Mini (250ml) dosing containers for small systems!


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Dec 5, 2019
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Hey guys, yet another product I made for some reefing buddies that has turned into its own line.

These containers are ideal for small systems where you aren't dosing a whole lot, or dosing smaller trace elements, or just for systems that are very limited on space!

All of them include fitted bulkheads for standard 1/4 tubing, inlet tubing pre-installed and a simple ”click-fit” lid for easy refills.

The unit comes as a single, double, triple or quad container option to fit your dosing needs!
Wall mount option is also available, Ideal for inside of cabinets.

Sizes :

Single $9.95 - 145mm x 70mm x 70mm
Double $15.95 - 145mm x 70mm x 120mm
Triple $19.95 - 145mm x 70mm x 180mm
Quad $24.95 - 145mm x 70mm x 230mm

Each of the chambers holds 250ml of liquid which is ideal as a lot of smaller bottles of dosing liquids come in 250ml, so you can just dump the bottle right in!

As always, a range of colors and fair pricing!

For all info and ordering, go to


Dosing Containers v5.jpg

A super sleek wall mount is also available for $15.95

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Jun 12, 2015
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Does the wall mount bracket for reactors work with a single dosing container? I didn't see a specific wall mounting bracket for this container but could have overlooked it. Thanks

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