1. naselflee

    EMERGENCY Strange mark on foxface rabbitfish

    Hi. I’ve just noticed this weird black ring on my foxface. It’s not raised or anything f and he’s acting normal. I’ve only had him for almost 4 months, so he’s probably a little over 3 inches. He’s housed with 2 clownfish. I have a few hammer corals and a Duncan coral that he likes to hover...
  2. 9

    Converted cichlid tank

    After 24 years as a cichlid tank, I drained, sanded, and polished this old scratched up 90 gal acrylic, and set up my first saltwater tank as a FOWLR. I’m just 9-weeks in and loving it. Still just got my two little cinnamon clowns and and Kupang damsel. Will be adding more fish soon.
  3. kittenbritches

    Build Thread kittenbritches' 40B Sumpless Build

    Hi all! I'm new(ish) to the hobby. My ex-husband had an oft-neglected saltwater tank while we were married (we split nine years ago), and I recently decided that I want to do a build of my own. I'm nearing the end of my fishless cycle (Day 22, ammonia zero, still waiting for nitrite drop off)...
  4. M

    Pico start up

    Hello everyone my name is Matthew, I’m pretty new to the reefing side of keeping fish but have kept freshwater for many years. Before COVID hit I had a 15 gallon saltwater tank setup, and due to some sercombe stances i had to take it down. Now I’m wanting to put together a pico reef together for...
  5. J

    Hello Hello all, new to R2R, introducing myself and my reef.

    Greetings all, just wanted to jump in on the intros, and introduce my tank. Grabbed a Fluval Evo 13.5, and have replaced everything but the glass over the past 7 months. Started in February, going *well* enough considering this is my first saltwater/coral tank. 2 clowns, 1 royal gramma, 1 red...
  6. E

    Yes, another thread about placing your aquarium close/next to a window =P

    After 20+ years, I have finally decided to purchase my first SW tank. I had a freshwater tank for ~10 years a long time ago and it was great, so I'm really looking forward to start this journey. I've been looking for the perfect spot for my tank (WB frag 145.5), and the only place I have is on a...
  7. J

    Help me identify 5 Hitchhikers on my Live Rock from LFS

    Hi- I am a new hobbyist and am just cycling my first reef tank! I went to my LFS to purchase my live rock, and noticed some interesting hitchhikers. I have done some research and believe one is an Aiptasia anemone- and have read it is recommended to nip those in the bud. But don’t know what the...
  8. djm

    Zoa Looks Like it’s Dying

    Hi All I’ve had this zoa in my tank for approx 3.5 months now in the same location. It was doing well and within the last week it has started to look like it’s receding. When closed up at night there are gaps in the flesh attached to the frag plug and now the polyps have gone an unusual shape...
  9. Baebae

    Nano Build Heres my very first marine aquarium!!!

    I started my 10g May 9th of this year. I started with 9lbs of live rock and sand, and let it cycle for about 3 weeks (I was excited and rushed everything, but so far it's been okay) before putting in a domino damsel. I know he's way too big, but he wasn't a forever fish lol. He was fine so I got...
  10. carlsj2012

    Build Thread carlsj2012's Reefer 250 Build - New to Reefing

    Good evening fellow Reefers! It's been a bit since I introduced myself in the lounge, but I'm finally getting to the point of pulling the trigger on the order. I just need some help from you guys with my cabinet set-up/compatibility/future planning. Once I'm confident in the plan, I will be...
  11. HonorableWhat

    Stocking order

    Tanks cycled and ready to begin stocking. Was hoping to get your help on order of introduction to avoid aggressive problems Stock list 2 ocellaris clowns Yasha goby Longnose hawkfish Six lined wrasse Tomini tang
  12. N

    Hello Hi everyone, new to both the site and reef/saltwater world. Typical nervous newbie complete with lots of questions and a go get em attitude

    Hi everyone, new here and a proud owner of just cycled nano reef tank taking it slowly before adding corals just letting the clean up crew & clown pair settle in first but already have sooo many questions and a slight clownfish panic and odd little fast moving black bug on the sand (photo to...
  13. naselflee

    Sick or skinny Foxface?

