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Jason mack

Monti madness
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Dec 3, 2016
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Jason Mack

47 and 3/4s

Year started reefing:

Why you choose your user name and avatar:
Unfortunately I didn’t choose my name my parents did !! But my friends call me “Mack “ or “Macky” so feel free too call me one of the above !

Favorite fish:
Clownfish have always been my favorite although.. I also love my Cbb !!

Favorite coral:
That's a tough one ... my rainbow acan ... my chalice ... my torches ... I’m just glad that I can keep them alive ...

And a little about yourself:
Hmmmmm ... I’m a Brit , Irish mother , Scottish father ... born in England .. so I’m just confused !! I moved too Holland 21 years ago , I’ve had several careers changes over the years ,when I left school I learnt my trade as a plasterer , went into structural fireproofing did that for 11 years or so then when I moved too Holland I was in demolition, then worked for a company installing light masts for football and hockey ,my last job I was foreman for a welding company doing construction and later thermal warming projects ( pipe line) for the large greenhouses over here , 6 months ago I had two heart attacks, now fully recovered ! So changed jobs for a more relaxed stress free job as house boss(security) in a coffeeshop , which I’m really enjoying !
Hobby’s include
Cars ( the lambo in my photo is not mine , I borrowed it for a couple of hrs)
Martial arts .. jeet kune do .. Aikido (black belt)

Link to build thread

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Zack K

The Butterfly Guy
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Jan 6, 2017
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Name: Zack K
Age: 18
Year started Reefing: 2006
Why you chose your username: Just my name, and a very cool picture showing the craziest of relationships Shrimp and Toadstool
Favorite Fish: Butterfly Fish , sunburst Anthias if we are picking just one.
Favorite coral: Too many to choose

My name is Zack and I’m 18. I’ve been reefing for as long as I can remember. I have done a lot of work with Butterflies in the past and hope to continue. I am a maintenance Tech by trade and work long days. Hobbies outside of Reefing is classic cars. Never can satisfy my needs.


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Nov 25, 2014
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Chicago, IL - West Suburbs


Year started reefing:

Why you choose your user name and avatar:
I had an emerald crab and a coral banded shrimp in my first aquarium and wanted a catchy and edgy handle... Did I achieve it? Lol

Favorite fish:
Blue Star Leopard Wrasse or a Midas Blenny

Favorite coral:
Zoas for their colors and ease of care
Acros for their different growth patterns, colors, and the challenge.

And a little about yourself:
Originally from England, transplant in Chicago for the last 20 or so years.

Spending a lot of time these days on home projects included my basement bar tank build among others. This summer is refacing the fireplace with stone veneer, replacing a deck, and replacement floor in the basement.

Link to build thread:

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Cobb / Webb - 1989
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Nov 29, 2016
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In-The-Boro, TN

Name: Freddie

Wife is Angelia (Been together since we were 14 and 15 years old, in 1982)
Two daughters (Heather and Holy-Marie) Grand Child at bottom left is Addie / Son in law on right is Josh

Username: Tennesse Volunteers "Football"

Been going to "Neyland" stadium since 1983

Age: 52

Favorite Fish: Achilles Tang

Favorite Coral: Space Invader / Pectinia

Strength: Asking for input from other reefer's that I fully trust.

Started my first freshwater tank in 1976 with the help and support of my father.

Got hands wet in saltwater (for the first time) in 1986, just after Angelia and I were married.

Current Reef: 2013 / Red Sea S-400 / Bare Bottom / Mixed Reef

Lost just about the entire reef in early 2015 / do to dino's :(

Build link is below:

Have been in adverting my entire career and an research-holic ;Wacky ...
Including being an absolute "Other's" build thread, thief ...;Bookworm ...;Wideyed ...;Writing

All three granddaughters together :)

Oldest to youngest: Addie / Liesel and Heidi

Still have a long ways to go (in the hobby) and learning each and every day.

An true honor to be one part of the Reef 2 Reef, "family" and never take that for granted.

Can be outspoken, like to be playful and have fun.
Truly a humble person deep down, and try to keep God, close to the heart, at all times.

