5 Years Finally Diving In!


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Aug 13, 2019
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Hey I’m Caleb I’m from the Pittsburgh area. 5 years ago I started research on saltwater tanks and was also intimidated by the stability I thought was needed and the cost. But with videos and forums like this I know that there are tiers or as a lot of people state degrees of success. So I decided to start slowly I have a 90 gallon aquarium that is pre drilled in the back. I connected with a local that was tearing down his one year old setup and am buying his equipment as I can afford it but it’s a lot better than the 4000 I thought it was going to be. I have one fish really two that I want to be the jewel of the tank black Storm clown fish. But I have a while to go I’m setting up the Rodi system this weekend going to cure the rock then Aquascape 2 weeks later and let the tank cycle while I’m getting the rest like the lights skimmer and a few other things. I’m sorry for rambling I’m just excited to be diving in finally. If people show interest let me know I’ll start a new build thread and you can watch the progress of this 90 gallon reef.
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Get Fish & Corals directly for the suppliers
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