1. H

    Atlas Scientific Driver Development (ORP,DO, EC) for Robo-Tank/reef-pi build

    Hello! Wish I was farther along before posting here, but alas my skills have failed me. First off, huge shout out to Rob from Robo-Tank: couldn't have made it this far without him for sure; his insight and support have made this experience really eye-opening and incredibly fun. As an...
  2. T

    Double Float Switch Example

    I thought I would share my double float switch setup. I have two float switches wired in series to a common inlet. The primary float switch sits in the water. When water evaporates, the buoy sinks, and it triggers the ATO. This is normal operation. The secondary float switch sits above the...
  3. KonradTO

    Help with Reef-pi light profile modes

    Hi all, Has anyone some good grasp on the reef-pi light settings? I just added a kessil a160 to my robotank (thanks for the support @robsworld78!) and for now I am running the "diurnal" profile. As far as I understood there should be an auto profile where you can set up intensity and color with...
  4. S

    Sral's Aquarium and Reef-Pi Build

    The current status can now be found on GitHub You will find an overview of the current status and discussions with links. Also includes comprehensive Links to Sources/Guides, Schematics and Pictures reporting on the progress. I will post progress reports and pictures here as well.
  5. V

    Reef-pi and tp-link HS300

    Hi All - I have my reef-pi setup on version 5.2 with Robo-Tank. Things have been great although one of my temp probes have been a bit iffy but I’m sure one of the probes is just bad. My issue is actually with the Kasa/TP-Link hs300 that I setup through its app. I have it working just fine...
  6. osterac

    pH probe with atlas carrier board

    Hi, I had posted this in the dev thread but I decided it was a better idea to make my own thread. I have a Raspberry pi 2 I am trying to use for reef pi with a pond. I already have a thermometer working but I am trying to get pH working too. I bought The atlas pH circuit and the atlas carrier...
  7. robsworld78

    How to install reef-pi

    Hi, over the last couple years I've been using a script I made up to install reef-pi as there's quite a few steps and easy to miss 1wire, I2C or whatever. In 95% of the cases it worked great and made things easy for people but it wasn't perfect which is why I never shared it directly. A couple...
  8. P

    My reef pi build and errors (help needed)

    Hello, I would like to share my build and problems with reef-pi, hoping that someone can help me solving. First of all i will explain my setup : Raspberry pi 3 B+ running every function i need on reef pi. I have been trying using many function over the years but the basics I always used is Power...
  9. robsworld78

    Robo-Tank 3.0 for reef-pi

    So some might wonder what the heck happened to the 2.0 I just released, I know hey... First sorry to anyone who feels wronged if they got 2.0, the hardest part doing this is updates even though I'm excited about them I know not everyone is but it needs to happen for the long term. v1 and v2...
  10. KonradTO

    AWC with Jebao DP4 & reefpi ATO

    Hi everyone, As the title introduce, I am planning to use the Jebao DP4 (should arrive in a couple of days) for automatic water changes. Now, I am not in crazy need/necessity for AWC giving that I have a 30 gal tank with less than 25-26 g water.. and I change around 8% water every week.. BUT...
  11. robsworld78

    Robo-Tank 2.0 for reef-pi

    Hi, so I've been working on Robo-Tank 2.0 for the last while based on feedback, issues and other ideas. I got a prototype about a week ago and with the testing I've done so far I'm happy with it and thought I would show it off, a faceplate will be coming down the road. The main objective was to...
  12. Bmartindale

    Viparspectra 165 pwm and reef-pi

    Hey there. I know there are plenty of threads already but I am a total noob so I’m sorry if this is a double post. I am building my reef pi to control my viparspectra 165 fixtures. I know that ML reefkeeping had an adapter for the leds for sale but they are out of stock. In a perfect world I...
  13. attiland