Regards, GoVols
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Oct 11, 2015
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Hey my name is Cameron
I'm 28 years old and I started this hobby 3 years ago.
I started out with a 26 gallon AIO and I didnt start the normal way, my dad did this when he was we got some sand and went down to the dock and got water and filled the tank up and let it clear up, then the next night we went and got fish from the side of the dock where all the stuff was grown into it. We got a couple gobys, baby puffers, a bat fish and no lie, two pistol shrimp lol. We ended up with alot of familiar fish you see in reef tanks today just not the colorful ones at all. Oh and pipe fish!
We got back home around ten that night and let them into the tank.......I didnt take my eyes off of it until about 4 that morning.
So we had that setup for a good little while until coral caught my eye.
I then purchased a 3 gallon for starters which is the very first post in "I'm bored lets see your reefs" and it took off from there.

My favorite corals are zoanthids and euphyllia.
Favorite fish would have to be the coral beauty angel being it was my first colorful fish.
I chose my avatar because Yoda is awesome and his name auto corrects to a capital Y when I type his name in.
Have been in the hobby ever since and love every minute of it. Just bought a clam today! For obivious reasons my user name is what it is because it's my name lol.
Happy Reefing!
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Reef keeping with Military Precision!
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Jan 5, 2016
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Fist name :Michael


Why did you choose your screen name:

I have a 120 gallon Reef and believe that it has great dimensions for a Marine Aquarium.

Your avatar??

The Eagle, Globe, and Anchor is the official emblem and insignia of the United States Marine Corps.

Build thread:

Build thread #2:

How long have you been Reef keeping:

I began keeping tanks as a kid and started with fresh water. Back in the early 1990's I tried my hand at saltwater for the first time with limited success and used a lot of sub par equipment. My real saltwater experience came about in 1995 when I converted a 72 gallon bowfront fresh water tank over to saltwater. It was tough and had many ups and down but I kept meticulous notes and learned. I've read tons of books as I'm sure many of you have.

Area of strength in the Hobby:

. My strengths are plumbing, welding and fabrication , tank builds, dosing , automation.

A Little about me:

I’ve been married to my beautiful bride for 26 years. We have been blessed with 4 children and soon to be 5 grand children. God is good!

I got my start in the mechanical field very young, I believe I was about 6 when I started helping my father working on cars. This passion continued in the US Marine Corps as a Fuel and Electronics mechanic , a Nuclear biological chemical Marine and as a 0317 military MOS specialist .During my years of service I was deployed to 15 countries for multiple different types of missions.

After my military years I went to work for the worlds largest Steel Producer as a Union Millwright and still do this today where I now hold the title Master Craftsmen .

My favorite fish:

The Achilles Tang, it’s a shame I have never had a tank large enough to have one. Lol upgrade right!

Favorite hobby outside of reef keeping:

Your kidding right?? There are other hobbies??

I love to Scuba dive , fish , hunt, work on cars and Read Books about the Marine hobby.

Closing statements??

Don't let that distract you from the fact that In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them ... maybe you can hire The A-Team. [emoji6]
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MACNA2016 Co-Chair
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May 9, 2009
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San Diego, CA

Name: Dave Morris
Age: 52 years
Year started reefing: 1998 or so
Why you choose your user name and avatar: My user name on any forum I belong to has always been my full name. I have no desire to hide behind a screen name.
Favorite fish: Naso Tang
Favorite coral: Rainbow Monti
And a little about yourself: I get to travel a lot for work all over the world and because of that I have seen many other cultures. I also work as the union steward in the Sports Arena here in San Diego which allows me to work with a lot of big entertainers.

Build Thread Link:

My 130g as a reef tank
My 130g as a dart frog tank

My strong points in the hobby are controllers and automation and plumbing. I have had to always keep my tanks automated as much as possible due to my travel schedule.
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lion king

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Jul 3, 2016
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My name is Adrian, aka lion king; I chose the name lion king because of my fascination with lionfish. I've been fishing and reefing for 30 years now, I've had many tanks, then several years ago I started a dwarf lion rescue. Through the years now I've rescued dozens of lionfish; some I kept in one of my 7 tanks, some I rehomed; my 90g lion reef being the main home and favorite tank of all time.

