1. psumms

    Phosphate in fresh Tropic Marin Pro Salt Mix

    Had a bump in PO4 for the past two weeks, been monitoring but not coming down. I auto-water change 10% / 25 gallons a week split over the seven days and have approx. 30 gallons mixed each Sunday for the coming week using RODI and Tropic Marin Pro salt - Have been doing this for a couple of years...
  2. cyberNative

    Finally got some data on my dkh phos and calc

    Heyo, ** Questions: - from what I'd read if I were to dose some of the calcium carbonate part of my b ionic solution it - seemed like I could precipitate out some phos into crystals, out of water column, but being that I don't have a skimmer I don't think this would be beneficial to export it...
  3. esther

    NO3 & PO4 . . . Why can't I get this right?

    OK, so I've been battling high NO3 & PO4 for a couple of weeks now. I've read almost every thread with the same issues, but I can't seem to get any subtle changes for the better. I'm at a loss for what to do. I'm not looking for a quick fix, but I'd love to be able to see *some* changes for the...
  4. esther

    My Plan to Reduce PO4 & NO3

    So, we've been trying to reduce PO4 slowly (started the whole process with 0.8) to get more coloration out of our SPS. We actually have a lot of great growth and no algae in our system, which we've been very happy about. We are currently running ROWAphos and Triton Carbon (2 cups each) in our...
  5. Piranha76

    PO4 high

    Hello Reefers: My tank is a year old. It is a 125 gallon with 29 gallon sump. I have about 100 pounds of live rock that have been in there since the beginning and a 2 inch sand bed since the beginning. Here are the parameters Temp 78 Salt 35 PPT nitrites 0 Nitrates 0 Ammonia 0 Alk 12...
  6. Ehsan@triton

    What an ICP-OES machine CANNOT test

    What an ICP-OES machine CANNOT test As the company that developed the method for sea water analysis and making broadband testing available to aquarists, we at TRITON often get asked what an ICP-OES machine CAN test. These days it is getting more and more confusing with the proliferation of...
  7. Reefahholic

    Good Nitrate to Phosphate ratio for a reef tank?

    Hello! Over the years this has been one of my favorite subjects. A while back I noticed my tanks doing a lot better with more NO3 than PO4. When the NO3 matched the PO4 on the lower side the tank begin to grow hair algae in the sump, and dark brown algae on the rocks, overflow box, sand-bed...
  8. Cristy17

    IDip PO4 reading question

    I use an iDip to test my water. I am confused about the reading it is giving forthe PO4 test. One screen shows a reading of 0.16 ppm (as P) and when I scroll over, the diffent measurement is .49 ppm (as PO4). Which unit am I suppose to be looking at? Thank you in advance!
  9. duromega


    Used in inmacculate condition my Hanna PO4 Checker Perfect working order. $35 Free Shipping. Some of my feedback. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/purchasing-from-duromega.421078/
  10. Joe Batt

    AL99 vs RowaPhos

    Hi Tim and everyone :) I am in the process of rebuilding my tank and switching to the full Triton method. I see that the recommendation is to switch between AL99 and RowaPhos on a regular basis in order for the Rowa to remove any aluminium that has leached from the AL99. My question is why...
  11. choss

    What PO is ok to add dry rock to display tank?

    I've been treating Pukani and have given it a bleach treatment, acid bath, and it has been soaking in ROID w. heater for a few weeks. The PO reading started at .12 and had been dropping to .02 until my last reading which came in at .22. I know there is variance in these test kits (hanna) but is...
  12. Bryn

    PO4 reduction in 8 hours via GFO (anecdotal)

    40G breeder tank with approximately 35G of water. Tank is bare bottom, with frags predominantly Zoa. 1/20th of tank volume is rock and sand in seperate section, along with cheato the size of two softballs, also in a seperate section. Tunze 9004 skimmer, and AquaClear 20. GFO material was...
  13. Joe Batt

    With regard to Po4 how low is too low?

    Hi Randy, and other Reef2Reefers. I have a problem that probably most reefers dream about having. I seem to have really low No3 and Po4 levels that I struggle to keep from bottoming out. I dose NoPox in a moderately stocked mixed reef 350 Reefer, at the level of 1.8ml daily, and maintain No3...
  14. filbie70

    Shelf life on API test kits?

    Does anyone know the shelf life on test kits? I did a test yesterday with an API and it turned blue as soon as I added the second reagent. I measured about a 2.0. I checked again tonight and the same result. I pulled out my Hanna checker and received a 0.00. I’d love to go with the Hanna...
  15. Joe Batt

    Nitrates and Phosphates (Again ;) )

    It seems that the hobby drifts towards and then away from the ultra low range nutrients systems on a regular cycle. It leads the 'newbies' (of which I still believe I am one) to the incorrect initial conclusion that you need 0 Nitrates and 0 Phosphates. I have a mixed reef and endeavor to keep...
  16. Reefahholic

    Help with Walt Smith ReefRock 2.1 Leeching PO4

    I would like to seek help in finding the best method to remove excessive PO4 or to expedite the leeching process. I'm scared my acros will die or fear my anemones will suffer and possibly die. Any help would be appreciated. :( I'm not sure how long this process will take since it's man-made...
  17. FLSharkvictim

    BRS GFO High Output VS ROWAPHOS?

    Whoops,I mean high capacity not high output...lol Would like to get some of your thoughts on which media do you like running better in your media reactor? I have used both and i think that I get better results using the GFO High Capacity vs the Rowaphos.. I know every situation is different but...
  18. sghera64

    10 PPM Phosphate Levels: No need to panic

    Abstract: A calculation error led to the overdosing of tri sodium phosphate (TSP: Na3PO4) to a 700L (135 gallon display plumbed to two 25 gallon frag tanks) mixed reef system with deep sand bed that has been operating for the past 14 years. The overdose resulted in not the targeted 0.010 ppm...
  19. Phosphate in the Reef Aquarium

    Phosphate in the Reef Aquarium

    The phosphorus atom is one of living matter’s basic building blocks. It is present in every living creature and in the water of every reef aquarium. Unfortunately, it is often present in excess in reef aquaria and that excess has the potential to cause at least two substantial problems for...
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