rock flower anemone

  1. Bertbreaksnecks

    Just a fun one year tank update video

    This is my first actual reef tank over a year old and established, had many LRFO tanks before this. It wouldn’t let me do a 4K upload on here ‍♀️ enjoy !
  2. Reefer37

    Texas WTB Ultra Rock Flower Anemones

    Trying to add to my RFA island. Looking to get 3 or 4 to add to my collection. Send me pics and let me know what you got and how much shipped!
  3. Cantusaurus

    Too soon to add Rock flower Anemone?

    Hi, I have had my 32 gal. tank up for 2 months, and the parameters and salinity have not been fluctuating, and are not perfect, but are very near perfect. I have 1 fish, CUC inverts, and a serpent star, all of which are doing great. No algae surprisingly. Could I add a rock flower anemone to...
  4. Swanky

    Build Thread Day Late, & Always a Dollar Short!

    I've been meaning to work on this build thread, and seeing as how this is my very first foray into our wonderful salty world - I find myself with a week of vacation, and figured better late than never. Also, the timing couldn't be better as right about the Fourth of July here in the states, will...
  5. Reefer37

    Rock Flower Decided to Hide

    So went to the LFS yesterday and picked up a gorgeous RFA. Bright red skirt that fades to an orange to a bright yellow and dark green center. Acclimated him and everything went well and placed him in the tank. Well woke up this morning and he decided to move to a crevice and you can barely...
  6. BabyShark

    Dead rock flower anemone

    I’ve had a few rock flower anemones for a while and they’ve been doing great in my tank. I recently got a new one from a company that’s been giving me trouble last week and it appears to not be doing so good. What are signs that a rock flower anemone is dead? Also what steps should I take if it...
  7. E

    Is this Anemone Healthy?

    Rock Flower Anemone, wondering if he looks healthy. he was put in tank about 10 days ago, but 2 days ago moved a few inches. He looks good to me but what do I know? (Nothing!). Would like to hear from others what they think via this picture;
  8. Reefer37

    Rock Anemone Closed Up

    Hey everyone! So I'm new to the hobby and this is my first rock flower and first anemone so forgive me for not knowing, still trying to learn. Let me give a little backstory on this crazy introduction to my tank: So I got the rock flower and did what most all people say on acclimating...
  9. N

    Anemone hitchiker

    there is a rockflower anemone hitchiker in the middle of that frag and I was wondering if there is a way I can get it out without hurting it? Sorry picture is bad this is my first post
  10. Castaway6

    Bristle worms in a sexy shrimp 4 gal?

    I'm setting up a sexy shrimp and rock flower tank. A waterbox 4g. I've had it running a couple months with only a few rock flower nems. Recently bought gsp from a local reefer, and noticed a rather large (2+inches) bristle worm try to steal food from a nem during the last feeding. I presume he...
  11. Cherry Bomb

    What to feed baby Rock Flower Anemones?

    Hi all! One of my RFAs had babies a few weeks ago. Looking for good feeding ideas. Anyone have any successful tips? I would like to keep them healthy and happy. Currently adding Mini Mysis with Selcon every 3 days and Phyto Feast every 1-2 days. Is there something else I can feed? There must be...
  12. Daydream Corals

    Livestock Super Softie Sale 25% off + New Customers Save 10% off

    Super Softie Sale 25% off all Softies!!! Don't Miss out!!! SUPER25 for use on SOFTIES, MUSHROOMS, and ROCK FLOWERS + New Customers Save 10% off!!! TOTAL 35% OFF All SOFTIES!!!!
  13. Daydream Corals

    Livestock Ultra Rock Flower 5 Pack Mother's Day Special

    Ultra Rock Flower Special for Mother's Day. 5 for $200 Shipped FEDEX AM Delivery with free frag!!! You will receive 5 unique Rock Flowers pictured here below delivered to your door for $200!! Also, take a look at our website to combine your order Also don't forget...
  14. damselindistress

    Rock Nem Split!!

    I didn’t realize flower rock anemones would split! Imagine my surprise when the tank lights came on today and I was doing my usual head count - whoa! I’ve only had this nem a few weeks - it was part of my @AquaSD live sale’s been in the same place since I put it in the tank...
  15. Robin Haselden

    Nano Build Turtle's Miniature Menagerie

    The Ocean The Ocean has its silent caves, Deep, quiet, and alone; Though there be fury on the waves, Beneath them there is none. The awful spirits of the deep Hold their communion there; And there are those for whom we weep, The young, the bright, the fair. Calmly the wearied seamen rest...
  16. danschoenherr

    Peppermint Shrimp eating my Rock Flowers

    So I noticed one of my rock flowers weas looking a bit "dishevilled" and was moving around a bit. Then, I wasn't able to locate it, which didn't really concern me as there are a lot of hiding places. But one night near lights out, I noticed the 2 Peppermint Shrimp that I have prowling about the...
  17. AquaNerd

    ROCK FLOWER ANEMONES! Several pics from Joe Knows Reefs and a video clip from AquaNerd if you visit the above link.
  18. dcom

    Rock flower anemones at a good price online?

    Hi guys, I'm adding some colorful rock flowers to my tank and would like to know whats your "go to" place for getting those. Thanks
  19. N

    Removing rock anemones

    So I want to transfer my rock anemones to a new system how would I go about getting the RFA to release the foot from the rock. Thanks in advance!!
  20. Dalton Hunter

    Rock flower anemone spawning

    So Last night my Mini Maxi released a huge load of eggs over a period of about 2 hours from when I got home, (no idea when it started). Today my rock flowers anemones (15) are all standing up and have their mouthes slightly open. I plan on turning off my sump return pump and leaving on the power...
  21. Ladybrewer

    Rock flower with puffy mouth

    Our rock flower has had a puffy mouth for about a month. He had a sting from another coral that fell off a rock. His sting has seemingly recovered but his mouth has just been puffy. I haven't seen him eating like he used to. Food will catch in his tentacles, but he won't eat it. Is he unwell?
  22. Dalton Hunter

    Build Thread My 100 Gallon Mixed Reef

    100 Gallon reef tank Foxface, Platinum Clown, Sapphire Clown, Ocellaris Clown, Spotted Mandarin Goby, Snowflake Eel, Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish, Yellow Tail Damsel, Red Firefish. Combination of LPS/SPS Rock flower anemones X10 Mini Maxi x2 Rainbow bubble tip x2 Assorted ricordia/yuma Iron man...
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