1. R

    Do the Dosing Containers require an air-stone to maintain a homogenous dosing solution?

    I was wondering, do you need to add some kind of movement to the liquid in dosing containers? Like an air-stone? I was just thinking after time maybe things separate and so could be dosing concentrated amounts.
  2. O

    Most (semi-reliable) Dipstick test out there?

    Hi, I currently have a large mixed reef system (around 300 gallons) which is currently being monitored by my apex trident (monitoring pH, salinity, ALK, CA, MG). I am just starting to get into SPS, and therefore want to start monitoring phosphate, nitrite, and nitrate levels more closely. The...
  3. Dinodanger

    What nitrate level do you keep stable?

  4. heybae

    Missing anything?

    Hey everyone so I’m dosing these things into my reef and wondering am I missing anything? I want to stay within the set of aqua forest brand. Also I am dosing this every other day by makeing a batch cutting it into half. Using one half and freezing the other since I have a 12g tank and the...
  5. D

    Advise on beating cyano and nutrients question

    Hi guys I have been struggling with what I think is cyano for over a year now. A little bit of cyano doesn't bother me but lately it has started to cover my whole sandbed and creep onto the rocks. I am unsure whether I am nutrient deficient or have too many nutrients. Nitrates and phosphates are...
  6. Zoa_Fanatic

    Xenia stealing nutrients

    Will Xenia rob a tank of nutrients if allowed to grow out large? I read that in another post on another forum but that sounds like crap to me. Dad had a bunch in his 180 that just disappeared one day. Just trying to make sure these dudes won’t rob my tank of all nutrients and kill my Zoa collection.
  7. Jax15

    Nitrate low while phosphate high?

    So my phosphate is reliable between 0.03-0.06, ranging between there month to month. However over the last 4-6 months, my nitrate has been going from 5, to 3, to 1... to now just barely detectable. Why do you think my phosphate can stay so consistent, but my nitrates are diminishing? Any ideas...
  8. M

    Which hanna phosphate checker do you use? And which should I use? HI774 vs HI713 vs HI736

    I'm a bit overwhelmed by the number of Hanna Checker for phosphate. I've opened a poll to see which one you guys use. Could someone correct me if my understanding of these three checkers is wrong? And maybe suggest which one I should get? The HI774 sounds like the best choice for someone who...
  9. BighohoReef

    Have I dosed my last dose of RS?!? (Switching to Tropic Marin)

    Hey all, I just dosed my last bit of Red Sea (RS) magnesium this morning and calcium plus isn’t far behind. Instead of reordering the Red Sea I’ve had my eye on the Tropic Marin ALL-FOR-REEF BRS has some great reviews and it’s been sold out during covid times. I’m wondering what folks think...
  10. Perpetual Novice

    Can xenia keep my nutrients down?

    I have one tank with lots of xenia growing all over that I have to regularly prune and another tank with no xenia. The tank with the xenia consistently has lower nitrates than the one without. It also seems to require much less maintenance. Is the xenia consuming the nutrients in my tank an they...
  11. S

    Nutrition during cycling

    Hi all! Im just cycling a new tank with complete dry rock. I had no lights on for the first 3 month and threw a shrimp into the tank and added some bacteria. The bacteria broke down the shrimp and i had some nutrients in the tank all the time. After 3 months ive added some fish and switched...
  12. MnFish1

    How fast do coral grow?

    So - everyone here with an SPS related tank is concerned about growth. Without googling:). What is the maximum growth to expect from SPS within a year?
  13. MichaelP121579

    Tank Swap

    I Currently have a JBJ AIO 30 Gallon tank, I was going to put a sump under it, well the Esshops cube Medium I ordered is 1" to big, so I looked into getting a stand. Then I found a new tank I bought it cheap. 31x31x15! Love it! BUT.... the concern now is I bought a skimz quitepro 2.0 return...
  14. Reefahholic

    Good Nitrate to Phosphate ratio for a reef tank?

