    Sorry if this has been posted already but I really need to know. My main question is are blue leg crabs safe to have around Maxima clams? ;Nailbiting Got a great deal on a couple maxima clams on a recent visit to California (1/3 of the price asked for in Las Vegas) I should have done my research...
  18. joshbridges

    120g Ammonia wont go down

    So surrently my tank is sitting at a ph of 8.0 and ammonia of 8ppm + ,,,, nitrites are high and nitrate about 10ppm ,I have adequate filtration and used ammo-lock , its been at this state for 5 weeks and wont change :/
  19. Captain Jack

    Please help, red slime algae or coralline?

    Can someone please help me identify this red algae? How do I get rid of it? It seems to be spreading fairly fast and starts out as a mossy looking growth with air bubbles coming out of it, I thought it was healthy at first... there are also tiny little white, or clear/transparent ant looking...
  20. D. Torres

    Water change volume

    I have a standard 75 gallon tank. I was wondering if I need to take into consideration the volume displacement of my live rock and sand when calculating the percent of water to change. For example 20% of 75 is 15 but with 85lbs of live rock my actuall water volume is only 62 gallons and 20% of...
  21. sotsreef


    What is going on with my hammer, seems to only be one of the heads!?!
  22. J

    Need help with dying Meat coral

    Just got this meat coral yesterday and has been in the tank for 36 hours. Today it seems like there is this brownish patch growing in the centre of the coral and white skeleton is protruding. The coral is placed at the bottom of the tank next near acans not touching whatsoever with low flow...
  23. sotsreef

    Swollen mouth on RBTA!!!

  24. sotsreef

    My RBTA won’t attach to anything

    I got my RBTA 2 days ago. He was attached to a rock so I carefully removed him with an ice cube and turkey baster. I acclimated him for temp and ph for a reasonable amount of time before placing him into the tank. I used my anemone basket to float him near the top of the tank to kind of isolate...
  25. sotsreef


    I might be overreacting but why did he retract so quick when the light when off D:
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