anemone dying help

  1. D

    Is my anemone dying?

    He’s been acting like this for about a week, recently moved to sand. He had been on live rock farther up closer to the light.
  2. D

    EMERGENCY My LTA balled up and has been acting weird.

    I have a 55 gal tank that has been running for close to two years. My LTA was added maybe about a month and a half ago. He was eating very well and hosting one of my Domino Damsels. Suddenly he curled up and started excreting a lot of waste. He would open up for small intervals of time randomly...
  3. greyduck-reef

    BTA - possible bacterial infection?

    Hi R2R - I've had a green bubble tip anemone for about a month and it's my first try at keeping one. It settled on the shady side of a rock (PAR = 90) on its first day and hadn't moved since. I understand they often need higher light, but it looked content so I just let it be. I also didn't feed...
  4. D

    Please help to save this anemone

    Hi folks, I rainbow rose bubble tip anemone deattached from the rock yesterday. Currently, she is isolated in the fish breeding box inside the main tank. Attached are the pictures to show her current situation and the parameters in the past 7 days. The nitrate level is around 15-20 (it is not...
  5. B

    EMERGENCY New Carpet Anemone Looks Very Unwell

    Hi guys, I bought a large carpet anemone from petco yesterday, drop acclimated it and transferred to my DT. At first it looked fine, same as in the shop, but after a few hours it appeared deflated with gaping mouth and white smoke like fluid coming from mouth. Water parameters are all ok - my...
  6. Wayne Kruger

    My Anemone has lesions on its body

    Hi fellow reefers, I have now asked around through WhatsApp groups and all my reefing compatriots have no tips to help me and cannot identify what is wrong with my Anemone. My Anemone started with a few "bubble-like" pimples on its body when I first got it, and now it is starting to look worse...
  7. workcompman

    Hello Anemones Help Mine are Dying

    I am really upset I have had these Anemones for 10 years as a matter of fact they are brother and sister they split 5 year ago they are gorgeous huge when they were healthy my water quality is excellent I started having issues 6 to 8 weeks ago and the only thing I am doing different is I stated...
  8. ssunthar

    Anemone is hiding

    Hi, Bought a BT Anemone recently and it was about 3in. It went hiding ever since i put it in my tank. Just found it recently and it is so small and in a difficult place to reach even for feeding... what should i do? Thanks in advance.
  9. J

    RBTA doesn't look happy and half attached to rock and half in sand

    Hi everyone, I need quick help. 2 days back I bought new RBTA. He was happy when I placed him with the rock it came. Yesterday I removed him from the rock since I had no place for one in my tank. Also made sure his foot isn't damaged. He quickly went to the new rock, attached to it completely...
  10. L

    My anemone looks like it’s producing quinoa

    What’s wrong with my anemone? I just saw this as I was doing a water change
  11. B

    New Anemone Help

    Hi everyone, new reefer here 2-3 months and I just placed my first green bubble tipped anemone. I put it in last night and it moved around eventually detaching and floating then getting stuck by its bubbles to the back of my tank. I woke up this morning and it was stuck in the same spot so I...
  12. nanonøkk

    anemone shrinking and getting darker

    ok so this anemone has been through some stuff it used to shrink up every single night and looked like it was dying but it looked really light but now it looks to be shrinking and getting darker in color 1 picture is of it now 2 picture is what it looked like a bit ago when it first moved i...
  13. R

    Please help, Anemone not looking good

    Hello, I have had this anemone for about a month may a little longer. All has been well until about a week ago, I noticed it was deflated. I know they usually do that from time to time, but it has not gone back to normal. This is what is look like now. I'm not sure what my parameters as I...
  14. AceShadow_Reefer

    Will it survive?! Bleached green bubble tip!

    Hey all, I have this green bubble tip nem that used to be doing great until I gave it to a buddy who put it with nems that attacked it through bacterial warfare and he must've had the lights on very bright too because he came back to me freaking out about them nem. Pics attached are before...
  15. JRADD87

    Bubble tip anemone Help

    Was hoping I could get some help and direction. Brought this smaller green bubble tip home the other day and it has not seemed to be doing well. It has a good foothold on the rock but has not moved from where I placed it originally. It deflated and seemed to expel some waste yesterday. Towards...
  16. Acard

    LTA is it dying

    Hello all, I have little to any knowledge on salt water aquariums, my boyfriend had a tank at his house...the glass broke, and only two fish survived. To be able to keep those 2, we ended up getting a new tank and because his busy work schedule...I ended up stuck with it. I recently(3 days ago)...
  17. ChelseaBidwell

    Dying Arizona Sunset BTA??

    We got him on 11/8, so today will be 3 full days that we've had him. He's about 2.5" fully extended (from what I can tell). The first 2 nights, he got pieces of the BRS - DIY chili (mysis,squid,tuna,scallops, etc). Last night, I target fed him a nice sized (1.5") piece of mysis. He devoured it...
  18. Vansaquaescape

    Anemone Tentacle loss

    This was my anemone with in the last week it has started losing tentacles and not looking good. All the Parameters Are in range some a little very little below don’t know what to do. Eats and then spits waste out and won’t look good. I have had him under Ai hydra 26s for almost a month and a...
  19. F

    Anemone help

    I just bought 2 rainbow bubble tip anemones and they're are bagged just had them in a 6 hour trip and one is splitting and the other one has a white ring around its mouth. I Have them bagged up but my car broke down and I won't be able to make it back home until Sunday what should I do? Should I...
  20. damselindistress

    What is happening to my nem - pls help!

    Calling all nemsperts - perfectly normal looking RBTA been in my tank a month or so. 2 days ago started walking but I corraled him into a floating basket all yesterday which ROYALLY ticked him off. Last night I tried placing him on a high rock and he latched on immediately. I fed him a small...
  21. D. Torres

    2 of 4 anemones bleached. Why?

    Here is the short version. I have 4 anemones in my tank. 2 are doing really good and the other 2 seem to be bleaching out. Why? Long version (if you're still interested in helping me): I have 4 anemones. Two are rose bubble tips and they have been doing great for a few months now. The two other...
  22. D. Torres

    2 of 4 anemones bleached. Why?

    Here is the short version. I have 4 anemones in my tank. 2 are doing really good and the other 2 seem to be bleaching out. Why? Long version (if you're still interested in helping me): I have 4 anemones. Two are rose bubble tips and they have been doing great for a few months now. The two other...
  23. D. Torres

    Is my nem dead/dying?

    I've had these BTAs and they were all doing fine and today the dark green one detached from its rock and has it's tentacles retracted? Is it dying or on the move? It was next to this rose one doing just fine. Thanks in advance for your replies.
  24. A

    Is my anemome dying?

    I came home from school to find my condy anemone stuck inside the filter, when i took him out a few tenticles were ripped and i dont know if its dying