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Nov 11, 2012
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kent, ny
I'm looking for a cheaper, which i know equals smaller and im ok with that, OG bounce shroom. I'd know I can spend like $900 on a big one but thats nuts and my wife might just kill me also, lol.
Id like to spend no more than $200 on it, and I realize it will be a small one but growing coral out is part of the fun. Im not looking to flip it or frag it, I want it to grow huge and when babies do come I want them also, a rock covered in bounces would be awesome! Then when time is right and I have plenty id pay it forward and pass them on at great prices to others.
Prefer local, keep cost and stress down with shipping and I dont mind making a few hours drive to pick it up. I'm in western NY ( orleans county, 14411 ) and like I said I dont mind driving to get it. Or if its farther than shipping it is.
Thanks for reading this and your consideration.
Happy holiday and enjoy your day.
Ryan M.

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