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  1. IceRain29

    Build Thread Allan's Red Sea Reefer 750XXL V3 High End Sps Dominant Show Tank

    So after 3 years and 10 month with my Miracle 450 Gallon Peninsula build, wife ordered me to downgrade the tank to a smaller prebuild tank so we can have a better looking cabinet and I can open up the area in the basement. 450 Gallon Thread...
  2. bar|none

    Build Thread Custom SPS Dominant 155 gallon with Fish Room

    Starting a new build which will be a custom 155 gallon display from Glass Cages. 200+ gallon total system. Display Dimensions 50" x 30" x 24" Tank is next to fish room I am building Sump will be in Fish Room Custom Steel Stand Exoskeleton over a custom marine grade flat file. Built by a...
  3. Soilworker

    Build Thread Soilworker's Red Sea Reefer 625 G2 Build

    Soilworker's Red Sea Reefer 625 G2 System Volume: 164g Updated: 8/9/2022 Older FTS 8/3/2022 6/30/2022 6/21/2022 Background My first reef tank was over 12 years ago. I had a small 10 gallon reef tank in college that did alright but it was just far too small to be successful and I...
  4. nomad6

    Nano Build New 30 gal mini clear WB cube

    Like everyone knows reefing is addicting… this is my third attemp with saltwater. Currently have a lps 6 gal pico that’s 2 months old. I’m attempting an sps dominant tank. I will be doing a fishless cycle and will be adding ammonia. Current build: Filtration: Fluval 207 canister with seachem...
  5. mshonk

    Large Build SPS Dominant Upgrade to 180g

    I am fortunate enough to have been given a 180g tank. It was a fresh and is older but I haven't ever focused on having top notch equipment. Free its for me! The game plan is to take my current set up which is a 40g breeder, 60g frag tank, 10g satellite tank, and a 2 long sump and put it into the...
  6. T

    93 Cube - SPS dominate lighting

    Hello fellow reefers, Looking for some advice on lighting my tank, as I am not happy with the current visual aesthetic. I have a 165W black box (actually don't know the brand, got it from another reefer who said "it was the best around 2014"). My first corals (LPS and Zoa) are doing great and...
  7. Hardy_Reef

    Build Thread Hardy Reef RSR 350 Build Thread

    Introduction: I have a modest following on Instagram: @Hardy_Reef detailing the progress of my Red Sea Reefer 350 and figured I should document a build thread on Reef2Reef. I'll start by showing where I currently am in the hobby and where I have come from. I dove into this hobby in 2018 with...
  8. chopper320

    Build Thread Choppers 80 Gallon Deep Blue Rimless SPS dominant

    I’ve always wanted to keep a build thread going on my system but I could never keep up with getting pictures on my DSLR. I finally got a lens filter for my iPhone which hopefully allows me to get good enough pics quickly without having to do a bunch of post processing to get them to look decent...
  9. R

    Build Thread Waterbox 100.3 Zeo build

    Hi all I’m new to the forum however I’ve been in the hobby for several years and recently decided to dive back in. I purchased a waterbox 100.3 with hopes to make this a SPS dominate zeo tank. I wanted to go bigger however once I received the tank I’m glad I didn’t as the 100.3 seems to fit...
  10. M

    Large Build Marks_Reef SPS dominant tank (hopefully)

    Tank Specifications Fish Tank Fabrications Tank - Steel Stand. Tank Dimensions: 72" (L) X 26" (W) X 26" (H) Sump Dimensions: 48" (L) X 20" (W) X 18" (H) Tank Volume: 800L Sump Volume: 150L Return Pumps: Ecotech Vectra M1, Jebao DCP10000 Skimmer: Reef Octopus Regal 200s Pumps: Tunze 6105 x 4...
  11. T

    Build Thread 750XXL SPS Dominant mixed-reef upgrade w/ low-maintenance aspirations + too much COVID lockdown time on hands

    Backstory About 2 years ago my wife and I started looking for a property to build a new home. We found a lot about 3 blocks (Los Angeles, CA) away from our current home. I'm an Architect, so went to work doing what I do. New favorite client :cool: We pushed the local codes pretty hard in a few...
  12. Saltees

    4 x G5 XR15 or 8 x PRIME 16HD for 120G SPS Tank?

