1. Des Westcott

    reef-pi User Interface (UI) development thread

    After a discussion with @Ranjib, we have decided to open a separate thread for the discussion around the reef-pi User Interface (UI). This thread is for suggesting UI features / upgrades reef-pi users would like to see in reef-pi. Requesting / suggesting a feature here is not going to be a...
  2. lmm1967

    lmm1967 reef-pi build

    Roughly 5 years ago I started messing with the idea of using Arduinos to do some tank control / automation. I was successful to the stage of being able to detect temp & control relays. No big deal, pretty easy etc. Same thing with other stuff - controlling relays / outlets with timers, based...
  3. lotus02

    reef pi PCB board

    I’m making a PCB board I think I have it done still checking it. SDA1, SCL1, TXD, RXD will use jumper wires to make the connections, for PH probes one in the calcium reactor one sump. PMW0, PMW1 will use jumpers to make the connections for the dosing pump motors, this way if I want to use them...
  4. dmolavi

    DIY Decals for Enclosures

    I'm building a system based on Reef-Pi (thanks to @Ranjib and @theatrus ) that will be using a customized enclosure. Does anyone here at R2R know of any ways to make good dry-transfer decals (white text/graphics) that will adhere to ABS plastic? My enclosure is the boring "computer beige"...
  5. dmolavi

    My Reef-Pi build thread

    After doing a lot of reading (the main reef-pi thread is pretty big, and the reef-pi pico thread is growing), I've decided I'm going to take the plunge and build myself a reef-pi controller. Mine will be a bit unique, however. I've been in the hobby for about 6 years, and already have...
  6. sfgabe

    Reef-pi + Home Assistant Build

    I control my 2 small aquariums (one 40 gal fresh, one 15 gal nano reef) with a combination of Home Assistant (which also takes care of my apartment), Reef-Pi, and Motioneye. I wanted the tanks to mirror specific locations as much as possible. For example, I’m querying various sites to get daily...
  7. buddy.

    Buddy's Reef-Pi Build

    Hey everyone! Here is another #reef-pi build for anyone interested in following :D My build will consist of @Ranjib reef-pi (of course) and I will also be using the HAT and PWM module from @wykat . I only have a laptop so I couldn't do the standard raspberry pi set up with a mouse and keyboard...
  8. Diamond1

    29 gallon reboot

    Well here we go again! This tanks occupants have been around since 2013 when it started out as a 10 gallon nano. The tank was upgraded to a 29 and then after a move it was downsized to a 14 gallon cube. The cube has been running for almost 3 years and is a softie only tank. Mushrooms, Xenia...