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Jun 27, 2022
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Lehigh Valley
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Ok, so my mother came over and saw my tank so she decided to start a reef tank her self.
The one problem is that she doesn't like to listen too well smh

So I helped her set up a 40 breeder, went to the LFS and picked up water, a piece of live rock and sand.

Told her..wait a few weeks at least so the tank start cycling and then we get a few things to get it going....

The very next day, she went to petco, bought 2 clown fish, a damsel, a few hermit crabs, and another piece of live rock for the tank..smdh. so much for listening right?

Now the issue is that petco sold her this rock and I guess it came with a not 100% sure what it is...
Anyone can help me ID this guy. Is this a type of anemone or something else?

Friend ? Foe ?

Thank you for all the help.


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Feb 23, 2019
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looks like a condylactis anemone. They are pretty hardy but i have heard they move around a lot and can eat fish as they have a stronger sting than host anemones like BTAs

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