1. J

    Ritteri - need help, maybe too late

    Hey all, New here but have been in the hobby about a year. System info in my signature. Water chem. Is at base line optimal..... I run the apex trident system as well as beef it up with roids and fuel. Testing done at min. 3 times a week..... Ok, bought a Ritteri about 3 weeks ago. In LFS it...
  2. Micaeltercer

    Juvenile Ritteri Questions + Help!!

    Hey guys, I just got a new young ritteri from my LFS. It was the only ritteri that shipped to their location fully healthy. It looks a little like a BTA but I was told this is because it is still young and an Indonesian Ritteri. It is strong brown/purple base and tentacles with white tips. It...
  3. Ritteri.jpg


    H.magnifica/Ritteri Anemone 7-2920
  4. Ritteri 06-05-20.jpg

    Ritteri 06-05-20.jpg

  5. Ritteri 5-29-20.jpg

    Ritteri 5-29-20.jpg

    H.magnifica 5-29-20
  6. Micaeltercer

    Ritteri Concern w/ Photo

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a massive Ritteri Anemone from my LFS. This guy is huge and has a purple brownish base and tentacles With purple tips. Now, this anemone has been in someone’s tank for a few years and then the LFS bought it for credit and has had it for a month. My concern is...
  7. KMP123

    What is wrong with my Nem????

    I have a Ritteri Anemone that has been in my 55 gallon tank for about 3 weeks now. Recently, it started MAJORLY deflating at night, with a gaping mouth and all... but during the day it looks normal. I’ve tried feeding him A frozen silverside but he didn’t want it. A week later I tried feeding...
  8. gig 'em

    Gig ‘ems Anemone Dedicated Tank

    I’ve been working on a species dedicated tank/frag tank system for a while now and I thought it would be a good time to share it. I have a custom built 50 gallon rimless that I have H. magnifica anemones in plumbed in with a 50 gallon frag tank and 20 gallon sump. Magnifica anemones have...
  9. divecj5

    H Magnifica // Observing Behavior

    Although I've been in the hobby going on 13+ years, I've only been keeping anemones (BTAs up to this point) over the past 2 years. After setting up a tank dedicated to anemones, I started hunting around for captive-held Magnificas over the past several after soaking up every bit of information...
  10. Wrasse-cal

    Where to acquire Magnifica anemone?

    Does anyone have any recommendations on where to acquire a magnifica anemone? I'm looking for one with a strong purple foot and green tentacles (like the picture). I'm not in any rush, but I'd like to start planning for this to be the centerpiece of my 75 gallon tank.
  11. dangros

    Magnifica trying to jump out of tank

    Not sure why my H. Magnifica did this but for a few months, it stayed relatively put. The 2 clowns, even spawned eggs under it. Soon as they did, it started climbing the wall behind it. Now it's at the surface and starting to hurt the green Stylo! Any suggestions? The spot it was originally...
  12. Reefahholic

    H. Magnifica Teaser Clip.

  13. Nolan Shinn

    Looking for a healthy Ritteri Anemone

    I'm looking for any suggestions on reputable sources for getting a healthy (preferably purple foot) Heteractis magnifica. I've kept RBT's for several years without any problems, but they're easy to find locally. Ritteri not so much. Anyone with Ritteri interested in selling a 4-6" one or have...
  14. ReeferDave01

    Killer anemone

    I recently purchased Ritteri anemone and had 3 clowns take to it. However it appears my new addition stung few chromis who keep swimming next to it. I have 250 gallon tank but they seem to converge next to anemone.What can I do to prevent any more murder suicides?