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    I just received my new gyre, very happy with the flow. But i was wondering how to set up a night mode?


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    Hi. Thanks for your support, this is customer service from Maxspect. There are auto mode for you to set up water flow on time points.
    You could set the water flow mode you like on the evening time.

    If you do not like to set up the water flow on each time point.
    There are the preset modes(OGC Oceanic Gyre Cycle and LTC Lunar Tidal Cycle) , they are the presets mimicking the natural.
    Oceanic Gyre Cycle and LTC Lunar Tidal Cycle are what we recommend to use to mimick natural environment.
    The minimum and maximum settings for these presets are just for reference, not the real minimum and maximum flow,
    These parameters will be put into a formula to work out the randomly nature-mimicking minimum and maximum flow.

    And we also provide the new function "Wax and wane" for you to turn on.
    As shown in picture below. The "Wax and Wane" Function is on, and "D1" means Day 1 of Lunar Cycle, "D2" means Day 2 etc...

    Once you turn on the wax and wane function, the mode will extend 2 minutes per hour,
    leading to extending 48 minutes per day, mimicking the moon rising 48 mins later everyday than previous day.
    Eventually, 30 days will be a circle.

    Gyre Lunar.jpg
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