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Juvenile Ritteri Questions + Help!!


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Apr 1, 2017
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Dnak and Taylor T are both really good with anemones and knowledgeable...
having said that, I'm going to disagree with Taylor T and go with H.magnifica.
I've seen H.mags arrive with pointy tipped tentacles like were shown in this thread before. It almost looks like someone pulling off a glove and their fingers are still inside. That will change as the anemone gets healthier in my experience.

ETA - And I would NOT add clowns right now to that anemone. The anemone, (regardless of what it is) is too small and stressed out from shipping right now to handle the abuse from clowns.

And I've had Darwin Black Ocellaris take a few days to go into one of my H.mags in the past. Clownfish going into an anemone is not definitive as to what species the anemone is.

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