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  1. Lacrette1991

    New 72 Gallon Drilled Aquarium

    Hey all! Been a while since I posted. I just got a free 72 Gallon aquarium that I’m currently testing for leaks as I type. I was given the sump and protein skimmer as well but I have no knowledge as to how it was previously set up. plumbing isn’t really my concerns as to how this skimmer works...
  2. B

    Timing for Quarantine and Tank Setup when it's your first saltwater Aquarium.

    So I am in the process of setting up my first saltwater aquarium and want to follow the best practices possible. So I am planning on quarantining everything including corals before I put them in my dt. So my questions are as follows: - Do I setup my Dt and qt at the same time and just let my...
  3. MummysReefTank

    Advice on order of fish into tank.

    Hi All! This is my first post; I’ve got the tank up and running and it has been cycling for the past 2 weeks, its only resident a now delightfully bloated (dead) prawn.... and some Dr Tim’s. The tank size is 450l and I'd like people’s recommendations on what order to add the below fish in. They...
  4. poke555mon

    Hello Fish advice and recommendations

    This is my 60 gallon cube tank. I’ve got a sump under that’s got water flowing through it’s maybe 30 gallonsbut it’s not 100% done yet so I’ve also got a hang on filter for now. This is my first tank that I’ve set up at home. I have a B.S. in Marine Biology but that doesn’t mean I know any of...
  5. Meara


    Hello everyone, I’m fairly new to reefing and I was hoping to get some suggestions on types of fish. All of my favourites like to hang out in the rockscape or near the sand and I would like to have some that swim towards the top of the tank in the open water. I have 110g tank the bottom ½ is...
  6. J

    New to hobby, question about parameters during cycle

    Hello! This is my first post, and I am also brand new to the reef aquarium hobby. Here's my question. I'm trying to cycle my 55 gallon aquarium. Salt and temp are all good. I have 2 clowns in the tank after using Dr. Tims One And Only, and have been cycling for 4 days (tracking for 3). I also...
  7. ajtomase

    Planning to get first FOWLR setup

    Hello everyone! I’m doing all my research right now to get my first salt water, fish only with live rock setup. I would like to get a Reefer 625 XXL tank, but I don’t know what other equipment I need. There’s a lot of equipment options out there, but I’m not sure what options out there I would...
  8. N

    Fluval Evo 13.5 Micro Bubbles by Return Pump and Powerhead

    Hey folks, I've recently got into the reefing hobby this week and set up my Fluval Evo 13.5 as my starting tank. I've come to realize that there are a fair amount of tiny air bubbles are around the tank with a majority of them being around the return pump and powerhead along by the protein...
  9. M

    3 out of 9 dead fish.. New hobbyist.. Thoughts on my situation?

    Hi all, Im having issues with my 55 gallon tank. 3 of my fish just died. Hippo, Sailfin, and a raccoon butterfly. My tank has been up and running since May 17th. I started with a Midas Blenny and 2 mocha clown fish (added them about 2 weeks after the tank was set up and running a couple days...
  10. V

    My First Saltwater Tank and First Cycle | Bubbles on the Surface and Bacterial Bloom

    Hello, I'm New into Saltwater Tanks (well, aquariums in general) So, My First Saltwater Aquarium, I've Used the Aquaforest Sea Salt for my 96 Liters Tank and After applying Bio S (The Bacterias) I would say maybe 15 minutes or so, the tank got all cloudy and full of Microbubbles on the surface...
  11. trasor

    What are your thoughts on this new tank? Novice here, so any recommendations on changes or additions are welcome.

    What would you add/change? 3 month old 20g. The orange sponge has been receding since the beginning and there seems to be some bleaching so I’ve cut the light back from 14 hours a day to 10. Also the light gradually increases to 80 percent and then back to zero except the blue light is left...
  12. AshenEmberose

    My First Clownfish Tank

    Hey everyone! After doing tons of morph research, i found the perfect clownfish at my LFS for my future breeding project! This is also my first shot at a saltwater aquarium and its a nano, but I’ve done plenty of research and plan to document everything here to help newer reefers. I used to...
  13. N11morales

    32G Biocube Lighting Settings

    Hello, I have had my biocube for about 2 months now. I have been trying to look at better lighting schedules for my tank. Right now its on for about 12 hrs a day and i have read and been told it should be on no longer than 8-10 hrs a day of lighting. I prefer the lights to turn on around 10 or...
  14. Santiimari

    New Tank owner - Is my Clown sick?

