1. Ancarol2421

    Recurring lesion on Female Clown

    Hi everyone, I am a tank caretaker at our college and we have this interesting case I wanted to share in case anyone recognizes it. This female clown is in a 30gal SW tank with a purple dottyback. Other inhabitants are really large toadstool, CUC (urchin, green emerald crabs, hermits, snails...
  2. puffer_reef

    Territorial clownfish

    So I’ve had 2 clownfish in my tank and every fish I’ve tried to put in there they have died and I’m pretty sure they killed them maybe just the black one she’s kinda aggressive. I know they can be territorial if I put them in a breeder net for a bit and add another fish to the tank would that...
  3. P

    What will thrive with a pair of maroon clowns in a 25 gallon tank

    I am new to the hobby and I’m pretty set on getting a pair of the devil fish, AKA Maroon Clowns. Is there anything that yall have seen that will thrive with a pair of maroon clowns in the tank? If not, I am perfectly happy having just the pair in the tank. Thanks in advance!
  4. L

    Recent aggression in existing pair of clowns

    I had a lone ocellaris clown fish in my tank for about a year before getting a second clown to pair with it. The new clown I got was significantly smaller, about 1/3 the size of my existing clown. They seemed to pair up almost immediately with only some minimal aggression in the first day or...
  5. jackalexander

    Clownfish Pairing

    I have these two clownfish who have been in the same tank for about a month and at first their pairing habits weren’t worrisome but now it’s getting a little worrying. My WW clown runs the tank while my vivid stays hidden in a crevasse under a rock until the lights turn out and comes out to...
  6. Joe Tony

    Can I add another fish to this tank?

    I have a 30-gallon nano tank with a 3-4 inch deep sand bed and 30-40 pounds of live rock. I have a 2-inch orchid dottyback, a banggai cardinalfish that’s nearly adult sized, and a pair of ocellaris clownfish, both of which together are probably about 1.5-2 inches. The tank’s been running for...
  7. LxHowler

    Can you calm clownfish aggression

    So I have a pair of divinchi clownfish that I have owned for about 9 months and they have been great, they are the first fish in my first tank so getting rid of them isn't really an option. I know clownfish can be aggressive and that is why I haven't added any more fish to the tank, but...
  8. W

    Need help with clownfish

    My two clownfish are fight and I don’t know why. I got them as a pair
  9. ItsNiQi

    Canary Blenny attacking snails?

    I asked my LFS for a fun and peaceful addition to my tank. The guy immediately told me about this Canary Blenny that he had. As soon as I introduce him to my tank he starts to bite all of my snails! I’ve looked everywhere and I can only find posts about lawnmower blennys doing this. Is there...
  10. T

    Number of clownfish in a tank

    Hi, I recently got into the hobby with a modest 33g reef tank. Everything has been running smoothly for the past few weeks, and every tank inhabitant seems to be doing well. In my tank dwell 2 clownfish (a Black ice and a Darwin) as well as the good old cleaner shrimp and a few other cleaning...
  11. Underwater Passion

    Fox face Lo aggressive towards PBT

    So apparently I have a unique situation in which I added a PBT to my DT after I added my fox face Lo 4 weeks prior. I thought I had the order of adding them correct based on aggression BUT as many things in this hobby will do, I was surprised to see my fox face Lo was far more aggressive to my...
  12. Squeven

    Six line wrasse aggressive towards watchman goby

    I have had a watchman goby and a six line wrasse living together in a 32 gallon aquarium for two months. I just saw the wrasse attacking the goby. The wrasse isn’t bugging my other fish. Do I need to rehome the wrasse, or is there something else I could try? Water parameters are stable, only...
  13. TroutWithLegs

    Firefish aggression in a nano frag tank

    Hey all, wanted to see what advice and experiences y'all have had with fish being aggressive in smaller tanks, and how to deal with it. I recently added a pair of firefish to my frag reef and their behavior has changed drastically from the fish store, to QT, to now. I was under the assumption...
  14. SwiftStorm

