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    I have an entire salt water and fresh water aquarium set up for sale. I know I'm new here but I'm hoping to find a good home for this stuff. I'm in Mesa, but work in Phoenix.

    Two 110 gallon tanks with stands: $450
    Reef Octopus BH2000 HOB protein skimmer: $140
    2 Orbit Marine LED lights 48-60": $140 ea ($240 for both)
    Orbit Marine Freshwater 48-60": $40
    20 Gallon tank (I used for ATO): $20
    2 High output pumps (for ATO/ changes): $20 ea
    2 Hydor 1450 GPH fans: $30 ea
    Hydor fan controller: $40
    Hydor ATO controller: $75
    2 Heaters, large, one really new: $30 for both
    3 Aquaclear 500 HOB filters: $60 each
    Refractometer (salinity measure thing): $25
    API Filstar XP-L: $100
    Spectre-pure RODI system with extras: $250 (all filters replaced 2 months ago, will last min 6 more months)

    Sand- Free with other stuff or tanks
    Live Rock, 80lbs or more, $120 for all of it. If you want the trashcan it's in $140.
    Lace Rock- SOLD
    Fake plants $10 all
    Drift wood $20

    45lbs of RED SEA salt: $40

    I have loads of random crap I will give to people who make reasonable offers/ purchases. I enjoy this hobby just don't have the time anymore and I am forced to move for work :(. I will listen to reasonable offers or bulk buys, there is literally EVERYTHING you need for a successful tank here.

    Don't worry, I rehomed the fish and coral already!

    DM me if you want details and I'll send my info or pictures if you need them.











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