1. T

    What kind of coral is this?

    we were told its an anemone it has arms that come out that are pinkish lilac
  2. Carebearsss.x


    Hello! My names Caroline, I’m 19 years old and have been in the aquarium hobby for about 2 years (freshwater only). My boyfriend knows SO much about reef tanks! Me, on the other hand, I’ve recently became more interested in reef tanks & was wondering if anybody has some helpful advice?
  3. Reefnoob13

    CUC when to add

    My 50 gallon aquarium has cycled. My question is when I should add a CUC and what are recommendations for a CUC. I plan on having two clowns, Six line wrasse, Royal Gramma, and possibly one more (would like opinion for another) or concerns of list. I plan on just running soft corals to start and...
  4. Foxchase

    New to saltwater. Tips to preventing nasties?

    Hello, I have kept freshwater tanks for a while and decided to try my luck in salt. i have been cycling my 20g long nano tank for a few weeks now. I put a 20lb bag of Caribsea live sand with about 30 lbs of live rock. 2 480gph pumps. I have an RODI unit. My only stocking ideas right now are a...
  5. B

    Newbie to corals!

    I just Added in a goniopora coral and after, untested my calcium and it’s at around 380-390ppm. It’s a little low and wondering how to increase it. I did A water change two days ago so maybe I lost Some? Also what’s the best reasonably priced light for it? It’s a 29 gal tank. Do I need A wave...
  6. DawghuntR

    New tank micro bubbles

    Any idea on how to tune this thing! It's a hydor external skimmer tons of bubbles are coming from the outlet, I got the whole setup 2nd hand. I know now the skimmer shouldn't be in with the return but it is now. What can I do to stop the bubbles in my tank half are coming from the skimmer and...
  7. L

    CUC Recommendations?

    Hello, I am fairly new to the reef aquarium hobby, although i do have plenty of experience with freshwater. I was hoping for some recomendations on what cleanup crew members I should have for my aquarium. I am in the middle of cycling the tank which I cycled with a raw shrimp (very smelly and I...
  8. L


    Im 18 and still live at home right now. I use the bathroom to do water changes but the RODI system is too big to store in the bathroom. I wanted to set it up in the garage. Do i need to make new fresh water everytime i do a water change or can i make it ahead of time and store it in jugs. Sorry...
  9. J

    Help with external skimmer (recirculating)!

    I am running a sump-less set up with Canister filter and I want to get a reef octopus 110ext. My question is if the skimmer can be set up underneath the tank? I am wondering if the return line/ gate can be routed upwards to return into the tank about 28” up into the tank. Does anyone have any...
  10. Requiemiero

    Lurker finally saying hi! New to aquariums and have questions!

    Hi, I've been reading stuff on this forum for a couple weeks now but I want to ask a lot of questions since I never had an aquarium before. Fresh or salt. Well, I never had my own aquarium before. Technically I do have some saltwater experience since back in high school I took a marine...
  11. F

    Help with Xenia

    Hello, I am new to corals and I’ve been prepping my tank for 16 months. I wanted to start with Xenia and green star polyps. I know the polyps are weeds, but I really love the way they look. Anyway, I finally bought some Xenia three days ago and they’ve been placed in the tank last night. My...
  12. S

    Newbie and algae question

    Hello, I'm new to the site. New to the saltwater hobby as well. Tank is about 2 months old. Waterbox 70g (45g top and 25g sump). I have 8 fish (2 mochavinci clowns, 3 cardinals, a flameback angel, royal gramma, and a lawnmower blenny). All seems to be going well. They all like each other...
  13. Squishy

    Plumbing for New Setup, 210 Gallon Dual Mega-flow

    Hello All, I am somewhat new to the forums and to the saltwater hobby. It may be a bit if a task to start with a 200 gallon, but I am very eager to do so. I have done a ton of reading on here, and right now I planning the plumbing so I can start getting the materials. To explained the drawing...
  14. Squishy

    New 210

    Hi All, I am just starting to setup a 210 dual mega flow tank. Right now I am designing the plumbing, or at least trying to. I am going to be running a DC return pump that is rated 3100gph @24 feet head pressure, hence the idea I have for the overflows. The sump was just a quick sketch to show...
  15. Cstar_BC

    DIY Garbage Can Sump - input appreciated **

    Hi all - above is my planned sump/filter . I know that I have not included control valves or check valves because I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING WHEN IT COMES TO PLUMBING. I think i can glue PVC ledges to the inside of the drum on which i can rest diffuser screens which can hold the...
  16. SirRoot

    SirRoot's WB 60.2+ Build

    SirRoot’s WB 60.2+ Build After about a year of “window shopping” I’m ready to start my very first saltwater aquarium. Kick starting this build thread to document the experience as a public journal but any tips would be greatly appreciated! Current Build: Tank: Waterbox Marine 60.2+ (24x24x18...
  17. Cstar_BC


    Hi ! quick facts : -Canadian -been in freshwater fish keeping for 3 years and finally making the plunge into saltwater
  18. unweariedgoose

    New to here, but not new to fish!

    Hi everyone! I am from middle tennessee/ north of Nashville. My brother and I have maintained 2 fresh water tanks and a salt water for about 3, maybe 4 years now. Thankfully we haven't failed horribly since our first tank. We currently have an average array of "easy" fish, but the main reason...
  19. OlPainless

    Newbie Looking to get started

    Just looking for solid advice since I have not purchased anything yet and haven't totally convinced my wife to give me a full green light. I am looking to start a 40 gallon tank with rock and fish and move to some soft coral. Nothing crazy, just want to keep everything alive and not throw money...
  20. Simon_K

    Newbie looking for advice/suggestions on how to improve my setup

    Hello everyone, I've had my aquarium for a few months now (since july 2019), I've had a few major issues over that time (salinity drop, salinity hike, algae bloom, diatom bloom) as i learn the craft. Most of the issues I experienced could have been prevented by talking to people more...
  21. midlife-reefer

    First Reef Tank - IM NUVO SR-60

    A couple of weekends ago, I almost bought a brand new Innovative Marine Fusion Nano 20. It was on sale for $240 and came with lights. I debated and when I finally decided to pull the trigger on it, it was gone. It just disappeared from my shopping cart. POOF!! It was no longer available on...
  22. midlife-reefer

    Starting My Reefing Journey

    Hey everyone! I wanted to say hi and that I'm a complete newbie. But, I'm very excited about this hobby and can't wait to get my tank going. I bought a nice, used IM NUVO SR-60 and it's cleaned and ready to go. I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you and please give me a shout out if...
  23. KaliReeFiend

    New Member

    Hey fellow reefers my name is Aaron Emery I am a new hobbiest and just wanted to introduce myself. My LFS gave me a 7G glow tank a year ago to get my feet wet in the fish keeping hobby. Needless to say 3 weeks after the tank was cycled I was hooked and already had a 75G on order to setup a...
  24. punkieg0

    Frustrated Newbie

    Hi All, Since you all have been so helpful before I thought I would post here to get some thoughts. Still new to the hobby, only getting into in January so many things are still new to me. I set the tank up and let it cycle- didn't add my first fish until April. Current stock list: 2- clownfish...

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