Adding Chaetomorpha to Live Rock Refugium

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    Nov 16, 2016
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    Since my display is just three live rock pillars, I currently have a live rock section in my sump that is full or rock rubble.


    The live rock section measures 10"W x 20" L x 7" D. Right now it just has live rock rubble and a backup thermometer.


    Not sure how much biological filtration it adds to the system, but there a bunch of copepods and such that like it in there.

    I am thinking of adding chaetomorpha to that section to
    1) stabilize my pH at night
    2)take up some nutrients

    I have a 65K grow light that i can stick over that section

    Just wondering if I should add chaeto to the system. My NO3 has always been around 5ppm and my PO4 ranges from .07 to .16 without using GFO.

    Should I clear out a section of live rock from the middle so the chaeto can tumble right in the middle? or should I clear out half of the rock closest to the wall which the light will be on?

    Does it even need to tumble?

    Good idea or no? I can put it on my apex to run opposite of the display lights.

    is there any detriment to adding macroalgae if my tank is running fine as-is?

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    You can always move the rubble to one side or the other and add the chaeto as long as it’s thinned out regularly it doesn’t really need to tumble. Could help with ph and nutrients but why fix something that’s not broken?
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