Atomos' 20G IM Nuvo Tank


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Jan 22, 2021
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Hey everyone!

Wanted to share our IM 20G Nuvo Fusion Pro AIO.....

It's definitely been a fun work in progress. This tank provides a great platform for my 7yr old son to learn more about reef keeping (like, testing, tank maintenance, feeding, and etc....).

Now for the what's what......

The Breakdown

Display: IM 20G Nuvo Fusion Pro 20 AIO
Skimmer: BioSkim DC Nano AIO Protein Skimmer
Lighting: Current Orbit Marine IC LED
Filtration: Two Intank Media baskets (left and right) with filter floss, Cermedia and Chemipure Elite. Working on a change though.
Dosing: Kamoer F4 Pro WiFi Doser
UV: IM AuqaShield 9W Desktop
Heater: Finnex HMS 150 (replacing the Eheim eControl 125 after moving in 2 sicce 1.5s)
ATO: Reef Breeders Prism ATO
Reservoir: IM HydroFil Ti ATO Water ATO (5Gal)
Water Movement: (2) Current USA eFlux wave pumps

1 Court Jester Goby (Rainfordi)
1 Hector Goby
1 Gladiator Clownfish
1 Lyretail Anthias
1 Coral Beauty
1 Lyretail Damselfish
5+ Cerith Snails

Agent Orange Leptastrea
Agent Orange Pavona
John Deer Leptastrea
Pink Alveopora
Blue Clove Polyps
Pulsating Xenia
Aussie Mint Green Duncans
WWC Fallout Pocillopora
WWC Speckled Leather
Neon Hammer
Blue Sympodium
Branching Gold Pavona
Neon Green Nephthea
Neon Kenya Tree
Purple Pavona
Orange Setosa
Vargas Cespitularia
Cherry Blossom Favia
Moon Stone Favia
Pink Stylocoeniella
Red Xenia
Ultra Micromussa Lordhowensis
JF Freak Hair Pavona
JF High Voltage Favia
JF Klepto Leptastrea
Orange Crush Cloves
Leprechaun Maze
Aussie Red Velvet Favia
Ultra Aussie Platy......

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