    Just watched “BRS Investigates”. Just asking... How many of you would consider 8 x PRIME 16HD (440W) over 4 x G5 XR15 (420W) on 120G (4’x2’x2’) SPS dominated tank? 8 PRIME costs a tad more than 4 XR15, worth it? Thanks!
  13. DanSavesTheDay

    Need advice on moving a mixed reef "not far from current home"

    To start off I'd like to say that I hope all my fellow reefers are doing great and had a great holiday season. I am going to be moving into a new house about 15 minutes away and need advice on how I should move my 90 gallon reef with 20 gallon sump. The tank is plumped into the sump inside the...
  14. DanSavesTheDay

    Need light schedule advice 2x Kessil a360we with aquatic life 48" hybrid blue+/coral+

    I am planning on switching to a 2x Kessil a360we with a 48" T5 hybrid fixture with 2 blue+ 2 coral+ staggered. How high above the water surface should I mount the fixture. What is a good lighting schedule for a mixed but mostly SPS dominant tank. What is a good lighting schedule to start at...
  15. Hausser

    Bare bottom tank

    I am going bare bottom on my new Redsea Reefer 650 peninsula and I have looked at r2r and did not see what Information I was looking for. I am going to set up a poll for either placing my rock on the glass or on something like starboard. I can get starboard cut to size locally but just curious...
  16. Az reefer

    Large Build 225 gallon build thread

    Happy Holidays Reefers!!! I am starting a 225 gallon build and have purchased the tank used. It is a 72x24x30 225 gallon center overflow. First thing will be to get it cleaned and leak tested, then I will remove the center overflow and install 2 ghost overflows. Either Reef Savvy or similiar. I...
  17. El.Kae

    Build Thread El Kae's RS Reefer 170

    After being out of the hobby since 2004, the bug bit hard last year. A quick browse through the LFS and I ended up with a Nuvo10. Less than a month later, I had already upgraded to a 25 Lagoon and looking at another upgrade. 2 months back into the hobby and I knew I wasn't going to turn back...
  18. W

    Nano Build Wisdom's 10g SPS Dominant Reef

    Hey everyone! This is my first post here! Gonna post some progress on my 10g SPS dominant reef tank. Been up and running for a few months now. Instagram: @wisdom.reefer Standard 10g - Bahamas Oolite Sand Light - Coral Box Moon LED Plus Flow - 150gph HOB, 425gph & 240gph Hydor Korlias HOB has...
  19. Ryan@ShelteredReef

    Build Thread UNIQUE DIY Heavy 75 Gallon SPS Reef

    We will be documenting our upcoming 75 gallon display tank buildout here. Stay tuned and subscribe to #shelteredreef
  20. K

    ATI Sunpower Sizing on 120 gallon tank

    I'm starting a new 120 gallon system with 48" x 24" x 24" dimensions. I plan on making this an SPS dominant tank. I have a few questions: 1. Should I go with 6 or 8 bulbs? I have 2 Kessil 360's I plan on using for supplemental lighting & shimmer. 2. Should I go with a 48" or 36" fixture? I'd...
  21. FLAdaboy

    Cube Build 60g Cube

    So, I haven't posted my build because life happens. I managed to acquire my cube from a fellow reefer when I was in FL. Traded 6 zoa frags for it. I feel like I came out on top. It took a few months to build then stock. I got the rock while I was in FL as well. I've always wanted a cube because...
  22. Pife

    Top down shots.

    Unfiltered and raw. Ig: glassboxreef
  23. pdiehm

    The Journey - Reboot of the 120

    Having asked what seems like millions of questions, sometimes multiple times, I started down the saltwater journey 2 years ago after seeing someone's SPS tank. Fell in love with it. The colors, the shapes...the fish. Even my wife said it was tremendously relaxing to watch. I got myself a...
  24. Clintcrabtree

    AIO Build Innovative Marine Nuvo 40 Mixed Reef (sps dominant)build

    I have been meaning to post progression shots from the beginning and tank is now 8 months old. I moved to this tank from my first 14g biocube that had been doing great for the 8 months prior to the move. I am currently running a gen 2 xr30w and a gen 4 xr15 pro over the tank. For the first 7...
  25. Francoreef

    Prime Growing sps???

    HEllo R2R Im going to need your guys help on this one. A little overview I am starting a build thread as soon as my Tank arrives i have ordered the 50 gallon starfire cube from SCA, I hope starfire glass is as good as people say it is as (i have never seen it in person). As of now i have...