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Jul 24, 2017
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Have you ever been browsing the forum, looking through threads, and see someone post #reefsquad and wonder 'What is Reef Squad' or 'Who are the Reef Squad'?

Well, here on R2R we have a dedicated team of users just like you that specialize in different aspects of reef keeping. They share their knowledge and experience to assist users both novice and advanced. We call these users the Reef Squad.

We wanted to start a thread highlighting the members that make up the Reef Squad where our members could get to know the team. Here is your chance to take a moment to see who is behind that helpful #reefsquad tag!
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It Takes Less Energy to be Nice
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Mar 13, 2014
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SW Florida
First Name:

Why you chose your screen name:
It’s not that exciting, it’s just my initials.

Current tank specs:
120g peninsula mixed reef

Build thread:
Main Tank Build thread can be found here
Mobile QT/Frag Tank can be found here

Area of strength in the hobby:

Sort of a jack of all trades and a master of none! I still learn something everyday and hope to forever.

Favorite hobby outside reefing:

I would have to say woodworking at the moment. I also enjoy cooking and pretending I know what I'm doing in the kitchen.

How long have you been reef keeping:
Four years or so, but I still consider myself a rookie.

Been married for 31 years, we've raised two daughters, and have been very blessed.

Happy Reefing!



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Mar 25, 2011
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New Jersey


I don’t have too many pictures of myself but here’s one of me in a tree and one on vacation in the keys a few years ago.
Name: Kevin
Age: 33
Year started reefing: 2010
Why you choose your user name and avatar: My user name is simply my first initial and last name. Not very original but I have used it for a while. My avatar is a nice zoo colony I used to have.
Favorite fish: Borbonius Anthias
Favorite coral: Any Zoa really
And a little about yourself: Other than Reefs I enjoy woodworking and fishing. I’m a tree guy by trade and work a lot.
Build Thread Link:
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Indecision may or may not be my problem.
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Feb 19, 2014
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West Palm Beach, FL
Name: Nathaniel
Age: 24
Date I Started Reefkeeping: June 2015
Why you choose your user name and avatar: During college orientation introductions, we were told to use and adjective that describes us before out name and I said "Nautical Nathaniel" because it accurately describes my love for fishing, saltwater, boating, and coastal living. My avatar stems from wanting something cool to have across all social media platforms where I use "Nautical_Nathaniel" as a username, and also because I like Stranger things :D
Favorite fish: Mangrove Snappers, unfortunately they're not reef safe ;Hilarious
Favorite coral: Tied between Gold Torch Corals and Blastomussa wellsi
A Little About Myself: I grew up on a small farm in NW Florida where I was especially taught the value of hard work, so as a result I have always tried to put my best effort into any endeavor I attempt. I have a M.S. degree in Geographic Information Science Administration and a B.S. degree in Environmental Science, both from the University of West Florida. UWF is also where I first saw a saltwater reef tank and got hooked on having my own! :) My other hobbies include fishing, metal detecting, video gaming, and making wish lists on Amazon ;)
Build Thread Link: Here's my Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion 20 One day I hope to have a >250 gallon system to come home and play with :)

Picture Time!

Me and my beautiful girlfriend at my MS Degree Graduation last fall:
Grad009 - Copy.jpg

My two favorite fish right now:

Snooter the Longnose Hawkfish:
Snooter01 - Copy.jpg

Reginald the Randall's Goby:
Reginald01 - Copy.jpg

Recent Full Tank Shot:


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Jul 7, 2012
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First Name: Keli

I started my first reef tank in 2005.

My screen name is from the video game Phantasy Star Online.Because "Life is more fun when you play games."-Roald Dahl

Current tank specs: 60 mixed reef stack. I also run two small nano tanks.

Area of strength in the hobby: Aquaculture on a budget.

Favorite hobbies outside of feeding: Spending time with my husband Bert and our four children.I regularly enjoy freshwater aquariums,nature,gardening,needlework,M.T.G and science fiction in all forms.

