1. Alex-Reef

    EMERGENCY Help diagnosis and how to treat it my yasha goby

    So I couple of days ago I noticed my yasha goby out of sher cave noticed that she was stain still and no moving , I didn't put to much matter to it cause I feed the fish she eat a little, the on the next day I notice here slowly crusing very slowly and I feed my fish and she seems to struggle to...
  2. 407Hunter

    Clownfish swimming down + shaking

    Dear R2R community, Maybe some help with my new tank. 6 weeks in. Topped off RO last night. Placed 6 new soft corals in last week. Darker clownfish affected in videos. Lighter clownfish will occasionally nudge him at his belly to move or play. Last evening: Clownfish pointing downwards...
  3. S

    white dots around mouth

    sorry about the bad quality, he's small and keeps moving but i tried to get a good picture of him. there are white dots around his mouth and i saw another small dot next to his side fin. I'm worried this is something bad. the other clownfish looks heathy and clean, I've only had them for a...
  4. R

    Tank Almost Wiped out need Diagnosis

    Tank almost wiped out and not sure if it was Velvet or Ich TLDR at bottom Some context - 2x Clown Fish, Cleaner Shrimp, Yellow Tang, Blue Tang, Royal Gamma, Cherub Angelfish, last one I don't remember look a Blenny or a Jawfish. I recently added the Yellow Tang and a snail that didn't move...
  5. A

    Xenia Dying?

    Hi there! I recently set up a new tank, it has been running for two months and is finally cycled. Last week, I put in two snails, some xenia, and two mushrooms. Today, I rinsed off my new powerhead and placed it into my tank, and now my xenias are all closed. It is the same one i had before...
  6. L

    Help with diagnosis (ich, velvet, brooke?)

    Hi Everyone, firstly I appreciate any help and/or advice you can provide. Pretty stressed out right now about the state of my tank and am unsure of where to go from here. A bit of background, my tank has been established for around 2 years now, most of which has gone smoothly. There was some...
  7. belly14

    Ich reappearance AFTER Hypo

    Firstly, APOLOGIES as I know there are a million and one threads already about Ich treatment and management etc but I read so many I then get lost as to what to do so I thought I'd explain my situation and see if there is any specific advice to me... So new marine tank had Ich after about 2...
  8. A

    EMERGENCY White splotches on clownfish

    Hi everyone, I have had a pair of clowns for about 2 years, and over the last two days I noticed some white splotches on the smaller one. It’s been eating normally and hasn’t had any noticeable change in behavior, but I’m worried that it could be a disease. There haven’t been any new fish...
  9. belly14

    EMERGENCY Diagnosis of Dog Faced Puffer

    Hi All, need some help with diagnosis of a new dog faced puffer added to tank about a week ago. Seems healthy and eating and swimming well but just noticed these small white dots and it panicked me slightly… many thoughts more that welcome, thanks in advance C.
  10. taylormaximus

    EMERGENCY Help my firefish!!!

    Hey everyone, first post here! I just set up my saltwater tank, got it cycled and added my first and only fish, a firefish goby. My plan with the tank was to add the first fish directly and then set up a QT for all the fish afterwards (realizing that was a poor choice). I got the firefish and he...
  11. X

    EMERGENCY Sick Clownfish

    Hi! My clownfish has been acting a bit weird he is just parking in one corner of the tank, time to time, he swims to the bottom or the top of the tank in that same corner, he is eating well, and he is not having any trouble breathing, does not have any visible ich or velvet. But I don't know I...
  12. E

    EMERGENCY Is this Ich?

    I came back from work today with a new flame fin tomini tang and before I put him in, I noticed that my domino damsel, purple tang, and fu man chi lion all had white spots. I’m not sure if it’s ich but if it is. I’d like to treat it as soon as possible.
  13. T

    New Tank Water Is Brown! But No Signs Of An Algae Bloom. What Should I Do?

