Circa's Waterbox 4820 Peninsula Build - Return to Reefing. Lets goo!!!



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Apr 30, 2021
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Hey hey folks names Josh - Most call me Circa.I live in Connecticut, self employed - I run a gaming network for GTA5, Ark, Conan and various other survival games. Some other fun facts. I have 3 Australian Shepherds, Kyrie 7, Jasper 6, Maisie 11months . . I used to be big in the reef world fell out of the hobby after i sold my 120 gallon reef. BUT with renewed passion I'm back and I'm going in pretty deep right off the bat.

My old Tank: - This tank was disassembled back in 2013.



Some Easy to understand Notes:
Bold = Already Have

Italics = On the Way (Being shipped)
Strikethrough = Wishlist - Want to Buy.


  • - Waterbox Peninsula 4820 tank. 79.6 gal show, 28.9gal sump. 47.2x19.7x21.7
  • - 2 AI Hydra 32's
  • - 2 AI Nero 5's
  • - XP Aqua Ultimate ATO
  • - Nyos TORQ Dock and Nyos TORQ 0.75
  • - Vectra S2 DC return pump.
  • - Classic 150INT 6” Internal Protein Skimmer - On the way
  • - 5 Stage 75GPD Drinking Water RO System with Nickel Faucet - On the way.

Bio Filtration:

  • 80-100 LBS of Fiji Pink Sand - 1-2inches of sand bed. - Yes I'm aware it might blow over and such but I just love the look. (not in the tank yet)
  • 60 LBS Marco Dry Live Rock
  • 20 LBS Marco Dry Live Rock Foundation Large
  • 15 LBS Marco Dry Live Rock Foundation Medium.
  • 8oz Purple Helix Coralline Algae Seed.
  • Microbacter Start XML - Brightwell
  • 35-60 lbs more of Marco Dry Live Rock
With the Base rock and such I fully intend to follow the guide provided by BRS - and doing a NSA design for my rockwork. With the 4820, ive still not decided truly if im going to do two different fixtures or try to do one shelf like Island in the center, with NSA branching coming off. Im really stuck on the idea. Some inspiration most stupendous, extremely skilled drawings of potential designs pictures below:

tank idea 1.png

This is a super rough Idea, but a similar understanding of large NSA Island near overflow, Small NSA Island near far side.
If you wanna have a good laugh draw up some designs in paint too. and sent them over. Lets see what we can make.

Plans and Ideas:

Moving forward I really want an SPS dominate tank, I do love some LPS, and of course a big Mushroom Toadstool showpiece is something I desire. A few rare shrooms and some palys/zoas on the far side island base would be cool. I want the main island to be primarily the SPS forest however.

I will be honest I intend to go a bit fish heavy, I love tangs, I love the look of a stocked reef, going to try and get a few "sortof" reef safe butterflies, I intend to try and find a potters angel, I have a flame already, and I want a pigmy flameback, if you know of some ****** rare angels that I just have never seen again link below. Also suggest some fish. Lets shop together lol. I went with more than double my tanks volume for the skimmer, I will be getting a big ole UV, and well with my 40 gallon quarantine why not right? Anyways its tough to really talk much on what's going on since its all in the current open a box and put together stage. I hope you guys enjoy and are excited for what's coming.

Current Livestock: - All fish and coral currently are in an established quarantine.
- Chocolate Tang - 3-4inches
- Powder Blue Tang - 2inches
- Blue Mandarin Dragonet - 2Inches
- Scopas Tang - 1.5inches
- Pair of Orange Storm Clowns. - 1.5 inches
- Flame Angel - 2-3inches
- Diamond Goby - 2-3inches
- Tailspot Blenny - 2inches
- Royal Psudochromis - 2.5 inches

- Purple Style - 3inches
- ORA Birds of Paradise - 2inches
- ORA Red Planet - 1.5 inches
- Green Polyp Mushroom Toadstool - 3inch in diameter


If you have any suggestions input or ideas, things that will assist in making life easy with this future reef let me know.
With regards to the sand, I may be doing the hybrid method where i slowly remove it over the course of the first year.

If you think I'm doing something wrong please don't hesitate, but of course word things constructively, not negatively. We're all here to learn, have fun and see babies live for a long time. Help me do the same.

Critical Updates:

We are in the state of assembly atm! More updates below.
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Apr 30, 2021
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Update 1: - Assembly.

Lets first talk about how dang nicely they wrapped my shipment lol.
image0 (1).jpg


Well after some breaking things and getting off of the pallet, and then onto a dolley it was rolled into my basement office. (hell yes no stairs)

We started putting together the lovely stand. - Lets see if you notice what I did wrong lol.

After progressing beyond this point and getting ready to put on the final 3 doors. I made a huge mistake..... A terrible terrible mistake.

Yeah.... Yeah..... I ******* built it backwards LOL.

So 2hrs later disassembled and Reassembled the stand is up.
I'm tired, exhausted we'll do the tank and plumbing and other stuff tomorrow.

Have a good laugh. Have a great night/day/evening/morning wherever you are in the world and I'll post some more soon. <3 Pictures especially.

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