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Feb 19, 2020
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Is it normal for a clown fish to be sprinting back and forth all over (mostly on the glass sides) all day long, every day? If you were to lay his activity end-to-end in a straight line, I swear this guy has gone as a far as the moon and back by now. It's nuts. He looks good, eats well, poops just fine, etc. But man. This is a 33 gallon cube. 3 other fish besides him, all getting along quite well, very limited aggression. I would think this clown is driving his tank mates insane.

He/she was part of a pair, but the mate flopped out through a small hole in the night. (Sucked, I have fixed this for now, need a longer term solution to my cover.) I'm pretty sure this was the larger one (that may have become female already, they were doing seizures and other behaviors), but in the end it was getting hard to tell. If I'm right, he's gone from being completely mellow to being completely hyper active. Before it was the little guy (the escapee) who was the hyper active one. I know- you'll think I must be mistaken about who flopped out. Possible but I doubt it. Is it a thing for the submissive to be hyper active and the dominant to be mellow, and once there is nothing to dominate, they revert to being hyper active?

I wish he'd nest in my elegance coral, but no luck.

He also goes bizerk when the lights go off, hitting the screen (top), etc. I have tried to control this as much as possible by ramping down and keeping the room lights on, then turning off the room lights after the ramp down (Kessil A360WE goes from something like 10% to 0, so the "dimming" is limited). But there's only so much I can do. He also swims in his "sleep", right underneath the return line in a strong down draft. Usually they don't go near the down draft, don't ask me why that's suddenly preferred in the night! It's kinda crazy. (In the day, occasionally, I've seen him go over to the down draft and "race" into, going up and down against the current- it looks nutty- and I have wondered if he's going to launch himself into the return line and wondered how far he'd get...)

Only theory I can come up with is that maybe he's getting too much food since I do notice after eating, he starts sprinting heavily, and over time it slows up a bit. But this doesn't seem a satisfying explanation, the other fish eat more and aren't practicing for the olympics all day.
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Aug 11, 2013
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Happens very commonly. As long as its eating, responsive to food and movement around it- the word Clown is fitting



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