1. MmeAssoc

    Tiny shellfish attached to my turbo snail?

    Hello, My turbo snail flipped itself over this morning, and when I was helping it back upright I noticed it seems to have a very small critter with a shell attached to it: It has a curved shell that looks a bit like a cockle but seems to only have one side, and a little black 'neck' that is...
  2. kennedysherman

    Fish Identification.. Yellow with purple lips.

    I’m kicking myself for not asking while I was at the store but.. does anybody know what kind of fish this is? It has bright purple lips, fins, and rings around its eyes. I’ve tried googling the description (in various terms) and haven’t found anything. I can always call the store in the morning...
  3. hiClouds

    Help identifying this coral

    I received this frag as a Christmas gift and I have no idea what it is. I'm hoping someone can help identify it. Sorry for the image quality. If it's too tough too see I can take a picture under the day lights.
  4. Clowny1221

    Where to purchase Neopetrosia spp?

    I really want get these sea sponge species. Need a manufacturer. Also need to know about the toxicity and how compatable it would be in a saltwater aquarium.
  5. Adam1985

    Are these harmless or problematic?

    Hi all, In relation to ticked off corals from time to time, coupled with being able to sleep late and wake up late (vacation for the holidays), I’ve been looking at my tank more at night, i.e. during total darkness. I noticed quite a large population of these, and they seem to be congregating...
  6. Dad2Wyatt

    Designer clownfish ID?

    Ordered a black ocellaris for $40 and LFS ordered the wrong thing. They refunded me $20 for the mixup and I came home with this dude and curious what it might be? someone said frostbite but I haven’t seen a frostbite with black fins?
  7. K

    Algae ID

    Hi all, I’m in need of some help with an algae/detritus issue I’ve had in my 125 gallon tank for over a year now. I’ve tried many things such as manual removal, scraping the rock with a toothbrush, flux rx and seachem pristine however nothing seems to get rid of it. The algae/detritus can be...
  8. Jtleland

    Help! What is this?

    Please help. Just saw this today in a few locations. All found out of the light. Friend/foe/ neutral?
  9. Adam1985

    Phyto ID Help (Picture and Video Attached)

    Hi, Would anyone be able to identify this species? It’s motile, green, and oval shaped. I cultured it in standard salinity saltwater. Other than that, I only have a Chinese name 扁藻. Sorry for the poor quality microscopy. Thanks, Adam
  10. E

    EMERGENCY Brown Spots on Dying Foxface. I woke up this morning and saw him hiding sideways in rocks. It lodges itself but then swims erratically. I need help ev

    I woke up this morning and saw him hiding sideways in rocks. It lodges itself but then swims erratically. I need help. Everything else in the tank seems fine and he was eating yesterday but isn’t today.
  11. SquidySpecs

    What are these weird growths near my Mushroom coral?

    Looks like tiny tubes that each have two tendril things. I think they could be Vermitid snails but none of the pictures online looked quite like them. Another guess is Hydroids but that seems very unlikely. They have only popped up in this certain area next to my Mushroom.
  12. J

    Identifying algae growth from frag

    Hi every I bought this purplemushroom frag from my LFS about a month and a half ago and since the last week or so there has been a crazy amount of algae growth (mostly on the frag). I do change my water every week and a half and do top ups every 3 days or so, there is algae growth on the live...
  13. SeaMaiden92

    What kind of coral is this?

    Hi! I'm pretty new to reefing. I recently ordered a mystery coral online because it was such a good price. I had hoped they would say what it was on the receipt that came with the coral so I could research how to care for it, but unfortunately they did not. I was wondering if anyone might be...
  14. mylertitchell

    Can you ID this nuisance algae?

    Hi, I have some GHA, some bubble and another that I’m guessing is sea lettuce? Anyone know what it is. Its quite tight to rocks or maybe it’s the tangs tucking into it? Thanks
  15. Kaykay101

    Mushroom ID please

    I’ve had these mushrooms for a while and just realized I don’t know what they are. With having so many I wanted to possibly sell some, but can’t price them correctly without knowing what they are the photos are of them under a white light and with a filter under a blue light
  16. Afkomjorgen

    Help ID fast growing red thing(sponge)?

    Anybody able to help me ID this or decide if it’s an issue? showed up about 3 weeks ago and has been growing rapidly over any surface ( rocks, macro algae, upwards) I haven’t touched it yet thank you
  17. L

    LFS says this isn’t velvet….

    Hi all! This Saturday, I got a small adult chocolate tang and a tomini tang from my LFS. Tomini has been fine through all of this. I put them in my quarantine tank for observation. They weren’t picking at each other at all, and had actually come from the same holding tank at the store. On...
  18. WheatToast

    What on earth are these?!

    They look like limpets or chitons the size of pinheads, attached to my refugium’s glass pane, but they jitter and have pulsating appendages like isopods. What do you guys think? Below: location of pulsating appendages, circled in red.
  19. Zoa_Fanatic

    Zoa ID?

    This finally opened. What is it? Sorry if the photo is blurry I have a trash iphone. Thanks for any help. I got it in a trade and I have a few more polyps of whatever it is waiting to open in another tank.
  20. Zoa_Fanatic

    Zoa ID

    Usually I wouldn’t ask but these look kinda bleached out. Anyone have any ideas what the one on the left is? The middle one reminds me of my armor of gods but it’s not the same exactly. It’s got a lot of speckling in the orange on the disk whereas my AOGs are pure orange. But it’s reaching like...
  21. WheatToast

    About that Red Encrusting Algae (not Cyanobacteria)...

    Up until a little over a year ago, I always assumed all the hard, red encrusting algae we find in our marine tanks was just another variant of Coralline algae. Boy was I wrong! I eventually came across this site which made me realize that this "red Coralline" might actually be of the genus...
  22. J

    Tomini Tang Sickness

    Hello, My tomini tang has had marks on him for over a week now. Had to go away for a trip and it looks much worse. Have not been able to identify what it has. He is eating but is hiding a lot. He obviously looks more white than normal, had holes in the head, and appears to have a rust like...
  23. H

    ID help needed

    What is this? I got it today and completely forgot the name of it because I have the world's worst memory. I want to make sure I place it in the right spot. It's got a hard skeleton and these really great looking polyps
  24. N

    Is this Cyano?

    Hey guys, noticed a few dark purple spots on one of my rocks, could somebody help identify if it is Cyano or possibly coraline? thankyou
  25. Zoa_Fanatic

    ID help

    Are these snails and this nem bad? I just got them in a frag swap.