    Hey guys. I’m new to Saltwater fish tanks. I recently got a new foxface 4 days ago and he’s been quite timid. He’s now come out and eating. I’ve noticed that he’s quite thin and looks like his skin is loose or something? I’ve attached some photos.
  14. Nanocube1

    Hello Hi reefers

    Hi reefers. Just starting back in the hobby after nearly ten years. Got myself a waterbox cube 10 gallon.....thought I'd start off with small and cheap then as the weeks past I realised how expensive this game is. . Week 4 of the cycle some snails, hermits and a couple of clowns. Will...
  15. SkittleKittie

    Aquarium Lighting, Lumens/Watts?

    My husband and I stumbled into being marine aquarists. For a while they survived, but now we've learned a lot more and managed to stabilize our tank. We are by no means experts, which we learned is exactly what a 20gal tank is for. So, we're upgrading!! (I also needed more room for more fish )...
  16. HonorableWhat

    Newbie Lighting Help

    So, im new to saltwater and i am trying to figure out the best light to go with my tank for what i want to do with it. Tank dimensions are 23.62″ x 23.62″ x 17.72″ 45 gallons. I wish to keep mainly softies and lps but i may try out 1 or 2 sps placed in a high light area just to see if i like...

    Practicing on keeping the right parameters

    Hi everyone, I have a 20gal tank that I've modified to keep it an all-in-one tank. I started in late February of this year and it's going really well. Since started it's been cycled and I have added a Turbo snail/Emerald crab, then waited a few weeks before adding in two clownfish. Livestock is...
  18. andiesreef

    What can I do to improve my setup?

    Hello everyone. After posting my build thread, which you can find here, I was inspired to see how I could keep the progression of my 20g long tank going strong and making it the best that it could be! Is there anything I should change or add in my setup? It is a 3 month old tank with no sump...
  19. andiesreef

    Build Thread Andie's Beginner 20g Tank (Budget-Friendly)

    Andie's First Saltwater Aquarium Hey everybody! Today I figured I'd start a build thread on the progression of my first reef tank. It is a tad late, as the tank is already 3 months old, but I reckoned I'd just start here. So, rewind to September 2020. I had just set up my first planted aquarium...
  20. F

    Blasto tips and placement help

    Hey guys, so a little backstory: I’m a newer reefer but I’ve been a freshwater keeper a few years, and I work at my LFS. I have a 13.5 gallon fluval evo that’s been setup since mid January this year (so about 3 1/2 months). Rn I do weekly water changes and I don’t have a skimmer or fuge but I...
  21. Eyezik

    Identifcation Of This Random Guy.

    While hunting for my Bubble Tip I found this thing, I don't think it's a aiptasia, but I did have one in my tank without knowing for about a week. It doesn't look like one either but I do not know any better. Please let me know. Sorry I am a newbie and do not know these things yet.
  22. Eyezik

    Mixing Crabs

    I have been wanting a Decorator Crab for the longest time, but I had a hitchhiker emerald crab on a rock I bought. Would it be safe to mix the 2 or will they fight eachother?
  23. Eyezik

    Kenya Tree Shedding or Dead?

    Both my kenya trees are grey and shrunken, they are not limp. My LFS said they may be “sunburned” which I think was another way to say shedding. I just bought a new light and very likely could have had it to bright. What do you think?
  24. HonorableWhat

    Hello Newbie To Salt Oldie To Fresh

    Hi! After running various freshwater tanks through the years enjoying aquascaping and such, i decided i wanted to take on saltwater, and i thought it a good idea to join a forum more saltwater oriented for when i have questions and such to hopefully beable to gleam some of the wisdom others have...
  25. Eyezik

    Yuma Mushroom, Placement and Help

    Recently I bought a Viperspectra light for my 20g long and after about a week of having the light in place, I bought a little Yuma Mushroom from my local fish store. I haven't had anything like this before and it is not attached to anything. It is so small that most of the time my PH blows it...
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