Orchid Dottybacks missing!! PLEASE HELP


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May 29, 2020
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45 gal mixed reef/ clownfish/ Dottybacks and goby

I bought a pair of orchid Dottybacks a month ago, they had no problem until 3 days ago when one of them disappeared. 3 days ago I saw them both when I fed them in the morning but during the night feeding one didn't come out. This is extremely weird since they always come out to eat even if they like hiding. I can differentiate between the two dottys; therefore, I know one of them isn't coming out and this isn't a case of them switching place without me noticing.

Ive considered the possibility that they mated and the female is guarding/laying eggs. However, I have zero knowledge regarding dottys breeding behaviour. Finally, I've been checking my nitrates very closely (expecting the worst) but the water seems clear and there is no sign of dead body....

Can someone tell me if this behaviour can be explained or if I should move the rock work to try to find my baby?

Thanks in advance

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Feb 10, 2019
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Welcome to the group. Like the gang said check all those small spots he could be hiding. I think we’ve all had fish go missing for a few days. Keep an eye out during feeding time. Hopefully he/she will show up.

And welcome again.

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