Although i do keep a reef and have had several through the years, fish are more my priority. My favorite corals are euphylias and I do enjoy lps corals above all others. My strengths would be the care of ambush predators, triggers, aggressive tanks and the care of some difficult to feed species. I like diy projects and am a big fan of algae reactors, so you'll see me post in the diy and equipment forums as well.

I'm going through sort of a moral dilemma at the moment; so I'm not as involved as I use to be; I try to keep my negativity to this forum and not spread it to rest of the forums. I had 2 tanks wiped out by velvet and have closed down tanks since the beginning of the year, I now have 3 tanks. I enjoy the tanks I have and still feel I have positive info I can share, but I am limiting my involvement until I can figure out how to proceed. The industry has changed since I started and we really do have to do something. The mortality rate and disease is unsustainable, as well as immoral(for me at least).

My favorite room of the house:



Prone to wander, never lost.
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Jun 9, 2013
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Knoxville TN
My name is Jeff Bowlin.

I am fifty-one, I think.

I started reefing in 2014, after many years of reading, wanting, and wishing. My first book reefing book was Albert Thiel’s The Marine Fish and Invert Reef Aquarium, circa 1988. Suffice to say, that’s over 25 years of dreaming and waiting. I find it very interesting, changing methods over time, around unchanging chemistry and biology. It’s truly amazing to me how far the hobby has come. RIP Mr. Thiel.

I chose my user name and avatar quickly I think. While I like the idea of being stranded on a tropical island, I’m sure the reality of it would be different. I use the name on Insta as well - @CastAway2018.

I suppose my favorite fish would be the Orange Spotted Harlequin File Fish. I don’t have one, but maybe one day. My favorite fish in my system today is probably my female Leopard Wrasse, followed closely by my Scopas Tang. I think that the closer one looks at almost anything, the more beautiful it becomes, and the Scopas is a testament of that, drab as some may find it.

My favorite coral is probably my pink and green stylophora pistillata. It the highest piece in my tank and has a unique tabling structure I have not seen before. I’ve recently lost most of my SPS, but the stylo is holding on.

I’m from the Kansas City area, but have lived in Colorado, Iowa and now Knoxville TN. I married and have three kids, two in college and one out on their own. I work in the engineering business as kind of a software specialist. While between jobs recently, I did have the pleasure of working with Dennis Tagrin, of DT's Phytoplankton - me starting cultures above. I learned a lot, about algae, reefing and people.

My build thread is not really a “build” thread anymore. It’s more of a tank thread I guess. I do have more building to do, stuff I’ve never finished, so it may evolve back to its namesake one day.

R2R is a pretty unique place if you haven’t noticed; if you’re not here reading this because of it. There’s more than meets the eye that lie behind the success of the site and the people who manage it. I’m thankful for R2R, for that uniqueness, and the social aspects of reefing that I never expected. I’ll confess, I’m really in no way qualified to be deemed Reef Squad. It’s the cumulative knowledge, experience, zeal and engagement over time that bring value to the group and to the site.

Happy Reefing, and stick to the fundamentals,

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Jan 19, 2012
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Union Beach, New Jersey
First Name:

Why you chose your screen name:
I love transformers and gears of war, I put my two favorite characters together and got my name

Current tank specs:
60G Cube

Area of strength in the hobby:
My time is dedicated to my clownfish and Anemones.

Favorite hobby outside reefing:

I fish regularly and hike with my family looking for herps. I also fron a Scott Weiland Tribute band

How long have you been reef keeping:
Since 1996... does that show my age?

Been married for 12 years, We have two daughters, and have a son on the way in Sept.

I have been away from R2R since December when my father was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer on Christmas Eve, life is slowly getting back to normal and I will try my best to be here regularly

Happy Reefing!


