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For sale Houston, TX - 10" Giant Hawkfish

10" Giant Hawkfish in Houston, TX
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I have had this Giant Hawkfish for almost 3 years now. When I got him, he was around 1". He is a great eater, and leaves my other fish alone for the most part. He actually does come out and perch at various places around my tank, so you do get to see him out and about and not just at diner time. I know he will outgrow my aquarium in the next couple of years, so I am trying to find him a new home before that happens. If no one wants him, I will just buy a larger system. Thanks for your interest! Ryan


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Jun 16, 2017
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Houston, TX
I put him through over 4 months of quarantine treating for various infections and parasites just in case when I got him (just like I do for all my fish) around 3 years ago. He is a great fish!

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