1. G

    Carpenter's Flasher Wrasse Gender Indentification

    Hi, I purchased a carpenter's flasher wrasse, it was sold to me as a 'young male'. A week later I saw another 'young male' carpenter's flasher wrasse at another store and they looked night and day different. Since I got the wrasse I had my doubts if it was actually a male. It doesn't yet have...
  2. gowlers321

    Found this in my chalice coral

    Can anyone help me identify this and figure out if it is bad for the coral and my tank ?
  3. Bento

    Hitchhiker crab ID help. Maybe Acro

    Hey everyone, I got a hitchhiker today. Not sure if he's reef safe or not? He's tiny at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. S

    Coral identification?

    Sorry for the horrible pic but I got a free coral that came with my order and I am still kind of new to corals so I was wondering if anyone could identify this for me? If it isn’t a softie sorry I posted it in here. Also it is hard to tell but it is like a dark red/purple with green inside and...
  5. P

    Unknown Illness; Need Help with ID

    My clownfish recently jumped into the filter section of my tank and ended up in my media basket. I took him out, but I moved kind of quick and I am afraid he might have gotten scratched up. There is a weird spot on his side. It is almost translucent. It honestly looks like he is missing some...
  6. TeresaM1376

    Does someone have a name for this???

    I know it’s in the torch family but no one seems to know what it is. It’s gold with I believe is a little purple & then a teal like color on the tips. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  7. ReeferWarrant

    Zoa Identification help

    I need help identifying this Zoa, it grows like crazy and I think it's Fire and Ice. It's red, purple, and then green at the mouth. The only thing I have seen that looks like it is the Fire and Ice variants. Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance!
  8. Carebearsss.x

    Unidentifiable Zoa

    Hello everybody! Yesterday my boyfriend and I went up to our LFS and decided to buy some corals!! (Exciting Right!?!) Anyways while we were there, we seen these BEAUTIFUL Zoas that both my boyfriend and I couldn’t identify! We asked one of the workers what the name was, & he couldn’t...
  9. C

    Help Identifying possible zoa?

    Hey everyone, I'm a noob to the life of reefing lol and would like some assistance. Hopefully someone can help identify this random coral that just showed/opened up this weekend on this Jedi Mind trick I picked up three weeks ago. It's the bright pink one popping up in the middle. This...
  10. littlemacros

    What is this in my live rock?

    Hi everyone, I got some new live rock about 3 weeks ago and I've been watching it for critters and such. I think ive identified a clam worm (its almost 3 inches long and is iridescent) I'll attach a photo or two of him as well for verification. My concern however, is another worm...or I think...
  11. littlemacros

    Semi-newbie with a problem

    Hi everyone, I have a identification situation i need some help with. First, I want to introduce myself. My name's Alissa, and I'm from Michigan. I was in th reef hobby for a few years. For 3 years I had a 65 gallon deep sandbed reeftank that I set up in a way that I only had to do fresh water...
  12. C

    Need help with coral id

    Hey hey! Need help with an ID on the torch Gold and blue stems with green tips
  13. jjones

    Acro ID Help

    Purchased this Acro from a local store a while back, it’s colors look much better now than when purchased but they didn’t know any specifics about it. Any help is appreciated!
  14. N11morales

    ID? White dots on tank

    Anyone know what this is? They don’t move. It’s white specks on the side of my tank.
  15. Carebearsss.x


    Hello! Kinda new with the hobby and I’ve found these “Bubble” like things in my tank! Any idea what they might be??
  16. BigOunce11

    What are these worms?

    Hi, these started appearing pretty much as soon as i started my tank and i think they're really ugly. Does anyone know what they are and how to remove them? They seem to like growing right where the soft lps tissue would cover when they grow whuich may be a problem as theyre very sharp and hard...
  17. Garcia2460

    What kind of algae is this?

    Hi everyone, have some green algae that has been growing in my tank. Im not sure what kind it is. I don't think it is green hair alga because it doesn't look thin enough. Can someone help me ID and potentially shed some light how to regulate or manage these? THANK YOU!
  18. C

    Need help identifying this Zoa

    Need help identifying this Zoa
  19. RockyMountainReef

    Taxonomy Book?

    Hey everyone, As you can guess, I am pretty bored at home. I've been thinking about doing this for quite some time, but wondered if any of you have gone about doing it and could possibly give me some pointers. I want to create a Taxonomy Book/PDFs that I can either print and store in a binder...
  20. sarahwoods

    Just curious what these are

    I’m curious if anyone knows what these are? They aren’t in my tank I just saw them in the tide pools where I collect my hermits and snails. Location is south Florida... Florida keys. Just curious if anyone knows?
  21. Deathling

    Red dot on clownfish

    There is a small red dot under the mouth of my new clownfish, anyone know what it could be???
  22. D

    Discosoma ID

    Are there names for these discosoma mushrooms?
  23. TehBrainz

    Help ID this small worm found on glass

    I was looking in my tank the other night about 30 mins after daylight switched to moonlight. Worm was about 0.5" in length and transparent. I'm afraid it could be a young bobbit or some other predatory worm. After some initial googling it kind of looks like a Dorvilleidae worm also. I really...
  24. Perpetual Novice

    Help me Id these zoas please!

    I just bought these at an auction from my LFS. they're gorgeous and look just like the photo in my tank under day lights. This is the wysiwyg photo from the auction sight because I cant get a good representative photo myself. They called them blue eyes zoas but Ive never heard of that. I have...