1. B

    EMERGENCY Ecotech battery backup universal?

    I'm about to get hit by hurricane Ian, is the ecotech power backup only for ecotech pumps or is it universal??? I know I can build one cheap but I don't have time to.
  2. louisvillereefer

    Colorado ATO Lighting Misc. Pumps Decomm Sale - DIY Led, Eheim & Water Change Pumps, and more

    Located in Louisville, Colorado (80027). Selling because I decommissioned my 125-gallon saltwater tank after an extended power outage. All items are working and fully functional unless noted otherwise. Most items were purchased in 2018 or 2019 and decommissioned at the end of 2021. Prices...
  3. kwirky

    Anybody able to share their DC power solutions for their equipment?

    95% of my devices run off DC power at a few common voltages. I've been thinking that I could get together a marine battery, some DC/DC power supplies, and power my pumps & powerheads off battery-backup backed DC power which will simply keep operating in the event of a power failure. IP67 DC/DC...
  4. Bryn

    AI Director, what issues I was having and how if Fixed it. No Power light.

    If you want the answer skip to the end. For most of you, the Sol, Hydra, Hydra 52 are lights you might never have heard of. Some of us still have them, and have a lot of money invested, so are trying to every last drop out of them, hint to AI maybe an upgrade path with a discount on new lights...
  5. spicymikey

    Apex 832 not reporting Watts or Amps

    I'm new to this controller system but jumped in deep all at once on my new 375. Among other things I have 3 EB832's. All three work to power devices plugged into it and can be controlled. The only problem with one of the EB's is that it does not report Power or Current correctly. I have...
  6. _AV

    Repairing EB832 AquaBus Power Issues or Why Head Unit Reboots Again

    Some of my previous repairs: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/eb832-attempting-to-communicate-with-apex-bootloader-mode.811958/ https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/another-attempt-at-fixing-apex-eb832.804717/...
  7. Joe Rogers

    Radion XR30 Power Supply Replacement (Gen 4)

    I somehow misplaced the power supply for my Radion XR30 while moving. The OEM replacement parts seem unnecessarily expensive...
  8. trmiv

    Opinions on small ryobi propane generator for power outages

    So since I live in Florida now I’ve been thinking more about what to do in extended outages. I already have an Icecap battery backup, a battery powered rechargeable air pump, a 200 watt power inverter, and a 3500 watt portable generator. Obviously those should be enough for most situations. My...
  9. smartwater101

    Power for multiple Neptune DOS... daisy chain?

    Do I have to use the included power adapter, or can I connect them directly to the EB832 with the 4 or 6 pin connector? Seems strange the DOS has 4pin connection (as does the EB832) but a cord isn't included. Anyway, I'm just looking to save space and free up as many outlets as I can. What...
  10. fabutahoun

    Apex and Ecotech Battery backup Question

    Can I Use Ecotech Battery backup to keep my Neptune Apex and WAV Running during power failure?
  11. nightmarepl

    What can a current USA orbit grow and how strong is it really

    I’ve been trying to get some input on the current USA marine orbit led light There is 3 different versions of them atm The regular The ic The ic pro I currently have the regular on a 10 gallon tank about 2 inches off the surface how much power is this thing really
  12. scott11106

    Apex aquabus power question

    for apex do any of the modules have to plug into conventional power or do they all use aquabus for power and data? trying to figure out how many conventional power outlets i will need and the neptune docs dont really spell it out (or i am not understanding). as an additional quest i assume if...
  13. Gator2019

    Pump won’t turn on after a power outage

    The power went out at my house during a storm, but was only out for 15-30 minutes. After the power came back, lights, pump, ect all came back on perfectly, but I notice one of my three circulation pumps didn’t turn back on. The pump that didn’t turn back on is plugged into a surge protector with...
  14. LEOreefer

    Emergency backup

    For all those who don't have generators what do you do for emergency power supply if you find yourself without power?
  15. Zwogle

    Cheap Wifi power controller

    Just wanted to share this product I found at Walmart, currently it's controlling my Christmas tree lights, but thought it could have some good uses in a reef tank. Using an app you can set up multiple units, multiple on off times a day, and control it from anywhere you have cell signal. It's...