I enjoy all aspects of the hobby.Especially the colorful diversity of our coral reefs.There is so much I want to learn about and see.

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Jun 21, 2016
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Lake Saint Louis, Mo
First name: Don
Age: 54
Date I started reef keeping: 1993
Why you choose your user name and avatar: Nick name given to me. Me and the wife back then had just gotten 4 puppies.
Favorite fish: Potter's angel.
Favorite coral: montipora capricornis
A Little About Myself: grew up a carpenter's kid. Raced BMX when a teenager and in my thirties with my kids. I have worked in the surgical instrument field for thirty years. Joined the Army in the late eighties for four years:


Happily married to my best friend for ten years:


Hopefully some day to retire in Florida:


Reefing has been a big part of my life. It keeps my wheels turning in my head and let's me know there's always something new to discover.




Happy reefing!
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Lone Wolf
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Dec 14, 2011
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First Name:
Krzysztof Jozefek

Why you chose your screen name:
My initials
Current tank specs:
75 gal mixed reef
Area of strength in the hobby:
Learn something new everyday;Bookworm

Favorite hobby outside reefing:

Riding motorcycles and aggrevate @Rob.D:p :D

How long have you been reef keeping:
14 years
Favorite fish:
Favorite coral:
Lps sps and zoa
grouchy look:D
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Mar 20, 2016
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Källarliden 14 D Bohus, Sweden
Hi – my name is Lasse Forsberg and I´m 68 years young

I live in Europe in a country named Sweden. No – we do not make watches her but – yes we make Volvo cars and thanks to the Golf Stream – we do not have Polar Bears on our streets.

I live near Gothenburg – Sweden’s second city located at the front side of Sweden (the west coast) – in a small village named Bohus. If you click on the address below my Avatar – you can see how it looks like here

I started with saltwater 1979 with a small tank but did a break when we moved in 1981 and restarted a tank in my home around 2006. However, between 2001 and 2006 I work with saltwater fishes at a Science Centre

With freshwater, I start around 1961 – and as a hobby – 1973. The last freshwater tank in my home was taken down around 1993 when I moved once again for a new job. But at that job – I had large freshwater tanks as a step in waste water treatment – did not need any tanks at home

My nick “Lasse” is by itself a nickname of a Swedish name – Lars - but in reality – thats my name today. How I look like – to be honest the avatar is the only good picture taken of me in 68 years All others will end up in the police records as a crime against humanity. Judge by yourself :)



If I have to pick one favourite fish – it will be the Sun Burst Anthias - Serranocirrhitus latus but I love many not so common fish that show a great behaviour

Its probably even more difficult to pick a favourite coral but among SPS - Seriatopora hystrix, LPS – the genus of Euphyllia and for the soft corals – the genus ricordea and GSP

I´m official retired but now I have time to do things that interest me so it has ended up with nearly more to do than before

I have done a lot in my life from have been a shipyard worker in the 70: ties to work with things in the water (instead of on the water) from around 1984. I have a lower university degree of fishery science and management, but all of my different jobs have contributed to the knowledge I have today. I was 34 years old then I started at the university – in Sweden you can do that even if you have a low paid job (al least back in the 80: ties). The education is free, and you can have good loans from the Swedish authorities.

Among other things after 1984 – I have worked with fish farming, research of environmental impact on fish and fishery, experimental waste water treatment and at a science centre. This has result in a rather broad (some may say swallow) knowledge of water and things in it. During the same time – I have been active in the hobby here in Sweden.

In my latest build – started in early spring - summer 2016 – I have try to build a system that help me figure out a way of building systems that favour stability and can give some ideas to other reefers around the world.


I´m active in the Swedish reefer forum and today also at Reef2Reef. A couple of years I was active in another US forum (around 6 – 7 years ago) but the lesson I learned there was to stay out from US forums if you not walking in perfect formation on the main street. However – I come across R2R in late 2015 and decided to do a new try with my new aquarium – and I still here

My skills should other talk about but I always try to put a holistic point of view on a “problem” – many times it show up that the “problem” in reality is an advantage if you attack it in the right angle.

