GHL Profilux 4 or 2016 - Neptune Apex ?

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    I know everyone will have a different opinion, but I am thinking about selling all of my Neptune/APEX gear and buy a new Profilux 4.

    Apex Classic Controller consists of /ALD MOD (Leak Detector) w/ two, Leak Detector low profile probes / FMM (Fluid Monitoring Module) which includes 1'' FS-100 Flow sensor, 2 - 1/2 FS-50 Flow Sensors and 1/4 Flow Sensor / Two PM2 MODS / EB8 Power Brick and a Neptune Seloinoid for your RODI top off. Also, have all of the probes, PH, TEMP probe and a Salinity probe and much more.

    I always have wanted a Profilux controller! I think I would much rather run with the GHL's 2.1 doser that has 4 pumps which can include doing water changes than running a DOS. Apex Fusion SOFTWARE is pretty user-friendly. Every now and then I will have to call Neptune for support and 90% of the time, you can get right through for tech help. Sometimes it may take them a day for Neptune to respond but they always HAVE. No offense, but more than half of their tech support crew is a little stuck up but maybe that's a California thing :) Also, I have a saltwater mixing station that's about 20 feet from my display. I have one EB8 power brick, a PM2 mod in two 25 gallon storage containers and some float switches and my DOS for Automatic water changes. My question is how is the TECH SUPPORT for the GHL Profilux gear vs Neptune's Tech support? Another question how user-friendly is setting up and working with the Profulix software on a MAC. I heard from a friend, and please tell if I am wrong, that Profilux/GHL tech support was Unbelievable compared to its competitors. Let me know your thoughts if you own one of these two controllers, which would be HIGHLY appreciated.

    Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 7.14.57 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 7.13.56 AM.png

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    I have used both however I have never needed tech support from either company so I cannot comment on that.

    I have found my Profilux 4 to be more reliable and stable than the Apex which was my main reason for switching. To me, that was the most important issue. Some of the advanced control options are superior to what you can do with Apex. The flip side of that is the Apex has some better built in advanced programming. Overall, the Apex was much easier to program.

    Fusion is far superior to myGHL so if you like the remote online access you may be a little disappointed. Its not that myGHL won't do much of the same things, it just does them slower and it isn't laid out as well. The best thing I can say about myGHL? I have never found it not to work. My Apex didn't like to maintain its wireless connection so I would have to reboot it when I got home. My Profilux hasn't needed a reboot yet (only about a month) which is already longer than any single stretch with my Apex.

    Mac support with GCC is weak at best. You pretty much need a windows emulator. I would spend the $150 for a netbook dedicated to the programming if I didn't already have a windows computer. If you already have a windows emulator than you shouldn't have a problem using GCC within it.
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    Well I have had great tech support form both companies. I know Marco and Vinny of GHL have helped me out as well as others with screen sharing and just a little PM on issues I have had. I use 3 GHL Dosers so I love their quality there can not get a better dosing system. I have a Profilux and it is nice and compact design that stays out of the way and easy to use. I use a Mac running VMware fusion to use the GCC software to program the Profilux after that if I need to change any parameters I use the myGHL cloud service or the Phone app's GHL Connect to adjust things that need to be adjusted.
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    I have the 2016 Apex and a standalone GHL Doser 2. No idea whether the GHL controller interface is different of not, but I just find working with the doser to be a bit counterintuitive - to me, at least. But I'm an old-school 'programmer' so I always just write my own statements in Apex anyhow.
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