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Apr 16, 2016
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Palo Alto, Bay Area
First name: Ranjib
Age: 35
Strengths: Nano and pico reef tanks. DIY Electronics, software & computer stuff
Started Reef Keeping: 2015
Why you choose your username & avatar: My username is my first name. My avatar is Jimi Hendrix's "Axis bold as love" album cover, he is my favorite musician
Favorite fish: orange spotted filefish & blue stripe pipefish (its a tie :))
Favorite coral: Rainbow montipora
About Me: I had freshwater tank back as a kid, for almost a decade. Then I got very busy with all things software and internet but always wanted to keep a reef tank, and kept on reading about it for 4 years. I took the plunge to keep a nano tank in 2016 when my son was born, to spend more time at home and also to learn electronics.

Outside reefing, I am an avid opensource software & hardware person, also very much involved in model railroad & robotics


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May 7, 2015
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Anaheim, CA
Hello all,just like to formally introduce myself. My name is Ben aka Ndrwater. I live in Southern California and am deeply involved with our local club SCMAS or Southern California Marine Aquarium Society. As some of you may know, SCMAS is where Reefapalooza all started. All of us on the board put in long unpaid hours to make these shows what they are today. We do it not for anything else than for the love of the hobby.
As for my background, I have been keeping aquariums in one way or another since I was 8 years old. When in college, I worked at a LFS that at the time was known for keeping reef tanks when there was very little if any info out there. All pre internet, so books, articles and good ole trial and error was the way to try and figure things out.
I was the buyer and the Saltwater and reef "go to guy" back in those days. I left the retail side if the business to move to the South Pacific in Tonga to run a collection station focusing on Live Rock and LPS and softie corals.. in those days, SPS was just something that was beyond the average reefer and not something as a supplier I focused on..
After spending a couple of years in Tonga, I moved on to Fiji. This unfortunately didn't end up exactly how I planned, so I ended up coming back to the States. With the bad tast in my mouth that was left by my experience in Fiji, I left the hobby to persue my other passion Scuba diving. I taught diving professionally for 6 years before that too became a job and no longer fun..
All of this leads to today.
With my wife's support, I decided to get back into the hobby that had directed my path through life for so many years with a 240 gallon SPS tank. I had done everything else to that point,so it seemed like a logical idea...
Fast forward 5 years, and here we are today.. I would consider myself pretty successful in my SPS endeavors.. there is always something else to learn, but the basics never change...
There have been lots of stories over the years, and I always enjoy a trip down memory lane over an adult beverage at shows like RAP or MACNA with other members of this fishy fraternity. Look me up, as I am at all of the RAP's and MACNA..




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Jul 28, 2013
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Corpus Christi, TX
Hi everybody,
My name is Minh. I am 57 as of 8/2018. I came from Vietnam to the US in 1975.
My Avatar is the picture of my three boys. Orion is the name of my middle son. It is a fairly unique name so that was the reason why I choose it for my online name.

I keep fish and breed them as long as I can remember. In 1980, my freshman year at UT-Austin, I saw a anemone and clown fish at a LFS and was hooked forever. I have keep marine aquarium, and rarely without a marine aquarium since then. At one time I have 15 aquariums of various size in my apartment.
I keep a variety of animals, but my favorites have always been host Anemones & Clownfish, Tridacna clams, and Fairy/Flasher wrasses.
My biggest contribution to our great hobby were two treatment protocols: Fresh water dip for Pinched Mantel Disease in clams and antibiotic protocol for treatment of infected host anemones.

I am very blessed to be married to my beautiful wife for 26 years as of this months. We have three perfect boys. Two in college and my baby still in 7th grade. At this time, I keep 4 systems. 65 gal Anemone reef in my office. 40 gal reef as QT system, and a 30 gal sump less cube as another QT system. and my main DT which is a 320 gal DT system. I finished with fish acquisition mode so I will take down the 30 gal, and convert the 40 gal QT to the same sump as my DT over the next few months.

This is a picture of my family. We were having a lot of fun this last summer.

