nassarius snails

  1. ChandlerTingle

    Nassarius Snails Eggs

    Can someone identify if these are eggs?
  2. Hugo Garcia

    Baby Nassarius or Whelk?

    Hi guys, I went to my LFS yesterday and saw this guys all over their tanks. I’m in Brazil, where the import of inverts from out of the country is illegal. No when I moved here, I had to leave my Nassarius Snail behind. They supposedly don’t existe here, so I was surprised when I saw this snails...
  3. Hugo Garcia

    Snail ID (Nassarius Maybe?)

    Hellos guys, just found this guys in my tanks. I was looking around the tanks at night, with all the pumps off and found this guys. I believe him to be a nasarrius snail, but it is striped. I could see his “antena” and had sobre stripes. Is it possible to ID a snail just by its shell? thanks
  4. D

    Nassarius or whelk?

    I got some nassarius snails from a seller ive bought nassariusses from but they were much darker in color hoping its a different species. They are much more active in the tank than my all white ones. They do move quickly on the sand but i have never seen a whelk so im not sure how fast they are...
  5. Zoa_Fanatic

    Is this a whelk?

    Got this snail for 1$. Didn’t get a good look before I grabbed him. Is he a whelk or some kind of nassarius in not aware of?
  6. N

    Nassarius snail help

    Hello, so today bought a couple of nassarius snails for my tank , after a few hours I saw one shell on the top of the sand . There was no little tube thing or anything out . I can’t tell if he is still alive or not. Do these snails have the capability of hiding in there shells ?
  7. jackalexander

    Clean Up Crew

    Currently have 6 hermits and 1 mexican turbo snail in my 32g and they are definitely not able to keep up! I was thinking: 5 Astraea Turbos 5 Super Tongan Nassarius 5 red dwarf hermits 5 blue dwarf hermits Is this too much? Too little? Good mix? any suggestions help!
  8. kels64

    New babies?

    Well yesterday was catastrophe and this morning maybe the possibility of new life? I said in the video it was a cerith snail but it’s actually a nassarius. Anyway she laid a bunch of eggs on the glass and I’m going to try to protect them and see if I get baby snails. Very exciting!
  9. Z

    EMERGENCY Was my blenny attacked or is he sick?

    I have a 100gl tank- 1 red lip blenny, 3 emerald crabs, 3 clown fish, 1 CBS, 6 nassarius snails, and a dozen or so hermit crabs. Saturday- Got my blenny, he looked great. After a few hours of having him it looked like he was swimming up to and laying next to the CBS as if asking the shrimp to...
  10. LxHowler

    How do I get nassarius snail eggs to hatch

    I have just seen that my nassarius snails are laying eggs in my tank and I was wondering what I need to do to get these to hatch. I know that my fish will eat alot of them but they have laid some in an are my fish can't get too, the gap is too small for the fish to get into, so they should be...
  11. nanonøkk

    what’s wrong with my nassarius snail

    hes been laying on the substrate on it’s side for a while i thought it was hunts so i tried to feed it but it took no interest in the food is there anyway that i can save him and the hermit crabs have been ignoring him
  12. taylorn13

    Uhhhh... My nassarius snail keeps laying eggs

    Sooooo, I purchased 2 nassarius snails and 2 nerites for my 20g tank after the first sight of diatoms (my tank is barely 2 months old). The first time I saw the eggs was probably a week ago. Wasn’t really completely sure what they were (eggs did not even come to mind). I knew they were from my...
  13. Daveouthere

    Nassarius snail...Acting weird

    Hey guy noticed one of my snails acting really strange today not sure what’s going on with it, very strange behavior. Wondering if my cleaner shrimp got to it or what’s going on
  14. BloopFish

    Whats wrong with this nassarius snail?

    This snail has been upside down stretching itself out for the past 24 hours. Even if I right it back up, it'll get back to this position. Every other snail in my tank is fine, including 3 other nassarius snails. I have been feeding general cure binded with focus, but I doubt that's the reason...
  15. kennedpa

    Another reason to irradicate bristle worms

    Unsure if these are French in origin endulging on some escargot , but I as one who loves their CUC does not appreciate it. His friends are just standing idly by as though they're waiting their turn. :(