1. W

    New bare bottom tank high nutrients

    Recently got a new 15 gallon tank and just tested after adding zoas and a gsp frag. Noticed they weren’t doing well compared to my 13.5 tank. These are the results. Need help in trying to figure out a solution. Doing a water change now hoping it’ll help. Tank has a filter sock and filter floss...
  2. NSS

    Aquaforest Life Source Experience

    I've used AF Life Source 2-3 times now according to the instructions. My corals and snails seem to like it, but my fish get very nervous when the mud clouds the water. Clowns go all the way into the anemone, blenny hides and my six-line has a panick attack (jerky movements like he is gasping for...
  3. Smallslandreefer

    Using calcium carbonate as a flocculant

    Hey guys and girls. Any experience on using/dosing food grade calcium carbonate capsules mixed in ro di to act as a flocculant, bind all the degraded stuff and then dose some bacteria product to remove them from the system. Any opinions? Do you believe it will have any adverse effects?
  4. mattdg


    Please share here your preferred method, when it comes to using GFO (Granular Ferric Oxide) . Do you run 24/7, intermittently or never? Leave some details about your system (age of your reef, size of your tank, type of coral, what reactor you run, what you feed, substrate or none) and reason for...
  5. sixty_reefer

    Sixty’s understanding of nutrients 2.0

    Sixty’s understanding of Nutrient 2.0 1. Introduction 2. Brief description on the difference between Availability and residual nutrients. 3.Identify nutrient limitations under different filtration methods. 3.1. Heterotrophic bacteria as dominant species effect on nutrients and residual. 3.2...
  6. J

    Tank Transfer, Insta Cycle and Nutrients

    I haven't really seen the topic of nutrition levels in the new tank discussed before. My situation is I am transferring my 5 month old Fluval Flex 9 gallon with one fish, clean up crew and corals to a Red Sea Reefer 170 that's been running for a week to let the sump stabilize and to get familiar...
  7. polyppal

    What method do you use to control Phosphates?

    I see a trend towards people using lanthanum products to control PO4 these days, however I had a bad experience the one time I tried using Phosphate-E, and never could get a refugium dialed in... So I have stuck to old-school GFO in a reactor... What methods are you currently employing to...
  8. H

    Salt Water for your garden

    Anyone ever test their salt water diluted in their garden? I know of many plants that are in constant need of the same nutrients that is in the water we have left over from the changes.
  9. C

    Adjusting Chaeto light schedule to maintain nutrients.

    I recently created a chaeto reactor for my Biocube. The chaeto is just starting to grow and has made me more comfortable feeding my fish and adding more to my tank. I currently have the lighting 12/12hr opposite the lighting of my display tank. It has been so efficient at reducing nutrients that...
  10. Lylelovett

    Adding a few gallons of ocean water to my tank?

    Hi all, So I'm thought I might grab a few gallons of Pacific Ocean water to add to my tank over time. I have a 150g tank using Instant Ocean reef crystals. The water won't be taken near a marina or any known pollutant type areas. Has anyone had experience supplementing their tank in this...
  11. A

    GHA suffocating corals

    Hello, I am currently battling prorocentrum dinos and am making solid progress. I have a forest of GHA now, but it is now becoming problematic. It is housing stray dinos in it, while also suffocating my Xenia. Even though it is a competitor for the dinos, it is also a major nuisance. I want to...
  12. damselindistress

    Nutrient crash - corals suffering

    Afternoon all, My tank is 3 years old and up until recently I have always had high nutrient issues, which I've thrown the kitchen sink at with no lasting success until recently. I apparently hit the magic recipe or my tank finally reached stability and my tank was looking really. For the first...
  13. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Clams showing up in tank?

    Umm...So I went to clean my skimmer sponge(outlet) the other day and noticed 2 or 3 small white clams. Does this mean something? Should I fix something? Or am I ok? They are white and about 1/4" wide. Tank is a almost 2 months old.
  14. Acros

    Tropic Marine All-For-Reef and nutrient issues

    I am having a hard time keeping my nutrients up while dosing Tropic Marine All-For-Reef (AFR). I really like the convenience of having to dose only one supplement, however now I dose NeoNitro and NeoPhos on top of AFR. Do you struggle to keep your nutrients up while dosing AFR? Please share...
  15. reefsaver

    Do the Dosing Containers require an air-stone to maintain a homogenous dosing solution?

    I was wondering, do you need to add some kind of movement to the liquid in dosing containers? Like an air-stone? I was just thinking after time maybe things separate and so could be dosing concentrated amounts.
  16. O

    Most (semi-reliable) Dipstick test out there?

    Hi, I currently have a large mixed reef system (around 300 gallons) which is currently being monitored by my apex trident (monitoring pH, salinity, ALK, CA, MG). I am just starting to get into SPS, and therefore want to start monitoring phosphate, nitrite, and nitrate levels more closely. The...
  17. Dinodanger

    What nitrate level do you keep stable?

  18. heybae

    Missing anything?

    Hey everyone so I’m dosing these things into my reef and wondering am I missing anything? I want to stay within the set of aqua forest brand. Also I am dosing this every other day by makeing a batch cutting it into half. Using one half and freezing the other since I have a 12g tank and the...
  19. D

    Advise on beating cyano and nutrients question

    Hi guys I have been struggling with what I think is cyano for over a year now. A little bit of cyano doesn't bother me but lately it has started to cover my whole sandbed and creep onto the rocks. I am unsure whether I am nutrient deficient or have too many nutrients. Nitrates and phosphates are...
  20. Zoa_Fanatic

    Xenia stealing nutrients

    Will Xenia rob a tank of nutrients if allowed to grow out large? I read that in another post on another forum but that sounds like crap to me. Dad had a bunch in his 180 that just disappeared one day. Just trying to make sure these dudes won’t rob my tank of all nutrients and kill my Zoa collection.
  21. Jax15

    Nitrate low while phosphate high?

    So my phosphate is reliable between 0.03-0.06, ranging between there month to month. However over the last 4-6 months, my nitrate has been going from 5, to 3, to 1... to now just barely detectable. Why do you think my phosphate can stay so consistent, but my nitrates are diminishing? Any ideas...
  22. Muffin87

    Which hanna phosphate checker do you use? And which should I use? HI774 vs HI713 vs HI736

    I'm a bit overwhelmed by the number of Hanna Checker for phosphate. I've opened a poll to see which one you guys use. Could someone correct me if my understanding of these three checkers is wrong? And maybe suggest which one I should get? The HI774 sounds like the best choice for someone who...
  23. BighohoReef

    Have I dosed my last dose of RS?!? (Switching to Tropic Marin)

    Hey all, I just dosed my last bit of Red Sea (RS) magnesium this morning and calcium plus isn’t far behind. Instead of reordering the Red Sea I’ve had my eye on the Tropic Marin ALL-FOR-REEF BRS has some great reviews and it’s been sold out during covid times. I’m wondering what folks think...
  24. Perpetual Novice

    Can xenia keep my nutrients down?

    I have one tank with lots of xenia growing all over that I have to regularly prune and another tank with no xenia. The tank with the xenia consistently has lower nitrates than the one without. It also seems to require much less maintenance. Is the xenia consuming the nutrients in my tank an they...
  25. S

    Nutrition during cycling

    Hi all! Im just cycling a new tank with complete dry rock. I had no lights on for the first 3 month and threw a shrimp into the tank and added some bacteria. The bacteria broke down the shrimp and i had some nutrients in the tank all the time. After 3 months ive added some fish and switched...