1. jstabile316

    New York Live Goods Predator zoas 4/sale

    I have a frag of Predator zoas 5 polyps 200$ pickup only Nassau County 11516
  2. ISpeakForTheSeas

    Pebble-Tooth Eels with Predators/Inverts?

    So, a bit of a hypothetical variation on a frequently asked question, but I'm wondering about potential long-term tank mates for eels. Specifically, I'm wondering about potential predator and invert tank mates with pebble-tooth eels: lionfish, anglers, scorpionfish, walking batfish...
  3. Awesome458

    “King,” A Tribute to my Amazing, Quirky Clown Trigger

    Forty-two years ago (not long after I graduated high school), I was living in a small 700 sqft walk up flat and I really wanted to adopt a small dog. However, I could not afford the required damage deposit! As luck would have it fish were not subject to the deposit, so I purchased the first of...
  4. G

    Gph saltwater

    I have a 75 gallon with a filter canister that has 525 gph will that be good for a mini predator tank since they have a huge bio load or should it be more also it will have 4 predatory fish
  5. CalsReef2020

    30 Gallon Species Specific Tank.

    Looking for some ideas!! I have a 30 gallon reef aquarium that crashed a few months ago, lost everything except 2 clowns that I have since moved to another tank. The tank is much better and I am now considering stocking it again, but I want to do a species specific tank. Any Suggestions??
  6. Michelesreef

    Is my Frogfish growing or not?

    Hi there, we have had Mochi, our wartskin frogfish, for almost a year now and we feed him approx. 2 saltwater shrimp every other day and he has stayed there same size (about an inch) for maybe 6-8 months. It just doesn’t seem like he is growing and I’m not sure why. I don’t want to over...
  7. RussianReefer

    14gal Biocube Stocking?

    Just curious if there are any single predatory fish or invertebrates that can live comfortably alone in a 14gal biocube aio? I'm considering a small mantis shrimp but I'm interested in what other options are out there
  8. Mordie101

    Build Thread Red Sea reefer 250 predator build

    Hello! Welcome to the build thread. In the past I have made build threads but had to tear the tank down due to relocation for my job. I am now able to start my journey into the marine predator tank world. In this thread there will be lots of pictures and explanations when the tank gets up and...
  9. R

    Converting reef to fish only tank

    I have a 36 gallon reef. I’ve been really busy and I’m not home for most of the summer so my family has been taking care of my tank. I’ve already had 2 coral die since they’ve been taking care of it. I’ve been considering converting my tank into a predator tank. In terms of fish atm I have 2...
  10. Biota_Marine

    Livestock New Species Alert! 3 new additions

    I just added two brand new species to our site and an old favorite! First we have the lyretail damselfish, these are actually very cool damsels that like to school in the mid level of the reef tank. The black and yellow pattern really stands out in a reef tank so much so that I put a school of...
  11. gobybryant

    Build Thread Frogfish Tank - Nugg's Haus

    Hey all- Been a lurker here for a while, but decided to create a build thread for my latest tank :D When I rebooted this tank my goal was to create a beautiful macroalgae display that would require minimal maintenance. Along the way, I started to notice that most of the things I planned on...
  12. Biota_Marine

    Another Species success- Can you guess which one?

    Hey R2R, We're happy to announce we've had another breakthrough on a brand new species. Before we officially announce it let's get some guesses from the R2R community! Check out the first two photos below:
  13. Manda0597

    Predator Tank Flow

    Hey, y'all! Just about done setting up our 75G predator tank. But I have a question regarding the flow! The tank will consist of the following livestock: 2 Blackfoot Lionfish 1 Juvenile Snowflake Moray 1 Bluespot Puffer 1 Blue Throat Trigger Here's what I've got for flow as of now. Trying to...
  14. Jeremy K.A.

    Flatworm Predators

    Hey everyone, I have a 5 gallon reef setup and have some small brown flatworms. I don't have a ton so I'm looking for something, preferably an invert, that can live comfortably in the tank and help control or eradicate the flatworms. Any suggestions?
  15. E

    Tiny Flatworms

    Does anyone know if I should be worried about these tiny flatworms? I took this video of them in my refugium with a copepod for size reference.
  16. sixty_reefer

    Tiger cowrie a Natural predator for Zanclea Hydroids

    In past I had 3 outbreaks of these hydroids, they just to hard to kill 3 times I’ve nuked the tank with febenzadole but somehow they always get back stronger. There isn’t any known predator available in the hobby right until now, only a few nudibranches eat them but not available for us. I...
  17. E

    Fish for predator tank

    So, I have a 40 gallon breeder which is a predator reef. Right now, I have a 14" Dwarf Golden Moray Eel, 4.5" Dwarf Zebra Lionfish, and a 3" Humu Trigger. Humu is just there for grow out (Going to be in there for a long time though due to extremely slow growth). However, I want to add some color...
  18. wadew

    20 Gal. Tank. Lionfish? Eels?

    I have a 20 gal. NUVO 20 reef tank with a oscellaris clownfish and a royal gramma. I was wondering if I could add something cool, like a lionfish, eel, or something like that (A dwarf one, kind of goes without saying).
  19. alexytman


    I am setting up a 60gal tank with 50,60ish gall sump. I'm planning on getting a puffer,box fish, eel and dwarf lionfish. Any suggestions on what else I could add? Are there any aggression issues in this group?
  20. Whitney Oliver

    New to forum and hobby

    Hi guys just wanted to introduce myself. I am new to the hobby and do not have my tank yet but I'm looking into getting my first tank soon and want to start with a 90 to 120 gal Pred tank. I do know that I want a snowflake eel and a fuzzy dwarf lion fish. If you have any suggestions on brands on...
  21. Mistborn

    What fish is this?

    Anybody know? The post called it a "Yellow Toadfish" but that name doesn't appear to be right, or else I just suck at google.