How To: Transfer an Existing AIO Aquarium to a Sump System | Upgrading the ORA Build - JOIN US TO WIN A WATERBOX SWAG BAG!

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Sep 15, 2017
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Hello, R2R!

We've got a new mini series airing this week, featuring our friends at ORA.

For our first episode, we will be discussing the benefits of choosing a system with a sump!


Learn more about aquaculture and the future of the hobby with Waterbox and ORA on Wednesdays (6:00 PM EST) as we upgrade our AIO PENINSULA 65.4 to the PENINSULA 4820. There are many benefits to choosing an aquarium system with a sump. A sump will provide your system with additional water volume, improved filtration and plenty of room to install equipment, hidden from view. With appropriate planning, upgrading your tank can be a breeze— and we're ready to show you how it's done!

Join us as we remove the contents and livestock from the PENINSULA AIO 65.4 and transfer them into our new PENINSULA 4820, plus your chance to win a Waterbox Aquariums SWAG PACK!

We'll be kicking off on Wednesday, September 15th at 6:00 PM EST.

TUNE IN HERE: Transferring an Existing AIO Aquarium to a Sump System | Upgrading the ORA Build
Missed the livestream? Don't worry, you can still watch the full stream by clicking the link above.

See you there!
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