    Hello! Over the years this has been one of my favorite subjects. A while back I noticed my tanks doing a lot better with more NO3 than PO4. When the NO3 matched the PO4 on the lower side the tank begin to grow hair algae in the sump, and dark brown algae on the rocks, overflow box, sand-bed...
  15. B's Reef

    Cant get nitrates to a readable level?

    Okay so I have a 215 gallon reef, trying to get nutrient levels into low, readable ranges. I have increased my bio load, feeding heavily (frozen), I can get my phosphates to increase, but can't get anything to read when I test nitrate. My phosphate got even higher than I wanted, up to .94, back...
  16. Ferrell

    LPS dominant tank- How to keep nutrients up?

    I am new to reefing but have kept fish for many years. 75/30g Tank started in Oct 2017 Parameters all 8, .ca 420 Mag 1500 (little higb), salinity 34 2 Clowns 2 reef chromis 1 blenny 1 goby Roughly 30 various lps: hammer frogspawn lepta lepto cypha psamm favia duncan acan micromussa paly All frag...
  17. niQo

    How I increased my NO3

    I think my tank suffered from lack of nitrates. I was dealing with some GHA and always testing zero for NO3 and PO4. I think my nitrates were actually too low, but the phosphates were used by the GHA. A few weeks back I dosed a few capfuls of Seachem flourish nitrogen over a few days, but then I...
  18. BlueWorldJeff

    Adding Chaetomorpha to Live Rock Refugium

    Since my display is just three live rock pillars, I currently have a live rock section in my sump that is full or rock rubble. The live rock section measures 10"W x 20" L x 7" D. Right now it just has live rock rubble and a backup thermometer. Not sure how much biological filtration it...
  19. JaaxReef

    Rainbow Montipora - Looking Sad...

    I have a 45 gallon cube that I started back in February. Things have been going very well except a couple of small things I'm troubleshooting with one or two coral frags. Recent Test Results: Nitrate: 1.5ppm Ammonia & Nitrite: 0ppm Calcium: 430ppm Alk: 8.4dkh Magnesium: 1500 PH: 8.1 Phosphate...
  20. Jizu Puentes

    My Triton Results

    I finally got curious enough to try out the Triton testing out and thought Id post my results here and see what you all think. First some background info. My system is about 300 gallons total and is made up of 3 tanks plus a sump. I have a mixed selection of coral and a not so heavy fishload...
  21. potatocouch

    Is Reef Roids = Amino Acids?

    Is it sufficient to feed ULNS (w/ SPS, LPS, Morphs) with Reef Roids only? #reefsquad #LPSexperts #SPSexperts And being known to be lazy, is it acceptable to just broadcast the food with the wavemakers, return and skimmer on? #lazy
  22. potatocouch

    ULNS folks & feeding

    For those folks that maintain ULNS, I'm assuming you need to feed your tank heavily in order not to starve your corals? be that softies, LPS or SPS. What do you feed your corals and When do you feed your corals? The likes of LPS/SPS as we know, when the lighting is off, their tentacles are...
  23. ScubaSteve4Life

    Basic additives ??

    I'm still beginning my first reef tank and know very little about some of the basic additives I'll need for a successful tank. I don't have much money to spend so I'd like to know some of the most influential or basic additives I could get and have on hand. Could anyone please shed some light on...
  24. BlueWorldJeff

    Emergence of Brown Algae

    I have recently had the emergence of brown algae on my sandbed that has coincided with some other inconsistencies in my 180. All within the past month, I have had: Emergence of Diatoms, mostly on sandbed. darker in some areas, non existent where there is no light (under rock/coral overhangs...
  25. Jackcarp

    Build Thread H2O2 Dosing questions v/s Vodka

    My 110 has been running for about 6 months now. I started strong with low nutrients and very little algae growth, but with the addition of some sps, I stopped vodka dosing so the nutrients would go up. So at this point I have a tank that has enough corals in it that aren't doing well (I've...