Rebuild 75 Rimless After Disaster

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    Hello everyone,

    I hope everyone is enjoying their tanks and having lots of success. As some of you have already known, I recently had a tank crash. Long story short, I went overseas for burial of a relative and came back to a tank which the sump ran out of water causing my return pump to burn up. From their everything went south. More details here.

    This has set me back big time but also gave me the opportunity to restart and fix some things I always wanted to. The few changes are in terms of equipment upgrades. I wanted to replace the stand but that would be starting all over from scratch. I have implemented a couple of fail safe such as having my skimmer shut off once the waste collector is full.

    · Return Pump: Vectra M1

    · Plumbing: Chiller feeding from Vectra

    · Control: switch Ecotech Radions and Vortech Pumps to Reeflink

    · Flow: upgraded existing MP40 to QD

    · Dosing: GHL Doser 2.1 ( replaced old Dosing Pumps)

    · Skim Waste Collector: Avast Davy Jones’ Skimmate Locker with Apex digital switch

    I decided to stick with a Soft coral or easy coral dominated tank instead of going for the more expensive route of SPS corals. I will slowly restock the tank as some of the corals I thought were dead are making a comeback.


    · 3 Anthias

    · 1 Melanurus Wrasse

    · 2 Clowns

    · 1 Flame Angel

    · 1 Green Chromis

    · 1 Flame Hawkfish

    Quarantine| Frag Tank

    Since I never really quarantine neither fishes or corals I decided to make things right this time (I think). I plan to keep frags in this tank since I will only add two more fish to the main display, I will keep a low Bio load this time. I will eventually convert the QT tank to Frag tank after I make my mind up.

    Since I will be leaving once again (praying nothing happens) for four days when I return I will decide what livestock I will add to the QT 1st. I always wanted a Purple Tang or Power Blue. The tank is already cycled and ready as the water and filter comes from the main display. I need to replace my plumbing as well as do proper cable management.

    · 20 Gallon Aqueon Aquarium

    · Cheap knock down stand

    · Light: Kessil A160W LED Tuna Blue

    · Flow: Ecotech MP10W (old pump)

    · Heater: Aqueon Heater

    · Filter Aqueon Power Filter ( Old)

    · ATO: Old JBJ ATO







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