Dr. Reef
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Jan 22, 2013
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Tulsa, OK
My name is Mike and i went to med school but never finished it. Couldn't handle blood and fainted a few time. I became a computer programmer. I am 42, live in Tulsa Oklahoma and married.
Been in hobby for about 25+ yrs.
Its me with green wrist band
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RAP Orlando


Jack of all trades, Master of none ;-)
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May 7, 2016
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So. New Hampshire
Well I guess I should say hello being a new member of the FANTASTIC group

Name: Keith

Age: 52

Year started reefing: Had a 10 gal seahorse tank back in 1990 but didn't know anything then, lasted about 6 months. Been in salt water constantly since 1992 with a FOWLR tank till 2017 when I decided to step it up to a Reef tank.

Screen name: Fudsey has been my gamer tag since the 90s

Current tank specs: Waterbox 135.4 won here on Reef2Reef ! ! !

Build thread: You can see the build HERE (Be forewarned, it's a long one) :)

A little about me: Married since 1991, no kids unless you count fur-babies. Started with fresh water tanks in the late 80s and wanted more. Tried my hand at seahorses but didn't know enough to keep them very long. Moved from Mass to NC in 92 and started salt there with a 45 later that year. Moved back to NH in 96. Kept my live rock alive on the trip back in a 10 gal with a battery air pump. Set up the tank as soon as we moved in. Kept a Lion Fish with a Marine Betta and a couple of damsels for around 5-6 years before the lion passed. Got a new tank after that with a 72BF tank around 2003. One of those Damsels lived to be about 17-18 years old before it died from a stupid mistake. Kept that tank going for almost 14 years until the center support cracked. Bought a 90 to replace that in short order to house my new adventure in salt, a reef tank. Would still have it if it wasn't for winning the Waterbox. Been gaming since the 90's and that's where we are.

Thanks for the invite :)




Tank Status: Dry again.
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Sep 28, 2013
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Lake Charles LA
Ok, I will play. I am honored to be one of the new Reef Squad kids on the block, so please allow me to introduce myself.

First Name:

63 (for one more month!)

I live in Lake Charles, LA and have lived here most of my life. I was an Air Force brat, following my dad to exotic places such as: Grand Forks, ND, Topeka, KS and Riverside, CA. Oh, and I was born in Bermuda. My luck to have lived in Bermuda for 6 months and don't remember a thing about it. :)

Me and my wife, Dorothy. We have been together for 32 years.


No kids, but we have these two furry kids, Sierra & Saber. They are pups here and are about 12 now.


Why you chose your Screen Name / Avatar:
Jimmy Buffett fan from the early 70's. Name is from his song, "Fins," plus I keep fish, so there is that. :)

The avatar is my Landshark Lager neon sign, taken at night. I actually was a past president of the local Parrot Head club for almost 10 years. We raised thousands of dollars for local charities and participated in a lot of community service projects, like road and waterway clean-ups. Annually collecting non-perishables for the local homeless shelter and tons of toys for the local TV station's Community Christmas Program.

Other Hobbies:
Not many, really. I mostly tinker with my never-ending tank build, but I have two old cars that I enjoy playing with. The '79 ElCamino was my dad's that he left to me. I have had it about 8 years. The '79 Corvette is a survivor. Pretty much factory with only a little over 18,000 miles on it. I have had it about 25 years.


I am also one of the Admins of Louisiana Reef Club and have been involved with it on and off for the last 10 years or so. @Humblefish (Bobby) is our heavy lifter / main guy there, but I lend my moral "old guy" support. :)

How long have you been reef keeping:
My first saltwater tank was a 58 gallon Oceanic in 1983, so around 35 years in salt water. Dead coral decor and fish. This was long before live rock and "reefing."

Favorite Fish:
My Copperband Butterfly. It is at least 10 years old. My aiptasia control!


Current tank specs:
I have a Reef Savvy 125ish (48 x 24 x 25H). It is still dry, but will someday actually see water.
I also have a DIY Starphire 15 gallon nano that I made 6-7 years ago. It does actually have water in it.

My past tanks -
Mid 80's I scored a brand new Oceanic 200 gallon for $300. I was a friend of a LFS owner that was going out of business and I got a great deal. He even delivered it. I know it is a funky looking tank by today's standards, but it was about the way most salt water tanks looked back then.

