RODI - on or off?

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Feb 19, 2020
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Hey folks,

I just set up my rodi unit which has a TDS and Booster pump built in. I love it and it's awesome. However I have what I feel is a stupid question. For context I have my unit hooked onto my laundry machine outlet via a Y-connector.

If I leave the product line valve plugged the unit has a built in sensor that shuts the booster pump off and relieves the pressure (as shown by the pressure gauge on it) and the water stays filled in the reservoir. However doing so leaves the water source valve open.

So I just went and emptied the reservoir and unplugged the booster pump in order to shut off the source valve. My question is, would it be better for me to leave it open and let the rodi unit do its thing and stay filled? Or empty it and unplug it when I'm not using it to minimize a flood? constantly turning it off break it? Is it possible the DI chamber dries out or something and needs to constantly be in water?

Any advice is helpful. Thank you!

Here is the rodi unit I have for reference.


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Aug 28, 2020
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White Plains, NY
Appreciate the situation and have a similar setup. I’ve wavered back and forth about letting the system manage the on/off and manually turning water off when not in use.

Finally decided that I turn off water to RODI and unplug booster pump when not using. Great having the backup when you forget to turn off water but these automated systems sometimes fail. Lots of moving parts - float values, sensors, etc.

Great piece of mind when not using , especially when I have 90 gallon aquarium sitting in my living room.
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