    **Edit- link to clown video Hi guys- cycled a 30G tank for a month. Got two clownfish on Sunday. Did a water change Thursday. One clown spit out all his food, and he’s little so I thought it couldn’t fit in his mouth, I crushed it up and he would take little bits. Went back to the store I...
  15. R

    First Tank Cycle

    Hey everyone, I am new to the hobby and cycling my first tank. I have a 32.5g Fluval Flex. I started the cycle on 3/21. I used Dr Tims One & Only at the start. Inside the tank I've got the Caribsea Arag-Alive sand and Carib Sea Shapes rock. Currently, my readings are: Ammonia: 1 PPM Nitrite...
  16. Vg1

    Should I clean this coral

    I'm about to do a water change and notice the coral has some brown fungas attached is the healthy or should I be removing it the coral comes out still but not as much as it use to.
  17. Jimmy G

    Build Thread Jimmys Red Sea Max 650 build 3 months

    Just wanted to thank everyones posts on this forum, I have took what I thought made sense too me on many, many posts. I think what I learned from doing investigations and reading forums is that there is many ways to do this hobby. By no means I believe that my way is the best way or the...
  18. ParadiseReefMT

    Build Thread 90g Build in Montana

    So, it was suggested I start a build thread for my setup. This is going to likely be a thread that doesn’t get added to often for now, but as the project progresses I will add to it. Progress will be slow, somewhat by design and somewhat by default. I am not one that typically just tosses things...
  19. Lacrette1991

    Upsized my setup

    Just thought I’d share this video of my new 20G High aquarium. Going to be picking up some live rock with some mushrooms and green star polyps from a fellow hobbyist. Can’t wait until it’s all aquascaped! My clown doesn’t know what to do with all that swim space!
  20. Gorgar

    New 220g build

    Hi everyone!! I recently (ish) acquired my first tank a 220g! (Yeah I know big head first dive into the hobby) but I've always wanted to get into it and since purchasing my home and on my final deployment I feel I can finally pick up the hobby!!! So with that being said I've done a lot of...
  21. reeftanknewbie83

    Tsunami vs Aqua Vim half cylinder tank combo?

    Hi everyone, So I've been wanting to keep a reef tank for a while, and finally decided to jump the gun for my 2020 New Years resolution haha. Was looking at curved tanks and found a half cylinder/half moon style that I really liked. The two that I'm debating between: 1. Tsunami 150 gal half...
  22. P

    First Tank with no skimmer? Possible?

    So hello! I wanna get into the hobby for over half a year now, but I know i am gonna move to a new apartment in probably july, there i wanna get a "real" tank, like a redsea Xl425 or so. For now i am thinking about a small build, I have seen some budget builds, some canister filter builds and...
  23. Schwab94

    New reefer starting with 28g jbj nano cube need help understanding the scourge of reefing. Mantis Shrimp

    I need whatever tips tricks and knowledge people can give me. This is my 2nd try the first time ended miserably all my fault with many mistakes. Now im starting fresh in a new house trying to get a tank set up for a Mantis shrimp and maaaaaybe two clowns. If all goes well in this tanks first...
  24. FastAG

    Almost a build thread

    Hello reefers. I've been doing my homework for a month or so and am at the point where I have a decent idea of the equipment and livestock that I want to get. I'm still a couple of months away from ordering the tank but thought I'd post everything here and see what kind of feedback the...
  25. imanewberry

    Nitrates Spiked After Adding Livestock to Newly Cycled Tank! (Worried)

    I know this is not necessarily an emergency but I just added a decent bit of livestock to a 20 gallon cube tank. This includes: - a small Scopas Tang - a Black Snowflake Clown - three various snails - a Tuxedo Sea urchin - a Tricolor Goniastrea Coral Previous to adding livestock to this NEWLY...