How to Fix a Dosing Mistake: High Cal with Low Alk

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    Hi folks: long story short but after Hurricane Irma I have been dosing calcium but not alkalinity. I checked my 2-part dosing with Apex immediately after the storm, and all seemed fine on the Fusion console. Unfortunately, I forgot to prime the DOS after that major loss of power, so the pump head kept spinning but nothing was drawing from the container. (This is my first 6 months with both the Apex and 2-part dosing.)

    I have done two 30% water changes since the storm, but my calcium is higher than my salifert test can read, and my alk has fallen to 6.8. In attempting to read up about how to deal with this situation, I have found an article that says to dose both elements in the same amount even if you want to raise only one. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but I would like to get some feedback before following through on that. My target dose with alkalinity would be 8.8. Thanks for any input.

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    It is fine to dose just the alk part of a two part if calcium is already too high. So keep dosing alk as needed.

    Second step is to determine the actual calcium level by using another syringe or two to get to the actual endpoint, and add the values together.
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    Dose evenly. Continue water changes for a month on a regular schedule. Onnce or twice a month or whatever you do.

    After a month or two, you'll see if there is an imbalance in the cal and alk. Then increase the dosing for the one that is low. This will be different with every salt mix.
    Some that are balanced salts will likely not need uneven dosing.

    Keep in mind out tests are not that great. So test error is common. So just get close.

    The reason to dose evenly is the use is always even.
    By dosing evenly you can see the next step you need to take. Or tanks one at all.

    I preferred to do a series of one a week wc for a few week to the the tank closer to my salt parameters before starting my guesses on the initial dose.
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