Sincerely Lasse


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Jul 8, 2015
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Name: Chris sabella!
Username: ive actually had this handle since I was in highschool, its stuck with me for life ;)
Age: 27 I'm a 1990 child, born on Halloween ;Nailbiting;Nailbiting
How long have I been in the hobby?: how long have I been married? Since 2005, was into freshwater rays, got into saltwater... I honestly think I will have a reef for the rest of my life. I love this hobby, I love the people, the animals, and challenges. Will NEVER get old to me.
Favorite fish/coral: if I had to choose, would definitely be some of the collector's angels, but every single coral I find fascinating.
Build thread here -


Electrical Gru
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Aug 14, 2016
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Decatur, AL
187g system established Nov 2017.

Will edit in a personal picture, I promise!

Name: Steven
Age: 46

Year started reefing: 2016

Why you choose your user name and avatar: Brew12 actually started as Brewme1. When I lived near Seattle I started brewing my own beer. People were always asking me to "brew me one". Eventually, I started selling about half of what I made and people started asking to brew me 6 or brew me 12. Some buddies had Brew12 put on the back of my softball jersey, and that is the form that has stuck since.

Favorite fish: I have a love/hate relationship with my Regal Tang. The fish is beautiful and has a ton of personality. The problem is that he has too much personality. I can't use a frag rack in my system. He is well behaved when I am in the room, but if I'm not there he will pull every frag out of the rack and dump it on the sand. He also checks to see if new coral are loose so he can move them around. When everything is secure he settles for taking hermit crabs up to the tank and dropping them.

Favorite coral: That is tough. Right now, it is probably my BC Secale.

And a little about yourself: I am a research junky. When I have an interest in something I will research it like an addict. While serving as an electrician on the USS Henry M Jackson (SSBN 730 Blue) that passion was directed toward electrical theory. Right now, it is focused on marine bacteria. Not sure why I find it fascinating and not sure how far I can actually push my knowledge, but I have a folder of links to over 40 scientific papers on Cyanobacteria and Dinoflagellates.
Most of my free time is spent on the near endless "Honey Do" list. I also enjoy golf and spend as much time as I can in the spring and fall bass fishing.

Build Thread Link: Brew's 187g slice of the ocean
Galactic Coral Live Sale


Knight Reefer
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Feb 16, 2017
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Outer Banks, NC
Name: Nolan
Avatar: I don't know why I like that show :cool: The Hoff
Username: Dsnakes - Lastname initial + snakes. I used to be an avid snake keeper, mainly breeding Ball/Burmese pythons. We also had leopard geckos and bearded dragons. I miss them, but gave them all up for a girl ;Facepalm
Age: 27. 1990 is a good year @Sabellafella !
How long have I been in the hobby? Freshwater for 15+ years. I remember the first aquarium my mother set up for me. I was hooked on it ever since. Zebra Dainos were my favorite fish back then. As I grew older, I was constantly being scolded for dropping in tadpoles, minnows, catfish, and crawdads from the pond ;Hilarious Only on my second year of saltwater and I don't plan to turn back!
Favorite fish/coral: I don't necessarily have a favorite fish, but I really love Picasso and Niger triggerfish. They mesmerized me while diving.
Build thread: Link in my signature block (Poor tank has been neglected as I have been sort of focusing on a larger build)
About me: I have been happily married to the girl I gave up the snakes for, going on 8 years now. We have 2 boys (3&5). I stay busy managing a paint store and serving as an F-16 weapons loader for the D.C. Air National Guard. When I find the time, I love to fish, hunt, and do anything outside!







blowing bubbles somewhere
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Jan 2, 2014
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Conway, Arkansas
Photo of yourself or your tank (or both if you so choose): two of my other passions
501 mag pic (1 of 1).jpg


