1. TropicalReefCorals

    Florida 315g Exotic Custom Reef Tank, Stand and Sump for sale

    315g Exotic Custom Reef Tank, Stand and Sump for sale. Dimensions: Rimless peninsula tank 7' x 3' x 24" tall. Top rim is 54" from floor. Tank: Built by Reef Saavy, 3/4" low iron Diamant glass on 3 sides. Stand: Steel, epoxy coated base. Solid custom built Brazilian teakwood stand with...
  2. (Almost) Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Glass But Were Afraid to Ask

    Intermediate Topic (Almost) Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Glass But Were Afraid to Ask

    An example of stained glass. This is a royalty-free photo from Pixabay. Introduction The inspiration for this article started with a short conversation or thread I had with Dr. Randy Holmes-Farley. When I asked about what kinds of things I could put in a saltwater tank that wouldn't hurt the...
  3. Metasyntactic

    East coast glass sheet suppliers

    I'm currently shopping for glass suppliers for an aquarium build but struggling to find anyone other than glasscages. I'm looking for someone who can sell me 7'x3'x3/4" glass sheets within a half day's drive of Northern VA. Ideally I'm looking for tempered glass since the aquarium is going to be...
  4. incloud design

    Cleaning Tips for Red Sea Reefer Series

    To make it simple, the glass on my Reefer is amazing and I want to keep it looking clean and shiny as new. I'm skeptical about Mag Floats as I've scratched other aquariums regardless of how careful I am. The main problem I'm having is that my Reefer 450 gets what appear to be drip stains on the...
  5. Rik

    Illinois Extra Items to Sell

    I will update with a few more items as I get a chance to take some more pics. Now that my tank build is complete, I have a few items I no longer need to hold on to. UPDATED 8/28/18 : Bashsea Bio Fuge 24-10-14 Sump - NEVER USED, BRAND NEW with box : $200 picked up in Chicagoland - $235 shipped...
  6. BangedUp

    Rock to glass

    I’ve always used epoxy and glue to make my rocks sturdy but I want to put my newest art work to the bottom glass, should I use epoxy or superglue ?
  7. Dsnakes

    Deep Blue Frag Tank

    I see this is a common tank used by many. I am looking to set up the 80g 48x24x16 version. Where do most buy them from? I see Amazon has them, but an odd description is listed so I am not 100% sure on that... but that is cheaper than the other site I saw them on. Any other options for a cheaper...
  8. T3CHED

    225 Gallon Help

    Hey everyone! Very excited to finally be closing in on starting my 225 build that Ive inherited from my landlord. Pretty exciting, however Ive been doing a lot of tank overview and planning this build out as its quite a massive upgrade from a 90 (my last tank). I noticed on all connections of...
  9. BlueWorldJeff

    Cleaning with Muriatic Acid

    I have a 120 glass aquarium that has been sitting in my garage since the day I drained it and move to a 180. It has old, stuck on Coralline algae deposits, calcium deposits and who knows what else. I was going to use vinegar to try to get it off, but I had to get some muriatic acid for my pool...
  10. C

    How much HOB is too much?

    hey reefers I've got a 50 gal Hagen tank. Currently running an hob reef octo skimmer, hob seachem media filter and hob uv sterilizer. I understand it's a lot of clutter but I really don't mind. Anyway I want to add an hob refugium but my concern is tank/glass failure do to weight on the back...
  11. T

    Low e glass panels

    Thinking of building a glass frag tank to be locat ed in my basement, which stays about 62 in the w8nter and 75 in the summer. Was considering using low e glass panels to keep heat in. Has anyone used low e glass for their aquarium? Pros and cons?
  12. Hanna Instruments

    Checker Cuvettes and Caps New Part Code HI731315

    Hello all, We created a new part code for our Checker cuvettes and caps at a great price point. We now sell a complete set of two cuvettes with caps for only $8.00 The part code for Glass Cuvettes and...
  13. Mike N

    Tiny white worms on glass

    I was checking out some pods on the glass when I noticed a group of white worms about the same size as pods, just elongated and moving around on the glass. No discernable limbs, not free floating. Should I be worried? First time i've seen them is today, and just the one group of about 4-5...
  14. Jakewatt

    Hello from France, rookie here in a sticky situation...

    Hello fellow reefers! I’m scottish. I live in the south of France. As i’ve been spending more & more time on R2R, i finally decided to open an account. Good forums in France seem to be pretty scarce and you guys in the States seem to be at least 10 years ahead concerning reef aquariums, gear &...
  15. DipSpit

    Let's talk about EXTERNAL glass cleaning?

    It dawned on me today, as I was doing some preventative maintenance in my sump, that your glass can be spotless on the inside of the aquarium but if the outside is dirty, its all for naught. Unfortunately he outside of your aquarium is seemingly an extremely overlooked topic - but as i looked...
  16. Ryan Rioux

    EXPERIENCE with building custom tanks?!

    Wondering if anyone has had any experiences with building custom tanks regardless or size . Looking to start getting into messing around with building some tanks . Where is the best place to buy glass ? 3/8" to 1/2" thick glass . Anyone have any photos of there tanks they built , and sealed with...
  17. DipSpit

    Canopy Diffuser

    So inside of the canopy (which measures 36" x 36" OD) I have 4 SB reef lights and a 250w Radium w/ Spyder reflectors. I want to put a sheet of wither polycarbonate or glass over the bottom, inside the canopy to either a.) help diffuse the light into a uniform source (I do know MH's don't need...
  18. WhiskeyCoffee

    Sealing acrylic baffles w/ glass sump

    Could I just use regular aquarium safe silicone if I were to use acrylic baffles with a glass aquarium sump?