    Hey everyone, I’m pretty new to reefing and i’m eager to learn more. I just got this 30 gallon aquarium a little under a month ago, started the cycle with Dr. Tims one and only with ammonia and followed the instructions. It started really good, until now, or so I think. I seem to have some sort...
  14. C

    White patchy discoloration on clownfish after 5 days

    Last week, I posted a thread asking for help with a splotchy white discoloration on one of my clowns. Here’s the link to the thread: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/sudden-discoloration-in-clownfish-otherwise-acting-normally.936085/ The prevailing opinion seemed to be that it was brook. I...
  15. C

    EMERGENCY Sudden discoloration in clownfish. Otherwise acting normally.

    Got home tonight and the smaller of my clown pair was looking like this. Could it be brook or velvet? It and all of the other fish in my tank are acting fine.
  16. C

    White shine and white spot in wrasse’s eyes. Normal behavior.

    My blue throat fairy wrasse has had a white shine in his eyes at certain angles since I purchased him a few weeks ago; however, nothing ever came of it, and he has been acting completely fine. Today I noticed a small white patch on the upper edge of his left eye that I don’t believe was there...
  17. A

    Growth on clownfish face

    Hey everyone, I have had a small clown in qt for 8 days. The tank had been cycled and is currently sitting at 2.5 ppm copper power. I did a dose of GC on aug 8 and I al going to do the second one tmrw. Currently I noticed that there is a white growth near the gill/face. Not sure what it is but...
  18. H

    Coral ID + dark spot diagnosis - Favites?

    Just got some of my first corals the other week. Got this coral yesterday and the employees at the shop weren't certain what kind of coral it was. They said it was some sort of favia. Anyone know a more specific ID so I can research the best care for it? I also noticed these dark spots on it...
  19. Devildai

    EMERGENCY Fungus? Bac. Infection? Please help me find out

    Went on a family vacation and came back and my little guy was looking rough. I set up a QUICK quarantine tank (I am doing another one with no sand this was just an oh crap moment). Is this a bacterial infection or fungal or possibly something else? Any answers would be greatly appreciated.
  20. N

    2nd attempt at a BTA going eerily similar. Any diagnosis?

    Hi all, I have a fairly well established FOWLR tank I've been trying to add a bubble tip to. The tank has been up for 2 years and was intended to be all nem/no coral. I originally tried about a year and a half in. What had happened was that the anemone was out and bubbled up for about 1.5-2...
  21. R

    Help ID potential fish disease?

    Hey there, We’re trying to identify whether we have a problem here. The Blue Hippo Tang has small white spots and we cannot tell if this is Ich or not. Everything in the tank has been quarantined after a 76+ day fallow period of this DT. Separate tank for QT. Just wondering the best way to...
  22. S

    Tang with discoloration near pectoral fin

    I had this tang in QT for about two months. I am new to the QT portion of the hobby. I was lucky enough to go 4 years with adding fish straight to main tank and nothing happened until luck ran out. So now I am being cautious with that being said I did the Cupramine treatment and two freshwater...
  23. GoNextLevel

    URGENT One Spot Fox Face Rabbitfish Pimple/hole/bump!?

    I got this foxface from a lfs the other day and it looked like it was just a laceration on the fish from bumping into rockwork. But over the past few days, it has gotten worse and now looks like a pimple with a hole in the middle of it. I am concerned it is some type of parasite and may infect...
  24. S

    Yellow Box Fish - white spots, please help

    Hi guys, I’ve been through a fallow period recently - finished it almost 3 weeks ago. After that I decided I’m only getting TTMd fish moving forward. I have a yellow tang, gem tang that I put in over 2.5 weeks ago and they’re going great. I TTMd myself 2 Picasso clowns and a yellow spot box...
  25. S

    Empror juvenile starting to fade.

    Hi all. I've purchased a juvenile empror 3 weeks ago now and he has been fine in my dt since having him. He's been eating fine until recently. He is still going to the frozen food and eating but he doesn't seem as eager.. he has a balanced diet of frozen foods including marine mixed and mysis...