Name: David Martin
Age: 61
Year started reefing: 2012

Why you choose your user name and avatar: Combination of my diving/reefkeeping hobbies and my favorite sports team (Arkansas Razorbacks)

Favorite fish: My Copperband Butterfly given to me by Humblefish. He's a complete pet

Favorite coral: Any...but my bonsai acro I guess would be the one if I can only pick one

And a little about yourself: 35 years as a Family Practice physician, Married 37 years to my dive buddy, Lisa. 3 kids, 7 grandkids

Tank rebuild after a recent move
FTS1-5-18(2) (1 of 1).jpg

reef lover

It's a reef thing....
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Jan 1, 2013
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new york
Name: Brandy
Age: do I really have to....36
My user name is fairly self explanatory and my avatar was my license plates which is the same as my user name. Now it's my female clown in her favorite nem.
Been in the hobby since 2010 but have owned freshwater my whole life.
Favorite fish: I love wrasses and find it hard to narrow it down to just one.
Favorite corals: would have to be gorgonians...but I love nems!
And a.little about me......I'm a landscape designer I've been playing in the dirt since I could crawl. I love spending what little free time I have fishing. I have two wonderful sons 14 and 11 and an amazing hubby!


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Mar 25, 2014
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Age...currently 42
Started reefing...2009
User name...daughters middle name and why I started in the Reef community
Favorite fish...really, just one? I’m into the pokey predators. Favorite is the stone fish

Little about me...I’ve been married to my wife for 24 years now and we have one child at the ripe age of 9. I work construction and have held that job for the last 25 years. Notice I don’t change much here?! Other hobbies are cars, main ones are air cooled VW and Mopar.

Build thread...


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Sep 18, 2015
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Chapel Hill
Name: Anirban Kar

Age: Hmmm.....35

Year started reefing: I started in 2015

Why you choose your user name and avatar: Lol nothing special. My screen name is my original name. My avatar is a reef tank which I saw in Monterey bay aquarium back in 2015.

Favorite fish: I love all my fishes but I think my hippo tang and clown fish are very close to me. I got them when they were hardly 1/2-3/4 inch both. Since, then its been almost 2 years and they still eat directly from my hand like a puppy. Actually my hippo is one of those early captive bred ones.

Favorite coral: I love challenges so I love acros. But I have a addiction towards Favias too. I just like their colour and how they spread.

And a little about yourself: I am a full time biomedical researcher. I did my PhD in biotech and works in the field of cancer biology at UNC, chapel hill. I teach kids in the university too. So, in short I am little nerdy :D and obsessive about details:p. I like to eat and cook and you can immediately figure that out once you meet I like to read and travel with my dear lady. I am married to my lovely wife since last 6 years and we are together since last 12 years. I also like to play soccer and cricket and I play both at competitive levels.

Build Thread Link:


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Top Shelf Aquatics


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Jun 6, 2017
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Baltimore, MD
Hey everyone :) glad to be a part of the Reef Squad!


Surveying the hermit crab display in my exhibit at the National Aquarium.

Name: Patrick
Age: 29
Year started reefing: 2006

Why you choose your user name and avatar: Long story.. back in middle school, AOL Instant Messenger was just getting popular. My one friend was good at drawing and drew this spectre of death that was a chipmunk. It basically looked like a skeleton of a chipmunk wearing a hooded cloak and scythe. The character was called "the chipmunk of doom." I thought that would make a great AIM screen name, so I tried to take chipmunkofdoom. The name was already taken, so I tried "chipmunkofdoom2" and it worked! The avatar fits well with the name, and was a good royalty-free image of a chipmunk.

Favorite fish: Probably a tie between Helfrichi firefish if we're going small, basically any kind of tang if we're going large, and an octopus if we're going invert.

Favorite coral: Any acropora, the more colorful the better.