Funny story about this tank. Albert Thiel was a factory rep for Dupla in the mid 80s. He was in town at the new LFS, setting up the very first reef display I had ever seen. I got to talking to him and invited him to my home to give me some pointers on how I might be able to reboot my tank as a reef. He came over to my house after he was done at the LFS. I just remember him looking at the tank and saying something like, "No, this is all wrong." :)


My first reef, which was built around 1999. Oceanic 75. Pic is from 2005. Yes, it was FULL! Tank perished as a result of extended power outage from Hurricane Rita in 2005.


My Oceanic 140. Torn down in 2017.


Current Build thread:
Really long and no water yet, but if you are a glutton for punishment ...

Area of strength in the hobby:
Patience and longevity. :)

Anyway, I guess that was probably too much info, so I hope I didn't bore you to tears. Thanks for looking. Glad to be on board here and hope I can contribute in some way.

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Apr 28, 2014
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San Diego CA
Thanks for the adding me to reef squad people!
I get a gun and badge now right? :)

Age- 54

Got my first FW tank at age 7 and always kept a tank ever since. SW came into play when I was 21, that was 85 (I didn't feel old until I typed this!)

Screen name, basically all things ocean have fascinated me my whole life, Started surfing and diving when I was 12, got scuba cert at age 14, my hero growing up was Jacques Cousteau.

My primary interest has always been clown fish and anemone's, I'm fascinated by the symbiotic relationship, and I've had a lot of anemone's and clowns over the years in various tanks.

My present tank is a 120g, and sits on a stand I built.
I'm a finish carpenter primarily, but I'm also a licensed general contractor.
Wood work is something I'm equally passionate about, and while I rarely build for myself, I did take time to create something that fits me on this one w/ my octopus canopy I designed and built myself, along w/ stand, all African mahogany.

Years ago I helped out a radio DJ who got reef tank and had no idea what to do w/ it, next thing I know he calls me every morning to discuss reef critters and tanks, and then lead him into bosch tool spots, that was my big 15 seconds of fame known as " Dave the fish guy" on rock 105.3!
This got me free Bosch tools and an intro to a local company that gave me tons of tanks and gear to beta test, so I've had a LOT of tanks over the years before finally consolidating down to what I have now.
I've always done my best to help others w/out any expectations, once in a blue moon karma does reward me for this

My present tank is only 5mo old after moving and starting all over, has a ways to go still but I'm off to a pretty good start.
I'll post pics that tank first, but also a couple of my past favorite tanks.

Thanks again for the add, now I can finally utilize my super powers of saving this planet, one fish at a time! :)



walked the sand with the crustaceans
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Sep 14, 2017
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Near Seattle
Hello all!

Name: Randy

Info: Age 60. Recently retired physician. Ancient degrees in biochemistry and microbiology. Been with my wife Raylene for 21 years; no kids between us, although she has a bunch of great kids and grandkids scattered to the winds overseas who we nonetheless visit frequently.


My First Reef: For 5 years starting in 1987, I kept a 100g custom acrylic system from a long defunct company called Lahaina Aquariums, with all the 'modern' features including a wet-dry trickle filter, external countercurrent skimmer with limewood stone, and metal halide/actinic lighting. And even though some of the techniques are no longer considered optimal, the tank did pretty much thrive and with much less effort that I expend now, despite all the intervening advances. It did have one huge design defect though - Return water was directed to the surface as usual, but also straight through the bottom of the tank into a plenum beneath the coral rubble substrate, where it flowed from right to left. Which meant that the only thing keeping the tank from draining completely in the event of a power failure or return pump failure was a huge check valve. Sure OK Fine, unless the valve develops a buildup of organic microfilms and crud and sticks open next time the power fails. (Maintaining proper operation of this valve was a high priority! I never did have that catastrophe, but I came close once.)


The huge slate blue palythoa colony, as well as many other critters there, I got direct from a Hawaiian diver. Many other large pieces like that Elegance were routinely available at shops. Unfortunately the stores at the time would also stock many creatures, including obligate corallivore butterflies, non-photosynthetic gorgonians, even basket stars, that we now know would have had little chance of surviving (and they typically didn't, for long) and that are rarely seen in stores or online at present. I did manage to get some corallivores eating frozen food though, including a beautiful Chaetadon plebeius that was one of my tank favorites for several years.