    Royal Gramma and black cap basslet

    I have a 75 gallon with 6 fish; 2 clowns, foxface,blenny, cardinal (which is going bye bye), Royal gramma, and a 6 line. Would like to add a yellow tang, melenarus wrasse, cleaner shrimp, and maybe a black cap basslet. My tank is established and the new fish would be coming from the same system...
  15. G

    Truly bizarre tang aggression

    Tonight I ran into, without question, one of the strangest things I ever have in all my days keeping fish. I recently finished adding my fish back to the DT after a long fallow period for ich. They’ve been back about two weeks, and tonight I cut the lights off a little early to acclimate a new...
  16. Perpetual Novice

    It’s been a week. When do I need to intervene to save my wrasse who is always buried?

    I added a couple new wrasses to a tank with two established leopard wrasses. One of the two new wrasses is also a leopard wrasse. It is intimidated by the other fish and stays buried all day except a couple days where it emerged for less than five minutes. I managed to catch the interaction on...
  17. LaraLouM

    Sharknose Goby

    I have a 32G Biocube with 2 zebra Dartfish, a sharknose goby, and a yellow assessor. I purchased the sharknose because he was said to not be aggressive and I thought his cleaner tendencies would not be a negative aspect. Well, he is a bully! He attacks all the fish and us every time we put our...
  18. Perpetual Novice

    Wrasse aggression help needed

    I have a tank with two resident female leopard wrasses. I recently added an ornate leopard wrasse (a different species than the ones I have) and a yellow coris wrasse to my tank at the same time. The yellow wrasse adjusted well and the established wrasses accepted it without a second thought...
  19. Wen

    Bundoon Blenny Trio Aggression

    Looking for advice from Bundoon blenny owners, I purchased a trio from DD 3 wks ago. They went into a 30 gal observation tank as 3 hungry pale buddies. I’ve been trying to fatten them up before release into a 150 gal reef tank. Feeding 4-8 times a day (pellets, LRS and ROE). 1 has colored...
  20. El_Guapo13

    Mini Maxi question

    I have a few questions about MiniMaxi Anemones. How are they towards coral? Will they try to sting corals that are near them? If they were to sting a coral, or go to war with one, how would it turn out for the anemone and for the coral? Has anyone ever lost any corals to Mini Maxi aggression, or...
  21. T

    Larger aggressive clownfish vibrating

    Hi guys, I have two ocellaris clownfish. One black/white and regular one. Black is smaller and always being attacked and trapped in the corner.I have never seen him vibrate. The aggressor sometimes vibrates. From what I have read the black one should eventually start submitting and the...
  22. A

    Fire fish being bullied

    I picked up a fire fish for my 55 gallon about 3 weeks ago now and for the first few days it mostly hid. Recently it has began moving out of its hole more and has become the center of aggression for my coral beauty and female clownfish. They will both take turns chasing it around the tank. Last...
  23. InCodWeTrust

    Aggressive Lawnmower Blenny

    I added a Rusty Angelfish to my tank but my normally timid Lawnmower Blenny doesn’t seem to enjoy the new addition. Any thoughts on reducing the aggression towards the angelfish? Also feel free to post other aggressive or strange Lawnmower Blenny stories.
  24. M

    Clownfish Divorce

    Hi, I have a mid-size Davinci Clown that I've had for about a year who was one of the first tank inhabitants. About two weeks later, I got a much smaller Black Ice. Up until a few days ago, (so for almost a year) they got along well. No bickering, shadowing each other, and only co-hosting a...
  25. Peach02

    What happened to his fin?

    Mandarin fish that I have had for about 3 months has lost part of its left front pectoral fin. his swimming ability does not seem to be impaired at all. Photos below, does anyone know what caused it and how to treat other fish are 1x coral beauty 1x bicolour blend 2x occelaras clown (small)...