And a little about yourself: I live in MD and do healthcare data analysis for a living. I do some programming for my job (mostly in C#), but most of the work is database-related (Microsoft SQL Server products, so T-SQL, SSIS/SSDT, stored procedures, etc). I like to tinker in my spare time. I like making things and enjoy doing hobby programming. For a while, I was working on a DIY alkalinity tester using Raspberry Pis, but life got busy and the project ran into a few snags, so that's on the shelf for now. I've done lots of DIY stuff for my tanks though, including a DIY battery backup system and DIY dosing pumps. I'm planning a DIY auto-water changer, but that's still in the early planning phases. Aside from reefing, I like to stay active: I go to the gym a few times a week. I used to play ice hockey so I also like to go to open sessions every once in a while. I have a motorcycle that I like to ride when it's nice out.

I also work every other week at the National Aquarium in Baltimore (technically it's a volunteer position, but we're called "unpaid staff" and have lots of hour requirements). I work in the Living Seashore exhibit, which has Atlantic sting rays, skates, jellyfish, horseshoe crabs, sea stars, and other cool stuff. Some times my exhibit can be a bit boring, but I get to do other cool stuff too. We have a coral propagation system and I helped do some fragging of a beautiful acro colony a few weeks ago. I've also helped train our Giant Pacific Octopus to get her into a transport container easier.

Build Thread Link: My tank has been kind of a mess for the two years it has been up. I have a build thread, but I haven't updated it in forever (not much good to talk about sadly :(). Here's the last shot I have of my frag rack, which has the corals that have survived the poor conditions in my tank. Sadly a few that are here are no longer with me. But, most are doing well:



Other than my main display (which is a 20g long, 10g sump), I have a 20g long QT, a 2' x 4' frag tray (which just as water in it right now), and a 2.5g tank for a mantis shrimp that came on the KP Aquatics rock I ordered. I think as a reefer, my main goal is to have a tank that grows corals well. It doesn't have to be a beautiful display (although I think that will come if I get the corals growing), I just want to to grow corals!

Glad to be here, thanks everyone for having me :)


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Feb 10, 2017
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Buffalo, MO
Introductions all around, then, huh? Ok.

Greybeard here. I'm an old fatman, living in the woods of southern Missouri, as far as I can get from city life. Been there, done, that, never again. Professionally, I'm a work from home industrial software engineer, working primarily in the baking industry. I wrote a batch management system that is in use in large scale commercial bakeries all over the world. Happily, I can usually install and maintain that software from the comfort of my home office, way out here in the woods. I'm down to 2 or 3 business trips a year these days, and if I could get out of those, I would happily do so. I leave home as rarely as possible. I'm trying to insure that the words 'well known local recluse' appear in my obituary :)

A picture of myself? I don't get many photos taken, My wife shot the one in my avatar while I was running the tractor around the back field, and sure enough, that's what I look like. It'll have to do. The moniker 'Greybeard' was very much NOT my choice... I was 17 when my beard started turning. My oldest daughter (I have four) started turning grey at 14. She hated me for that... Anyway, these days, I own it. I'm greybeard here, and in groups of people I associate with through other interests as well. I'm also what polite folks would call a firearms enthusiast... or less polite folks might call a gun nut. Either way, I'm involved in Pro2A politics, competitive and recreational shooting, and carry NRA instructor credentials. Other interests include games I can play with a drink in one hand... Pool, darts, that sort of thing.

I bought a 2.5 gallon, stainless framed, slate bottom aquarium at a garage sale in 1977. Filled it with mollies, guppies, that sort of thing. Been hooked on aquariums ever since. Switched to marine in the early 80's. 29g tank, under gravel filter plate, crushed coral... most of you folks would likely cringe over the conditions we were keeping animals in at that time, but it worked. Tried keeping corals for the first time in 86. Stuck with it for many years, thorough many phases. Did Seahorses for a while in the 90's. Neat creatures. Had a round of GBD take out my entire herd, and gave it up. Had an in wall 220 DSB system that went south through neglect during an extended illness in the family. I shut that system down in 2005. Was out of the hobby for a decade. Got back in 2015, and I'll likely have a reef as long as I'm physically capable of keeping it, or financially capable of having someone else keep it :)

My current tank is a 140g peninsula. Build thread over here:

My wife will be happy to know I'm quite happy with this system, and have I have no plans to upgrade.

