Can I again keep tang in my aquarium

    I used to have a selfin tang . When I bought added it to my aquarium, it was a lovely fish and was completely healthy. After that I added a neon velvet demsel. I was completely surprised when I saw demsel hitting it's face with it's tail and my tang was happy(as when demsel do that it always...

    My HLLE (Head and lateral line erosion)experience

    I used to have a selfin tang . When I bought added it to my aquarium, it was a lovely fish and was completely healthy. After that I added a neon velvet demsel. I was completely surprised when I saw demsel hitting it's face with it's tail and my tang was happy(as when demsel do that it always...
  3. bbpros2b

    EMERGENCY Blue Faced Angel with what looks like a bacterial infection

    Hello I really need some professional help with figuring out what is wrong with my Blue Faced Angel? I have a blue faced Angel and a dog face puffer and Hawkfish in quarantine and the Tank came down with Ich a week after purchasing the fish. I am on day 7 treatment at full dose of cupramine and...
  4. b0bburg3r

    EMERGENCY Rapid progression of HLLE and fast breathing.

    Any one here have experience with HLLE. My sailfin has it . Water has been tested heavily so all is good there. I did run carbon for one day so I have been doing water changes to try to get that out. He is with only one other fish so it’s for sure not over crowded. Idk what to do. He is...
  5. Gonj

    yellow tang with ick????

    Hey all, so I’ve had this yellow tang in my tank since September 25,2021 he’s been doing great eats both the frozen food and algae I put in the tank. I recently introduced a fire fish and sand sifting goby late December who are also eating well. Today I noticed these marks on my tang, none of my...
  6. Trueruby

    HLLE on yellow tang. Just noticed

    Hi Everyone, I have been looking for to have a yellow tang for a long time. Finally, 2 days ago I got one! However, today I realised the fish actually has HLLE. I got it from a reefer. Never saw this sickness before until see this one. I checked the fish closely and saw colour differance. As I...
  7. J

    Tomini Tang Sickness

    Hello, My tomini tang has had marks on him for over a week now. Had to go away for a trip and it looks much worse. Have not been able to identify what it has. He is eating but is hiding a lot. He obviously looks more white than normal, had holes in the head, and appears to have a rust like...
  8. Gonj

    HLLE in yellow tang?

    Picked him up yesterday, and today I notice he’s got this silver around his eyes, could this be HLLE, if so what should I do? To preface I do not and have never run carbon in this tank.
  9. J

    Yellow tank and possibly flukes?

    Long story short, my yellow tang suddenly stopped eating and swimming out in the open, had some redness, and also was flashing. I quarantined it in copper and antibiotics for about 10 days, and the entire time in QT it seemed fine (wouldn't eat though). No flashing, healed from the red spots...
  10. TheDuude

    Yellow tang Poo or Parasites?

    I have just over a year old CB Biota tang I purchased from Live Aquaria. He has always had slight HLLE. I feed frozen food soaked in selcon and plenty of Nori. HLLE has not healed but is not getting worse as he ages. Trying to do everything I can to make sure he is healthy as possible. Noticing...
  11. Davar93

    Is it HLLE? Help

    Hey everyone! I got my hippo tang in Qt. It has these patches on him now. He didn’t have the one on his head till today, he’s been in copper, nitro, freshwater baths and methylene blue baths. Currently sitting in just saltwater for past 3 days. Is it HLLE? I will try get better pics later. The...
  12. Davar93

    Hippo Tang in QT

    Hey everyone! I got a hippo tang in qt in copper. Wondering anyone advise against that? I heard of some of these guys getting HLLE from it? It’s eating well and lot of Nori, also swimming around too. Also I plan to do freshwater and Methylene blue dips.
  13. H

    Sick yellow tang?

    Hello all, A few days ago I got a hawaiian yellow tang, however he(or she) was held up in shipping for an extra day and the urchin I ordered with him was DOA. He's about 4 inches (10cm) and after a few hours of settling down immediately started eating like a pig and has been ever since. However...
  14. Head and Lateral Line Erosion (HLLE)

    Head and Lateral Line Erosion (HLLE)

    Activated Carbon as a Cause of Head and Lateral Line Erosion (HLLE) in Marine Aquarium fish Jay Hemdal c. 2020 Background: Head and Lateral Line Erosion (HLLE) is the name for a type of skin erosion that affects some species of marine fishes in captivity. It is occasionally referred to as...
  15. 96Duck

    EMERGENCY Kole tang Bacterial infection???

    Hey there, I recently added a kole tang into my 5ft display tank with 3 other tangs (sailfin, powder blue, blue hippo). Fish looked fine prior to being introduced but within 1hour he now has face markings that looks to be from some form of disease/ infection/ fungi. He also has a few white...
  16. krakenwrangler

    Emergency - Purple Tang with strange white spot and HLLE

    So i received my purple tang from LFS along with yellow that ended up having ich and transferred to Purple. Because i noticed ich on yellow tang day 2, I quickly ramped up Copper Power at 2.0ppm for 16 days and that seems to be solved. I typically ramp up Cu levels or 5-6 days but this was a...
  17. BighohoReef

    HLLE on my Tang?

    Reading, comparing, treating... I went to FishMD and am self-diagnosing my Kole which I think has HLLE (Head and Lateral Line Erosion disease) He has patches on the underside near the left side flipper. I started treating him with beta glucan I can't keep him still long enough to take a...
  18. Gcowles

    Dark patch/skin issue on yellow tang

    I recently purchased a yellow tang, and QT in copper for 1 month before adding him to my display. He was out and eating well for about a week. On Monday however, he was hiding in the rocks all day. The past few days he has been hiding the entire time, but will come out to eat brine shrimp. There...
  19. William Spak

    Purple Tang HLLE

    Hey all, So a few moths ago, I posted a thread about my tangs HLLE getting worse, and people told me to change my power outlet (as stray voltage was in the tank), and also to dose my seaweed with vitamins, and I now do that with a product called VitaChem. I also feed my tang spirulina, and...
  20. faisal629

    Help save Stitch! 3+ year old Blue Hippo Tang is sick out of the blue!

    Hey guys, I had this blue hippo tang for about 3 years in the same tang, currently there are only a pair of fancy clowns along with lps with him and the clowns dont bother him, if anything it will be the other way around. The first few months he was very shy and timid but over the years he has...
  21. M

    Freckles on Kole Tang

    Sorry for the noob post, but I’ve had a Kole for about 12 months. I feed a variety of flake, pellet, frozen and live food 2x a day plus nori clips every day. For the past month I’ve noticed these symmetrical “freckles” on the nose of the Kole getting more intense. What is this? Is it normal as...
  22. C-Reefer

    Selcon vs Vitachem for HLLE treatment

    Hey guys, I just got two bristletooth tangs out of QT (Tomini+Kole) where I did treat with copper. THe tomini developed HLLE so I got it out of QT and into DT as soon as all prophylactic treatments were finished. He's now happily swimming around in my 75 and munching algae, which has perfect...
  23. Slyler

    Is this HLLE?

    My Yellow Tang has had this white around his eyes for a long time. It does t seem to get worse or better. I think it is HLLE and will start soaking his food in vitamins and garlic. I just want to make sure it is HLLE and not something else, none of my other fish have this on them.
  24. don_chuwish

    Raggedy Hippo - HLLE or fin rot or ... ?

    This poor hippo is one tough bugger. First introduced into my 120G back in mid 2016 it started showing what I thought was HLLE after a few months. Fins started looking bad too. Thinking it was HLLE I just tried to improve nutrition, etc. Then when I had to break everything down for rebuild it...