1. M

    Coral Beauty Angelfish

    I am thinking of adding one of these to my display. Trying to get advice from people who have (or have had) them in their tanks. My two biggest concerns are that a) the angelfish will pick at my corals or b) will be aggressive towards the other fish already in the system (clownfish, lawnmower...
  2. A

    Clownfish pair questions

    Could I add a bonded pair of clownfish to a 30 gallon with a six line wrasse and a canary blenny? Would they all get along? If they do get along fine would that be overstocking? Thanks in advance!
  3. R

    Stocking Ideas for new 150g mixed reef

    Hello all, I am nearing completion on my fully DIY 150gallon reef tank. The tank that I made is 60”x24”x24” and has a 50gallon sump. I am using about 2” of sand, as well as some NSA rock sculptures I made (about 120lbs of rock). The sump will contain an 11”x11”x11” chaeto refugium, 4L+ of...
  4. ReefJCB

    Wrasse comparability and acclimation Box

    I’ve got a Ruby Longfin Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus rubeus) that’s been the only wrasse in my tank for almost a year. I purchased a red headed Solon wrasse (Cirrhilabrus solorensis) that arrived almost 2 weeks ago. I made the mistake of putting it directly in the tank and the Ruby lost his mind...
  5. F

    Jade Wrasse and Six Line Wrasse compatability

    Morning everyone, I hope you are all well?! Just a quick one frome me, a friend of mine is wanting rid of his Jade wrasse and I'm wanting to know your advice on adding it to my aquarium? (Which I already have a 6 Line Wrasse) I've read plenty of horror stories regarding mixing wrasse, but I...
  6. adamlodge14

    Fire shrimp aggressive?

    Hi! I just received my first fish for my 15 gallon today, yay!! I got a Yasha goby. Tomorrow I am picking up a Randall’s pistol shrimp, and was wondering whether it’s a good time to put a fire shrimp in the tank? Are they aggressive? Will they become territorial?
  7. jackalexander

    Fish Compatibility

    I want to know if these fish/inverts will all work out together in a 32 Gallon: 2 WW clownfish 1 YWG 1 Small Longnose Hawkfish 1 Midas blenny 1 Male Melanurus Wrasse 1 Large Cleaner Shrimp Basic CUC Mainly LPS coral/ some SPS
  8. D

    Help with Compatibility

    I have 2 Ocellaris Clownfish and one orchid dottyback in a 29 gallon tank. The three of them seem to get along real well and the clowns ended up pairing. After a month I added a fire fish gobe which ended up fighting with the dottyback a lot do I had to remove him. Same thing happened with a...
  9. spiruni

    Seahorse compatability

    Hello everyone, I am thinking of setting up a 120G tank. I want to have a variety of fish and coral in there. Have you ever tried to put seahorses with other fish, and if yes what really happened. Do you think it would be a good idea to try it and add the sea horses first (after the tank...
  10. P

    What will thrive with a pair of maroon clowns in a 25 gallon tank

    I am new to the hobby and I’m pretty set on getting a pair of the devil fish, AKA Maroon Clowns. Is there anything that yall have seen that will thrive with a pair of maroon clowns in the tank? If not, I am perfectly happy having just the pair in the tank. Thanks in advance!
  11. #R_TST

    ADVISE? stocking 32.5gal Fluval Flex

    Noob here. I’m doing my fish planning while I wait for my tank to arrive this week. I want to make sure I have decided on my livestock so I can be sure to take their habitats into consideration when I build my rock formation and start cycling my tank. Getting the 32.5 gallon Fluval Flex and...
  12. Michael White

    Convict Tang compatibility and stocking list.

