1. L

    Montipora Pest or damage?

    Hey all… hoping I post to the right forum, still new to the hobby/R2R (about 6 months). Have had this monti for about a month now. just added some fish into my display tank about 2 weeks ago after quarantine. Today I did a water change… and noticed this for the first time. what the heck is this...
  2. sideways

    Please Help identifying something in my sand bed

    Hello everyone first time poster here, I just seen this thing in my sand bed and I want to know if I should remove it or im hoping its a beneficial critter and not a pest and it can stay? fingers crossed took two pics one of it closed (spooked) other open and filtering food, at least that’s what...
  3. I

    Identification help: White fuzzy worm & Rod like growth on frag

    Can I please get some help identifying 2 things in my tank? 1. White fuzzy worm: I say worm, but I’m not sure what it is. I found the 1st one a couple of weeks ago stuck in my return pump filter. I’m attaching a picture of what it looks like dead and dried out. It has a tail. Today, I...
  4. JayFish4004

    Help ID weird rock worm and possible aiptasia please!

    Hi - got a couple ID’s I need help with. 1st is there are a few of these weird looking worm-like creatures protruding from my rock. Only a handful so far, any idea what this is and if I need to do anything about it? 2nd I think this is aiptasia underneath one of my blasto’s - my thought is I...
  5. I

    Help identifying white growth on rock

    Aiptasia? They are grouped so close together and I’m not sure aiptasia grows like that. Not the best of pictures. This is the only place I see this growth in the tank.
  6. JamieTotten1996

    I.D please

    Caught off North West UK coast
  7. SC1000


    What are these strange tall tubed shaped fosforescents vegetation ?? Good or Bad ??
  8. WheatToast

    Strange Spiked Growths

    I have absolutely no clue what these things are. They came on some LFS live rock, which I believe originated from the Indo-Pacific. They have no holes, feel quite tough, do not bend, and have small “tufts” on their spikes. They also do not appear to have grown since I introduced them a few weeks...
  9. J

    Can these be identified

    These are all over my live rock, but I don't know what they are.
  10. I

    Red fan like growth on new mushroom frag?

    Can I get some help identifying this fan like growth I noticed on a new mushroom frag?
  11. I

    What are these red things on my rock?

    Out of nowhere I just noticed these red things on my rock. 3 of them are about a quarter of an inch, several other specs of red within rock. They are only on this small section.
  12. mikemathis555

    Bryopsis confirmation

    I assume this is Bryopsis, but just wanted to confirm. Thoughts? Went on vacation and came back to this in the tank…not fully invaded just yet and want to get it under control. Have already ordered Reef Flux.
  13. D

    Triple header

    Hello all, just not sure what I got for coral species here and figured someone around here would make easy work of it. The tree looking one is about 3 inches high, and has a reddish purple hue. The green ground cover one is about an inch across the frag. Lastly, the green bush guy who has...
  14. I

    Chromis ripping up his body on rock :/

    So I got a new Chromis and noticed the little guy rub his head against rock a few times aggressively. 2 days in and he is really ripping his body up. I did a fresh water dip and have him in my quarantine tank with Coppersafe. I see no noticeable items on his body. No clue what is up, but...
  15. 208Reefer

    Citron clown goby is sick, can anyone help ID?

    Wassup Reefers, Need some help with a disease ID. I got a citron clown goby for my 40cube a few weeks ago. A handful of days after I introduced him to the reef appetite and behavior seemed normal but I noticed a few white specks on just his fins. The next day his fins were clean/clear of specks...
  16. T

    Wrasse ID please!

    Hi everyone, can someone help me please? Do you know the name of this fish? I thought it was a juvenile melanurus, but it has two spots on the tail. Thank you!!
  17. Afkomjorgen

    Is this a fireworm or bristleworm??

    Hey! Just found this guy in some red oga macro algae I bought today fire worm?? Bristle? I like bristle worms
  18. derek170

    Possible hitchiker on GSP frag plug

    Can anyone ID this?
  19. mikemathis555

    Baby trochus coral shipment?

    Best pictures I could get…this little guy was in a shipment of coral I received today. it looks like a baby snail, I believe Trochus. Anyone with a better eye have other opinions? best photos I could get, little guy is only the size of a pepper grain.
  20. cocoReefer

    Acro ID - brown frag from closing store

    Wondering if anyones has this or has seen it in the hobby/ might know the specie? I got a couple clippings of the last acro from a display tank at the last salt shop in town. They were phasing out their salt water.Had no one with coral experience around, and no idea the source or species. Now...
  21. M

    Zoa identification

    I got these two zoa yesterday and they man never told me what they were I should’ve asked but I was too excited to get these in the tank. Wondering if anyone would know what the names of these are
  22. A

    Dinoflagellate ID help

    Hey y’all, just took a microscope video of some dinos, but I can’t quite make out what species. Can anyone identify? PS: videos usually work on a laptop or desktop from my experience. #reefsquad
  23. Afkomjorgen

    What is this on new frag?

    Hey, I just got a new frag ( very excited! Getting my first sps corals) I noticed that it had something on the side of it Lfs said detritus It’s crusty and hard feeling but broke up quite a bit in the Dip Any ideas if it’s an issue? Sorry I couldn’t get better photos
  24. Squidz

    Bad Anemone?

    Found these hitchhikers today. Are they the bad stinging Anemones? Should I 86 them? Thank you.
  25. I

    What’s growing on this GSP frag?

    Top part of the frag, translucent, never closes.