1. Ryanakers05

    Florida Live Goods Falco Hawkfish-$40

    I have a full grown Falco Hawkfish I’ve had him over a year. I love his personality however he doesn’t like six line wrasses and that oddly enough is one of my favorite fish. I am looking for someone to rehome the little guy as of right now he is in the sump in time out with a pair of clowns.
  2. Decat

    Houston, TX - 10" Giant Hawkfish

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Houston, TX - 10" Giant Hawkfish. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. Houston, TX - 10" Giant Hawkfish

    For sale Houston, TX - 10" Giant Hawkfish

    I have had this Giant Hawkfish for almost 3 years now. When I got him, he was around 1". He is a great eater, and leaves my other fish alone for the most part. He actually does come out and perch at various places around my tank, so you do get to see him out and about and not just at diner...
  4. zbever

    75 Gallon Stocking List

    Hello! I am setting up my first saltwater tank. I hope to make a beautiful reef tank in the future. I am starting with my fish until I can afford to light for my coral dreams. I have been keeping fresh water for over 10 years. Right now I am working with a standard 75 gallon. I am...
  5. bert236

    Do hawk fish eat corals?

    I went in to the lfs today to pickup a long nose hawk fish and the guy at the store was adamant that it will eat all soft corals and some lps corals. I have never seen that in the research I did on these guys only that you had to worry about inverts around them. Has anyone had issues with hawk...
  6. C

    New Longnose Hawkfish Not Eating

    Hi all, As a longtime lurker on this forum, this wasn't how I expected to finally make an account, but I'm hoping someone can help me. I've just about finished cycling my tank as of yesterday (0 ppm ammonia, .1 ppm Nitrite, 25 ppm Nitrate, 1.026 sg) and went to an LFS to pick up a fish to...
  7. Erik the Red

    Hawkfish and Dottyback

    Hi everyone, I’m finally heading to my LFS today for getting 2 fish for my Waterbox 35.2 (23G display, 33G system) I would like to get a longnose (or Falco) hawkfish and an orchid dottyback. Do you think they can get along in the tank? They Will be the only inhabitants of the tank.
  8. IMG_20201213_141937191.jpg


  9. ReefSoup

    HELP!! - Longnose Hawkfish Disease/Parasite Identification

    I began noticing what looks like a white bump on the bottom tip of my longnose hawkfish's mouth. I haven't seen any change in behavior and it's still eating regularly. It's not the clearest picture, but it's the best I could get for now. Any ideas on if this may be a parasite, infection or...
  10. El_Guapo13

    Where to buy hawkfish

    I am looking to buy a hawkfish, leaning towards a Falco, Flame, or Longnose. I know Live Aquaria has some Falcos in stock, but with how much I hear of people having received sick or dying fish from them and all other complaints, I am admittedly hesitant about ordering from them. So, I figured...
  11. Manda0597

    Build Thread My 36 Gallon FOWLR Tank

    I will post photos, updates, and progress as the tank evolves. Here is an overview of the tank as it is now. *May 2020* Our goal is to have a colorful, lively, symbiotic ecosystem. We have stayed towards more peaceful fish species and they all get along so far. So we've had our tank since...
  12. VictoryBell

    Do flame hawks eat asterina stars?

    Hello all, I've noticed in the past 6 months or so, my fairly large population of asterina starfish has disappeared. This, coincidentally or not, was around the same time that I added my flame hawkfish. Has anyone ever noticed their flame hawk going after little starfish? I mean, I can't...
  13. Britttt

    Brown ring on foxface

    Hi all! Yesterday morning I noticed my foxface had a large mark on its right side that suspiciously looked like a blenny kiss. After looking at the forum, it must be. I got home in the afternoon and noticed the Fox now has a Brown ring on the same side as the blenny kiss (blenny kiss has faded...
  14. ArcEyedHawkfish-Megability.jpeg


    ArcEyed Hawkfish on the lurk in the Montipora...
  15. Cole nelson

    Longnose hawk fish with mandarin

    Hello,I have had successfully owned a green mandarin goby for over a year in my 50 gallon reef tank. However, a buddy of mine offered me one of his fish from his 40 gallon reef.. a longnose hawk fish. I have loved these fish and always seen them to Be an interest, and have considered purchasing...
  16. Reef Dog 29

    Blenny Question

    Hi everybody, I have a Tailspot blenny in my 29gal biocube with a Clarkii CF, Lemon peel Angel, and a newly added Flame Hawkfish. Before I added the hawkfish, everyone in the tank was fine and very visible. Ever since the addition of the hawkfish, I have not seen the blenny out in the open and...
  17. marissas47

    2 hawkfish in a 75 ?

    I have a 75 gal mixed reef that has been running for about 6 years, I bought it and brought it home 1.5 years ago. I have a large longnose hawk that I absolutely love, and I just bought the contents of a tank from someone who had to move. That tank included a med sized falco hawk, among other...
  18. L

    Fish list. Help needed

    Hello do you think that the percula clowns (the 2 that I already had wich are aggressive eaters) Will be able to deal with more aggressive tank mates like the long nose hawk fish, coral bueaty angelfish, and a few cromis (the other fish are the rest of my fish list). And do you think having more...
  19. Eva Rose

    Opinions on Flame Hawkfish Bonded Pairs

    I am considering getting a flame hawkfish (Or a bonded Pair) for my tank. I had a 5 yr old Pixy Hawk that I really enjoyed but it died. I know some “bonded pairs” of fish can dislike each other once they mature. Is this true of Flame Hawks or do they usually stay tolerate of each other? Also...
  20. WallyB

    Build Thread 90 Gallon Mixed/LPS Tank (15 year Journey to ★Success★) [Every Accident/Disaster/Problem]

    It took me 15 years to put together this Tank Thread. This tank has many hair raising stories over it's lifetime. Many lessons learned. I have had many of the Reef Classic: Accidents/Events/ and Setbacks: -> Had a Massive Macro Algae Spore Explosion ( Algae went "Go sexual" and ->...
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