I sold the tank when I moved for work. The Seattle area, even though on the coast and offering great boating and diving, surprisingly did not offer much support for this hobby at the time, and I was also extremely busy with my new position, so I didn't get back into the hobby until just a couple years ago, when I retired.

Current Tanks: I have two Reefer 450s operational. The first has been up for 18 months, and is a fairly high energy low nutrient system that is becoming increasingly SPS-dominant. The second has been up for 8 months, and is also a mixed reef although more of a back reef environment, and with a large number of BTAs and other nems. I recently added a group of 23 young ocellaris clownfish from Sea&Reef (arrived in fantastic health, btw); we'll see if they form a harem or just wind up attacking each other as they get older.



Other interests: When I moved to Seattle, I got my SCUBA certification and spent the next 20+ years diving first Puget Sound on the weekends and then the world on every vacation, always looking for destinations with healthy reefs, abundant fish populations, and relatively few other divers. My avatar and below is a photo of me taken by a fellow diver in the Galapagos, cruising along next a very chill whale shark.


I am a science and science fiction addict. I collect vintage movie posters and movie props, particularly of and from science fiction films. I also enjoy sport shooting and riflery. And as much travel as my aquariums will allow.

The Reef Squad is a great idea and it's an honor being part of it. I plan to help out any way I can. :)
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likes words, fish and arbitrary statistics
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Sep 8, 2017
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New York


About Me

I was born in upstate NY (Cortland). I have lived all over NY including Long Island (both counties), Manhattan and currently in Westchester County. I also lived in San Francisco.

I have two beautiful kids, Molly (9) and Logan (11).

I was given the nickname Caveman in college. It stuck so well few people knew my real name.

My avatar is a picture of a Moon Jellyfish. The photo was taken at the Aquarium of the Bay in Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco and doctored with a little Photoshop artistry. It is part of my R2R identity and will never change.

Year Started Reefing

Favorite Critters
Anemones, Clownfish, Invertebrates

Honorable Mentions
Cleaner Shrimp, Mandarin, Purple Tang, Tunicates and, if I had to pick, LPS corals.

About My Pets
Growing up we had freshwater fish, hamsters and a cat. I would also collect snakes, salamanders and newts around my neighborhood (there was a pond). As I grew older I kept several reptiles and freshwater tanks. In the early nineties a new college friend recommended I "graduate" to marine tanks and got me started with Martin A. Moe's books. Within a year I had three tanks running at once. At that time I also had a ferret, two iguanas and a red tailed boa constrictor all in a studio apartment. I ended up taking a job at a local pet store for a while to support my habit. The store had a large saltwater section and luckily, in the absence of an internet, I learned a lot there.

In the late nineties I moved to San Francisco for three years. Tired of moving animals several times, I found homes for them before I left. It was the only period in my life that I lived with no pets.

I returned to NY at the Millennium and met my wife. We bought a Betta fish and are on our fourth in 18 years. After we bought a house, I started running a freshwater planted tank. It was enjoyable, but I regretted not going marine. That tank sprung a leak in our living room and I took it as a sign to return to saltwater. You can read about that adventure in my build thread linked below.

I work as a freelance Technical Director for live television, mostly news and sports throughout my career. I primarily do what a video editor does, but I do it live according to a directors call (and with a bit of engineering to coordinate all of my systems). One of the highlights of my career was working at Madison Square Garden with the NY Rangers and Knicks in 1994.

Other Hobbies and Distractions
I play several musical instruments. I enjoy writing. I am a sucker for math, science, space and philosophy.

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I Received a Box of Rocks Today


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How important is sand sifting or sand stirring livestock to your reef tank?

  • Very important

    Votes: 235 46.0%
  • Somewhat important

    Votes: 159 31.1%
  • Not important

    Votes: 64 12.5%
  • Not sure

    Votes: 46 9.0%
  • Other (please explain)

    Votes: 7 1.4%