ION Director pre-order special offer ending soon!

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Jul 27, 2016
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Pre-order special offer ending soon!


Have you pre-ordered the ION Director yet?
If not, what are you waiting for?

The ION DIRECTOR revolutionizes the way you test and automate essential reef parameters.
With the IOND, you can conveniently test and control:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Nitrate
  • Sodium
Parameters too high or too low? Let the IOND adjust dosages for you!
With each and every test, the IOND evaluates your current parameters and determines if any adjustment is necessary. Whether the test results show one or more parameters being too high or too low, the IOND will automatically adjust your existing dose schedule so it can steadily bring your levels within your desired range.

Want to test 1x, 2x, or more times per day?
IOND gives you the flexibility to choose how often you want your parameters tested. Using the intuitive connectivity platforms, you can chose to test anywhere between 0 - 24 times per day!
You can even choose at what time the first test of the day will happen.

IOND automatically tracks and charts your test results
With the myGHL cloud service and GHL Connect app, you can freely check-in on your tank from where ever you are. Each test performed by the IOND is automatically logged and tracked from the cloud. Viewing your past test results is as easy as opening the GHL Connect app and connecting to your master device. Our easy-to-navigate charting system allows you to gain a better understanding of how your parameters change over the course of the day, weeks, and even months.


One Multi-ion sensor to test all parameters
On going research and testing has allowed us to develop a new multi-ion sensor like nothing else on the market. Instead of relying on multiple sensor tips per parameters, our design features a single tip for all parameters. No need to replace separate parts to the sensor, just a single sensor is all it takes. This makes sensor replacement quick and easy.


No need to calibrate the Multi-ion sensor...the IOND does it automatically!
The IOND's auto-calibration feature allows it to calibrate the multi-ion sensor before the start of each test. With the use of cost-effective reference fluids, a single calibration prepares the multi-ion sensor for all supported parameters.

Ultimate accuracy and precision
As with many things in this hobby, stability is key. Through the use of 4 dosing pump heads, the IOND effectively performs measurements with lab-grade precision and accuracy. Out of the 4 pump heads used by the IOND, 2 heads are used for feeding two separate reference fluids for automatic ion-sensor calibration. The use of these heads eliminate the need to manually calibrate the sensor and ensure that each test is performed with a freshly calibrated sensor, every time.

No controller required!
As with all our products, we are firm believers in giving our users the freedom to choose how they want to access their devices. With the IOND, it is no different!
Our product does not require you to have a ProfiLux controller to run it. With a Standalone GHL Doser, you will have everything you need to control the IOND.

Doser 2 and ION Director

Pairs perfectly with the KH Director
Complete the holy grail of testing and control by adding the KH Director into the mix.
Having the IOND and KHD together allows you to fully automate the testing and control of your aquarium's key parameters. While the KHD measures and controls your alkalinity, the IOND will test and control other important parameters which help you get one step closer to a healthy reef tank.


Pre-order before January 31 to get 15% off the ION Director package of your choice!

ION Director Pricing

  • ION Director, single device: $499.90 ($424.92 if ordered before 01/31/20)
  • ION Director Standalone Set: $899.90 ($764.92 if ordered before 01/31/20)
  • ION Director Slave Set: $849.90 ($722.42 if ordered before 01/31/20)
  • Click here for ION Director accessory pricing
2 ways to pre-order
  • Purchase at your preferred GHL dealer or on the GHL online shop
  • Email us at: [email protected]
    • We will reply back with a form to fill out. Return it completed and we will provide the next steps.
Frequently Asked Questions
What's the difference between the ION Director package options? How do I know which one I need?
  • ION Director, single device: This option is for those who already have 4 dosing pump heads (2.1) which are not being used. Since the IOND requires 4 pump heads to run it, you will need to use these pump heads to run it. If you are new to GHL or do not have a dosing pump to run this device, this option is not recommended.
  • ION Director, Standalone Set: This option is for those who are NEW to the GHL brand and do not currently own a master device like a Standalone Doser or ProfiLux 3 or ProfiLux 4 controller. This package includes a everything you need to get started with testing. If you wish to also dose the tested parameters, you will need an additional dosing unit (SLAVE).
  • ION Director, Slave Set: This option is for those who ALREADY OWN a master device like a Standalone Doser or ProfiLux 3 or ProfiLux 4 controller. This package connects to your master device with the use of a PAB-cable (not included in set). If you wish to also dose the tested parameters, you will need an additional dosing unit (SLAVE).
What is the expected lifespan of the multi-ion sensor?
  • Lifespan is 6 - 18 months depending on environmental conditions such as water quality and how often tests are performed.
What is the accuracy of the IOND?
Target accuracy:

  • 10ppm for Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium
  • Less than 1ppm for Nitrate
  • 100ppm or better for Sodium
How many ml of reference solution is used per test?
  • Depending on your actual parameters at time of testing, the amount of each reference fluid used can vary between 5 - 10ml.
    Reference A and B fluids are used in equal portions.
Are there reference fluids included with the IOND?
  • Yes, all IOND packages include 1x 500ml bottle of Reference A and 1x 500ml bottle of Reference B.
    Reference solutions will be available in 500ml and 1000ml sizes.
When does shipping begin?
  • IOND begins shipping from Germany on March 31, 2020


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Oct 17, 2017
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Hey there Vinny, sorry to get off track on this post but I have left a couple voicemails each on your line as well as the GHL line without a call back in regards to the newer "T" shaped clear acrylic pieces for the Flex Mounts so I can mount the LX7's perpendicular.

I already own 2 LX7's with Flex Mounts, so needless to say don't want to buy an entire new setup just to obtain the 2 needed acrylic pieces. Are these parts available to purchase separately?

Please get back to me when you have a moment.

Thanks much......Craig

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Jul 27, 2016
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Why didn't the ION Director just have the ALK testing ? So someone basically has to buy the KH Director just to get the ALK test?
The technology in the KHD and IOND are very different. KH cannot be tested with an ION sensor hence why we have the KHD.

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