    Working on a Tang stocking list for my 210gal reef tank that is currently cycling. All fish will be Quarantined for 1 month in a 40 breeder, 2-4 fish at a time depending on size. Quarantine tank has eggcrate dividers. Must have Tangs are: a Convict Tang and Kole Tang. Would like to also have a...
  13. J

    chromis compatibility

    I am currently planning a reef tank \with the Waterbox REEF 70.2. I am trying to figure out what livestock I want. I was thinking about adding two different types of chromis: 5 blue/green chromis and 5 Vanderbuilt chromis. I know that generally chromis are compatible with each other, but are two...
  14. homeboyhangnail

    Blue Sapphire Damsel Compatibilty

    Hey all! This is my first ever post here, but I’ll just get straight to the point. My current tank is a 25 gallon lagoon that is home to a fire fish a few more fish that aren’t really to important to the topic. I’ve seen many people say that the sapphire damsel isn’t aggressive at all, so would...
  15. H

    Mixing other angels with Regal Angel?

    Idk much about Angels so sorry if the answer is obvious, but can I mix other Angels with a Regal Angel and if so, what would be the best species. My planned tank is a 525 gallon FOWLR, 10 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 2 feet tall. I’d like a trio of angels.
  16. H

    LTA and Goby compatibility?

    Soo I want some LTAs for my planned 125 gallon, will they attack gobies?
  17. Zoa_Fanatic

    Stocking question?

    Hey guys. I have a biocube 32 led. The only fish I have are a 2ft-ish long engineer goby and a 3” long four stripe damsel. I want to add a royal gramma. My question is will the gramma be ok with those two or will he bully/get bullied? My engineer is a sweetheart named kashima but Oswald (my...
  18. AndrewG99

    Can you keep porcelain crabs with emerald crabs?

    Hi, I have a Fluval Evo that is starting to get some bubble algae, I'm wanting to try and control it by a natural method like an emerald crab but I'm unsure whether it would get along with the porcelain crab that I have hosting my RBTA. has anyone got any experience keeping the two or are they...
  19. Carebearsss.x

    Fairy new to Saltwater, setting up 75gallon

    Hello everyone!!! How’s your quarantine going??? My names Caroline & my boyfriend and I are setting up a 75Gallon tank. We were wondering if there are any kind of Tang that we could put in the 75? I know that most of them require 100+Gallons .. but I really want one!! Also any other...
  20. Valhalla Reefer

    Hello Tomini Tang aggression towards Bicolor Blenny

    Hi all, I’m wondering if someone’s had similar experience and could possibly offer some advice? I isolated a juvenile Tomini Tang who after a couple weeks of being super chill and peaceful.. began aggressively going after my Bicolor Blenny (also juvenile) Im assuming Tang’s aggression is...
  21. W

    Stocking advice - Anthias, Foxface, Copperband

    Hi everyone! My first time posting here! I’m looking for some advice on fish stocking for my 120gal mixed reef. The tank is 5’x2’x2’. I have a large sump in the basement - total water volume 170gal. The tank has been up and running for 3 years (including a house move) and has a majority of SPS...
  22. ChelseaBidwell

    Black Leopard Wrasse / Spotted Mandarin / PODS

    Hey hey to my favorite reefers! I have a couple questions before I end up regretting a highly potential impulse buy. I've done some reading, however. So, I am not COMPLETELY oblivious to the potential issues as far as the competition for food goes. That being said, I am wanting to get the below...
  23. BloopFish

    Adding Starcki Damsel with Exquisite Firefish in a Nano Tank

    I recently started up a Fluval Evo 13.5g nano tank with my partner. One of the fishes she really wants is a blue damselfish. She seems to like the Starcki damsel the most, but I am a bit wary because even though they are supposedly more peaceful than most damsels, I have heard they tend to get...
  24. S

    My first saltwater tank, stocking help please?

    Hi, new member, first post, but have been reading R2R for years. I finally took the plunge and started my 1st marine tank. It is a Nuvo 40, I will be running a Kessil a360x, 2x maxspect xf330's, ghost mid size skimmer, carbon, floss, and gfo in rack. Approx. 20lbs. life rock, 2" Bimini pink...
  25. RobertN

    Compatibility bet. Cherub Angelfish and Spotbreast Angelfish?

    Has anyone kept a Cherub Angelfish with a Spotbreast (Blackspot) Angelfish (Genicanthus melanospilos)? I have a Cherub Angelfish already in my 100g cube. I was wondering if I could add a Spotbreast Angelfish to the tank with low likelihood of trouble (I just saw one at an LFS for a good...
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