I'm a fan of softies and LPS corals... particularly hammers, zoanthids, acans... I'm more interested in personality than looks when it comes to fish. I have a Smith's blenny that I just love. Orange spotted rabbitfish, spotbreast angel, bicolor goatfish... I don't look for the most intensely colored fish, so long as they are (A) a good fit with my other fish, and (B) healthy, hearty, not disease prone... Fat, healthy, and happy is far more important to me than coloration.



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Jun 7, 2016
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Lathrop, CA
Name: Dave
Age: 42
Year started reefing: 2016
Why you choose your user name:
Back when the internet was a wee little thing barely able to walk, I taught myself how to build websites. That went quickly from a hobby to a job, and once I needed to start billing clients, I thought it would be better to use something other than just my name. So I looked up what it took to start a business and discovered that if the business name included your name, things were a lot easier (which may or may not have been/be correct - I was 14 at the time and Google didn't exist yet...). So I went with my initials and "Design" (because I did both graphic and web design back then). The string is unique enough that it's never already taken, so it gives me a constant username everywhere I go.

Why you choose your avatar:

I'm a Cubs fan. Can't say I always have been, but I am now (and was before they started winning). When the wife and I took a trip to see some games at Wrigley (this was BK - before kids), we had flight troubles and ended up missing most of the first game we were scheduled to see. The next day, we (I) decided to get there right when the gates opened so that we could wander the ballpark. When the gates went up, I made a bee-line for the closest beer stand (it was hot that day) and ordered two Old Styles. When I got our beers and turned around, there was a lady standing there with a clipboard and an employee badge. She asked me if I would like to be the "Old Style Drinker of the Game" that day. I felt it would be impolite to refuse, so accepted. The job did not include free beer all game (nor even one free beer), so that was a bit of a misunderstanding. But I did get a cool jersey out of it (wearing it), got announced to the crowd with my "title", and got my name up on the scoreboard. This was before Wrigley got the modern digital wall installed, so it's actually rather hard to see my name - but it's there; trust me. But mostly; I got to stand within feet of home plate at Wrigley. That was awesome. I use this as my avatar picture anywhere that I want people to see me - which is rare, to be honest... :)

Favorite fish:

The ones that aren't dead, mostly. If it swims, I find beauty in it.

Favorite coral:

Again; the not-dead ones. I tend more towards softies than hard corals due to their hypnotic movement, but I appreciate any coral I can find.

And a little about yourself:

Married with two girls (currently 3 and 1), we also have 2 dogs (both female; a German Shepherd/Akita mix and Shiba Inu/cattle dog mix). I'm surrounded by women and wouldn't change a one of them. Luckily, we also have a turtle named Crush, so I get to talk "guy stuff" with him (he's a horrible conversationalist, but I take what I can get). My girls are my life and joy, basically.
Ever since high school, I've been a computer programmer. Websites back then; web applications now. It's been over 25 years now that I've been working on Internet software and I'm lucky now to be able to choose how, when, and where I work. Which is to say; I work from home as a contractor for various clients. It pays the bills and I don't hate what I do most days. I earn enough that my wife has the dubious ability to spend her days with the girls. Raising a toddler and an infant is harder than my work (and we plan on home schooling), so I'm not really sure I'd trade positions with her. :-|
I've not always enjoyed my job, however. At several points in my life, I've walked away from my career and tried something else (or sometimes worked multiple jobs at the same time). I've spent 10 years as a snowboard instructor - getting certified in the first year and working weekends the other nine. I attended culinary school at night (CCA in San Francisco) and got my degree, after which I moved to the Chicago area (became a Cubs fan) and worked at a sushi restaurant. I was the 6'2" white guy from California working behind the bar at a Korean-owned sushi restaurant in the outskirts of Chicago. We advertised that we had the only real California Rolls in town. :-| I had another option when I finished school, however - I could have moved to Maui (where I had a place to stay practically rent-free) and work on the line at Roy's on the Beach. I sometimes wonder what my life would look like had I gone that route instead of moving to Chicago in the start of Winter, but I have zero regrets (I'd never have met my wife, for one). These days, I mostly use my degree for cooking dinner and the occasional dinner party or catering event (I've done 4 or 5 weddings for friends - one was because the hired caterer got sick the day of; I ended up cooking for 150 people while in my suit).
As far as hobbies outside of reefing, the most prevalent would likely be SCUBA diving. I started when I was 14 and never stopped. For a while, it was just something fun to do on holidays (eventually my entire family would end up certified and we took family trips for the diving). Over the past few years, I've been upping my certification levels and am now a Dive Master - which is technically a "professional" level of certification. So I guess that falls into "career" as much as hobby now?
And - clearly - writing is something I do, I guess. Except it's not really; I just sort of ramble on. And on. And. ON...

Build Thread Link:

Check the sig, though my current tank (525XL) is in the process of being mostly ignored (except when I use it to test out hardware or setups that I need for the new tank) while the new tank ("Water Lily") is little more than a plan and some equipment while the new house gets built...


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Jan 1, 2016
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Milan pronounced Mill-Anne, not like that fancy Italian city lol.


Year started reefing:
hmmm 2008 or 2009ish

Why you choose your user name and avatar:
Idk my username has been my username since I started, and in 2008 or 2009ish it sounded good. Now everyone knows me as reefqueen so it's too late to change it. My avatar is just me, no story there lol.

Favorite fish:
Clownfish have always been my favorite although lionfish are a close second.

Favorite coral:
That's tough, I don't think I could narrow it down to one, so I'll just say LPS in general is my favorite.

And a little about yourself:

Up until about 6 months ago I worked in the pet industry most of my teen/adult life. I started as a dog groomer and ended it as a store manager AND dog groomer at a local pet store chain. I am now a stay at home mom as I am 6 months pregnant with our second child, a little girl, and we have a little boy who will be 4 next month. I don't really have any other hobbies, any others that I pick up never stick around like this one;)

Jason mack

Monti madness
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Dec 3, 2016
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Jason Mack


47 and 3/4s

Year started reefing:
2016 ...I’ve always wanted a reef tank after diving in Egypt .. now I can look everyday at my own little reef ... I can sit for hours watching in wonder !!!

Why you choose your user name and avatar:
Unfortunately I didn’t choose my name my parents did !! But my friends call me “Mack “ or “Macky” so feel free too call me one of the above !

Favorite fish:
Clownfish have always been my favorite although.. I also love my Cbb !!

Favorite coral:
That's a tough one ... my rainbow acan ... my chalice ... my torches ... I’m just glad that I can keep them alive ...

And a little about yourself:
Hmmmmm ... I’m a Brit , Irish mother , Scottish father ... born in England .. so I’m just confused !! I moved too Holland 21 years ago , I’ve had several careers changes over the years ,when I left school I learnt my trade as a plasterer , went into structural fireproofing did that for 11 years or so then when I moved too Holland I was in demolition, then worked for a company installing light masts for football and hockey ,my last job I was foreman for a welding company doing construction and later thermal warming projects ( pipe line) for the large greenhouses over here , 6 months ago I had two heart attacks, now fully recovered ! So changed jobs for a more relaxed stress free job as house boss(security) in a coffeeshop , which I’m really enjoying !
Hobby’s include
Martial arts .. jeet kune do .. Aikido (black belt)

Link to build thread
Industrial Test Systems, Inc.