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Dec 18, 2019
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Hello all I’ve been around posting around a week or two but I guess it’s time to officially say hello! Names Codey from the Pittsburgh, PA area and I’ve been in the hobby for just about 5 years off and on. Started off fresh water then jumped head first into salt. Fell on my face a few times definitely made mistakes especially with fish selection. My first two-three years I tore down and put up three different tanks and moved three different times. I finally upgraded from a 10 and 30g to where I’m at now with my 65g tank. I’d like to say I know enough now to be dangerous but I am finally settled down and can dedicate full attention to my tank now that it’s back in my care! Here’s some pics from over the years (yes I do know some with the tangs were just part of being a noob and not understanding what they really need). Pics go from new to hobby to current setup. That said the yellow tang is a beast and are probably the hardiest fish and they all kicked butt through rough time.
Here is also some of the equipment being run:
Somatic 60 sump with Somatic 60 skimmer
Vectra S2 return
BRS mini reactor 50/50 carbon GfO mix
Tunze ATO
2x tunze nanostream powerheads 475gph
Ecotech battery backup
2x Red Sea ReefLED 50’s
All plumbed with 3/4” pvc

Current livestock
3x Clowns (I thought all were ocellaris but now ones huge another is tiny and one turned mostly black) all are 3-4 years old

2 Chromies
2 yellow tail damsels
1 Neon Dottyback (kinda wanna get rid of)
1 pink spotted watchman goby with a pistol shrimp buddy
There some turbos and CUC in there

1 Australian hammer coral
1 large GSP colony
1 small pulsing Xenia frag

5BA9B2A4-2CCC-4519-BC8A-ACE4A5F72005.jpeg 20CA2B3F-A741-4692-B63D-B04872146246.jpeg FE22D101-FB29-468E-AF76-CCD34BC1E972.jpeg F90BB385-561C-473F-92FF-5CE7C984EE24.jpeg 6B1E1CDB-DD5F-4C75-83D3-035E1259EAE7.jpeg C7775DA0-7C98-4542-B5E8-2EAE260CF60C.jpeg F8CDAC67-C36D-49C2-B7A3-098E9BC47478.jpeg 07F486C0-B53A-443A-AAFB-60789A02F820.jpeg 0A7BDAB2-E8A9-4975-8F4E-299682F6FC97.jpeg E5E2361F-4995-444B-ACCE-CBD8F86D43D9.jpeg 50E773D4-3973-464B-A9C2-E06BC7B7F492.jpeg 835AA13F-34F0-4F1F-A9D6-24A0605BE622.jpeg


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Aquarium Specialty - dry goods & marine livestock
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