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  1. T

    Firefish Goby Breathing

    Hello all, I am fairly new to the hobby and am starting a new reef tank. I have had 4 firefish Gobies for just under 3 months now, the first month being in a quarantine tank, the two larger of my gobies live in this larger rock cave and the two smaller ones live on the other side of the tank...
  2. ReeferWarrant

    Help: Firefish Flashing and Hiding Often

    I got a firefish from my buddy that was pretty banged up from his other firefish. I've had it in the tank for about 2 months and it was always pretty active and made it's home in a cave. It eats fine and it's fins were pretty badly damaged, but are now fully regrown. The problem now is I will...
  3. ReeferWarrant

    Build Thread A Warrant's 32g BioCube Build

    A little bit about myself, I've always been interested in marine life and never had the courage to try out a reef tank. My mother was a biology teacher and as a kid I was glued to anything the BBC produced that was related to the ocean. I spent my high school years working at a pet store in...
  4. Lennon's Reef

    Fungal infection on Helfrich’s Firefish?

    I think my Helfrich’s firefish could have a fungal infection. There is some discoloration on one side of the body, and there seems to be a swollen whitish area at the base of the tail. Additionally, the tail itself is losing some of its yellow color. The tail was bitten quite badly by another...
  5. Helfrichi Firefish

    Helfrichi Firefish

    feisty lil Helfrichi we named Wallets cause $$
  6. N

    Brooklynella? Treatment? Help please

    I have a 40 gallon reef tank. I have at least 4 different types of coral, 2 red firefish, a watchmen goby, maroon clown, blue legged hermit crab and a Mexican Turbo snail. Everyone eats and acts normal. But I recently noticed a tiny white mucus spot near the tail of the maroon clown. At first I...
  7. TroutWithLegs

    Firefish aggression in a nano frag tank

    Hey all, wanted to see what advice and experiences y'all have had with fish being aggressive in smaller tanks, and how to deal with it. I recently added a pair of firefish to my frag reef and their behavior has changed drastically from the fish store, to QT, to now. I was under the assumption...
  8. D

    Why is our Tang hanging out so close to our Firefish?

    Blurry photo attached. I really need to get a phone with a better camera. Our yellow Tang has been hanging out in the corner of the tank with both of our firefish for a few minutes. Is he harassing them? Are they all hiding from the current? Is the Tang confused and thinking he is a firefish?
  9. BloopFish

    Something eating fish while sleeping? Or infection?

    Woke up this morning to see my firefish with a red rash. Before this morning he already had some fin damage from a bully clownfish, which I have rehomed a week or so ago. However, this morning was particularly odd because not only was there a red flesh wound? that appeared, the fins seemed to...
  10. BloopFish

    Adding Starcki Damsel with Exquisite Firefish in a Nano Tank

    I recently started up a Fluval Evo 13.5g nano tank with my partner. One of the fishes she really wants is a blue damselfish. She seems to like the Starcki damsel the most, but I am a bit wary because even though they are supposedly more peaceful than most damsels, I have heard they tend to get...
  11. A

    Fire fish being bullied

    I picked up a fire fish for my 55 gallon about 3 weeks ago now and for the first few days it mostly hid. Recently it has began moving out of its hole more and has become the center of aggression for my coral beauty and female clownfish. They will both take turns chasing it around the tank. Last...
  12. mattybecks

    My first Marine tank, 170L, 100cm x 40cm x 45cm.

    Thought I would share some pics of my setup. Added the clowns two weeks ago, and the firefish yesterday. I was thinking of doing one or two more fish in here...
  13. Pau Hana Reefer

    Build Thread Pau Hana Reefer's 1 Year Old 90 Gallon

    NEW UPDATE - 5/18/2020: Participated in my first WWC Livesale over the weekend. Check out my results in my latest post here. _____________________ Welcome to my thread on my 90 gallon mixed reef tank started in January 2019. Follow along and feel free to chime in with comments, suggestions...
  14. isufishtank

    Flasher Wrasse Aggression

    Hello! I've got a male McCosker's Flasher and a Firefish in a 20 long tank. I love them both to death and they have got along perfectly fine for the longest time. Occasionally during feeding the flasher would flash a little and show off, but the Firefish seemed unperturbed... until now. The...
  15. AquaLocker

    Crabs, Butterflies, Dragonets, Puffers, Tilefish & More...

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  16. jk_s124

    Tailspot blenny and firefish biocube 29

    Hello! I have a biocube 29 with 2 clowns, 1 green chromis and a firefish. Firefish was added just over a month ago and has his cave well established. He is doing great. Eating and coming out from time to time. I would like to add a blenny. From what I have read I feel the tailspot would...
  17. O

    Starting a New Hobby with my Significant Other

    Hi all! I have a 32-gallon biocube that my SO and I started. This is our very first tank! It's been cycled for a few months now. We have a firefish named Ember....get it?! A yellow watchman goby named Hamilton (like the watch brand), a pistol shrimp named Pistol Pete. Unfortunately, Hamilton...
  18. Seahorse man

    Snowflake eel compatible for my 55 gal long?

    Im wanting to buy a small snowflake eel to put in my 55 gallon long fowlr tank. At the moment I have two Occelaris clowns, one is about 2.5" and the other is 1", and one firefish goby that is about 3.5" along with a handful of small hermits. I realize the hermits will slowly dissapear with the...
  19. bigR2

    Two New Firefish in a 10 g Nano tank

    I recently purchased two Firefish from my local shop. I am unsure if they are a mated pair - from what I have noticed thus far (they have been in the tank for about a day or so) they are very shy, which I expected, and have been slightly aggressive toward one another. However, the back of my...
  20. Gnarles

    Nano Build Nano reef5

    hey everybody my first time going outside of using the forums to hunt down advice and information. This time I'll be shareing my nano tank setup and I'll keep it updated as things happen! I have a 100gallon reef system for about a year now with some success. As I am gaining knowledge and...
  21. Mariners

    3 firefish compatible

    hi everyone, Wanted to get opinions or experience w firefish. Currently have a occellaris clown and purple firefish in main tank, had a red one also till he jumped when i went on a trip and fishsitter forgot to put lid back on. My main tank is a jbj 28 g w a custom lid stocked w blastos and...
  22. Mariners

    Firefish and qt

    hi everyone, I currently have 2 firefish in a 13g qt, i started them w a 5m fresh water dip them on praxipro for 5 days, cleaned and redosed tank after 5 days more w praxipro. After day 10, i started using cupramine increasing lvls over a 2day period to match the 0.5 copper lvl needed. I...
  23. Mariners

    Missing firefish

    hi everyone, During my trip (4 days), my tank sitter took off my lid for for a few min and in that time my firefish decided to jump out onto the carpet. After a min, tank sitter realized the prob and dumped him back in was lying upside down for a few min while still breathing (sitter nvr took...
  24. Mwag

    Questions about Ich and fallowing a tank

    My tank has recently come down with ich and I decided to fallow my tank for a couple months (8 weeks or longer). I am gonna pull my fish on Tuesday when I actually get a new quarantine tank. I quarentined my fire fish but not my clownfish pair because lfs said they were newly quarantined...
  25. S

    Firefish observations and a question

    First a bit of a background/experience... when I set up my 120 8 months ago, one of the first fish I added was an exquisite firefish. Then about two months later, after finding a presumed dead and replaced firefish in another tanks's sump sock, I added him to the 120. He seems to hang out on...