    SHT20 Temperature Humidity With Reef-PI

    Hi all, I have been working on a little bit with humidity and Room temperature sensing with Reef-PI So and I want to share what I have so fare. One of the key point with my selection was that this has to be cheap while strait forward to set up. The SHT20 is a logical choice as the price is...
  14. attiland

    Reef-pi + Arduino

    Hi all, I am in the process of crashing my first Aquarium controller. I have ordered a few parts and have a few Arduino laying around too. Reef-Pi is my preferred route although I am more experienced with the Arduinos and the C programming than Python. I have a case for the pi4b which has a...
  15. Metahollica

    Reef-pi GPIO not responding

    Hello everyone! I've just started to set-up Reef-Pi on my raspberry Model B, Rev. 2 to use it as a hydroponics control system. But I'm struggling at the beginning already. I've been through defining my output on GPIO24 and used it for my test device. But when I turn it on or off, my LED...
  16. julioabreu01

    Reef-pi on Nano (Fluval Evo XII)

    Hey Guys, I'm new to the forum and a "legacy" hobbyist. I shut down my last saltwater aquarium more than 10 years ago in Brazil. But now that I'm leaving in US and with all the pandemic-stress I decided to go back to the Reef world with a nano. I started a Fluval Evo XII with standard...
  17. D

    Reef-pi help

    I bought a cheap ph meter but can't get it to work on raspberry zero was needing info on how to hook it had going one time but the ph wouldn't change no matter what I did. Here is a pic of the one I got if anyone could help me out I will start back at trouble shooting it tomorrow or end up...
  18. H

    Timers on Reef-pi

    Hey Everyone, How Does Reef Pi's timers react to power failures? I have set my co2 up with the following timer. If I lose power before a state change, and regain it after, Will the state change be ignored? For example, if the power turns off at 11:55, then comes back at 12:05, will the co2...
  19. H

    DIY CO2 Meter

    Hey Guys, I am working on a project that can measure how much dissolved co2 is in my aquarium. I have overcome a few of the major obstacles, but I have hit a bit of a wall. Has anyone done this? I am using henry's law to figure it out, if that means anything to anyone here. My current problem...
  20. H

    Ph Probe

    Hey everyone, I am working on a diy ph-prob for a reef-pi unit. According to the online guide I need a barrel adaptor and some kind of ph-circuit. By the looks of it, this has both built in, but I have never made one of these before. Can someone tell me if this will connect to my Raspberry-pi...
  21. themericks

    Programmatically changing light configuration with reef-pi

    Hi all, I'm trying to modify my light configuration using the reef-pi HTTP API. I am able to authenticate and read data as shown here. The trouble starts when I try to use the command curl -X POST -b cookie.txt -d '{"id": "11", "channels":{"0":{"profile":{"config":{"start":"13:00:00"}}}}}' -D...
  22. N

    Robo-Tank pH circuit accuracy

    Has anyone done comparisons between the Robo-Tank pH circuit and other measuring methods? It seems likely that it would depend on the probe being used, but I'm curious if anyone has tested it or just has some general observations to share. Maybe @robsworld78 would be willing to share some...
  23. H

    Screen For Reef Pi

    Hey Guys, I am hooking up a reef Pi system. I have an low res LCD screen that I would like to have scroll information about my tank. It’s maybe 16x150pixels things like the temperature, what equipment is on, that kind of thing. Does reef Pi have the option for this?
  24. robsworld78

    GIVEAWAY - Robo-Tank Hardware for reef-pi

    Welcome to the world's greatest giveaway. :D ;Woot :eek: This is exclusive to R2R, it's open worldwide you can only win it here. The prize is a fully assembled Robo-Tank aquarium controller that runs on the reef-pi software, it has a value of $170 USD, you get what's in the image below. To be...
  25. Matt Carden

    Matt's Reef-Pi build thread

    I set up my 1st intended reef tank in November of '18. I decided to go with a 150 gallon because water parameters are supposed to be more stable and I love fish too so I could have a wider selection with a 5' tank. I realized shortly after setting up this tank that my attempt at a budget build...
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